More UFO Sightings Over Moscow-Pyramid “Imperial Cruiser” Over Kremlin-Pravda Cover Up!
December 20, 2009

"Imperial Cruiser" UFO or hoax? Click for video report from NY Post

Click for Great Merry Christmas Video From Near Banner Elk, NC

Before we get to the UFO story…how about the snow?  As I anticipated, we got very little in Louisville as the ground was too warm as were the temperatures most of the time and the city did indeed end up wasting tax payer money by putting down the brine solution on the roadways only to see it all get washed away by rain.  But, Snow White and I spent much of last week in North Carolina with a few days at Apple Hill Farm.  It’s a wonderful place and you should go and visit.  Llamas, Alpacas, horses, donkeys and a whole host of dogs including Knox, Magic, Chi Chi and Botox.  Apple Hill Farm near Banner Elk, NC got about 20 inches of snow.  Check out this wonderful Christmas video created during the first part of the snow storm with Knox, Magic, Chi Chi and the other animals bringing you some Christmas cheer.  The proprietor has a blog that tells of daily life at Apple Hill Farm, NC.

Failed Russian Missile?

What’s going on in Moscow?  As of Sunday evening, about half of the continental United States was under snow cover.  Europe also was getting lots of snow but in Moscow, it seems that they have been under a UFO cover.  If you recall, as President Obama was in Stockholm, Sweden getting his Nobel Peace Prize, a very odd event in the sky took place over Norway.  There was a strange cloud and blue object over the region.  People were perplexed.  The Russian government announced that it was simply a test of an intercontinental ballistic missile that went awry.  It was not lost on many the irony of the Russians test firing a weapon of war at the very time that people were gathering to talk about peace.  But, many people did not buy the story.

Night view of UFO

Now, it comes to light that recently that a large pyramid looking object parked itself over Kremlin City in Moscow for several hours.  Pravda reported that it was seen on December 18. But, apparently the pyramid event actually took place 9 days before and there are charges that Pravda deliberately changed the dates as a bit of subterfuge, which only expands that mystery of the original “missile test” and the pyramid story.  This video report was supposedly posted on December 11.    The Daily Mail has three different video shots of the object and says that a former British Ministry of Defence analyst calls it “extraordinary” and that a spokesman from Jane’s News says they have no idea what it is.  The Pravda report came in the last week.  But, eyebrows have been raised because the event that was seen by thousands of  people and captured by at least two video cameras really happened on the eve of  the Nobel Peace prize ceremony, or around the same time as the errant missile test. Here is a night time amateur video.  Now, UFO enthusiasts claim that the two events were not coincidental nor man made.

UFO or clouds? Moscow Oct 7 2009

 Apparently there was also a “wormhole” vortex siting over China at the same time as the other two events.   They suppose that beings from other worlds are trying to send us a message.  Some say that the image which hovered over the Kremlin looked like Darth Vader’s attack imperial cruisers.  However, there are those who make the point that the mile wide pyramid story is a hoax.  They point out that, if the object was seen by so many people, then how come there are only a handful of video views.  Others say that there is a rational explanation such as a reflection or some other optic phenomena or even a weather balloon.  There have been a rash of UFO reports in Moscow of late, one such event took place on October 7 when an odd circular cloud formation was seen over Moscow.  

So, take your pick…look at the links as there are lots of videos for you to view yourself.  One way or another, there is something odd going on in Russia by the government, hoaxers or extra-terrestials!  I want to know if the pyramid was at night, how come there are daylight videos and photos?  And how come it wasn’t reported by more people or shot by professional photographers?

GFS is not Enthused About Snow on Christmas

Weather Bottom Line:  As expected, our best chance for snow did not happen until late Saturday with the passage of a cold front and even then there wasn’t much.  The ground was too warm. I did see some folks at church with  a little snow on their cars but for me, it was all absent though it was on my car around midnight.  There will be another system ejecting through the southern stream around Christmas Eve.  At this point, it looks like the main low will be coming up out of the SW US and into the plains just to our west.  So, we get rain.  Some of the models do an odd thing and have the low get hung up in Western Illinois with a push of cold air through the Ohio Valley.  Perhaps this is an occlusion taking place but its still weird to look at on a map.  Anyway, there is some evidence to suggest  the low is indeed occluding by Friday and we get wrap around snow as the low eases northeast.  Don’t think it will be much snow but perhaps some.  Otherwise, it will be chilly but the prospects of a white Christmas are rather remote.  One thing that should be interesting is that all of that snow in the Mid Atlantic states should still be on the ground when it begins to rain on top of it around Christmas which may make for an interesting melting/rain flooding event.