Flying Frog Eggs, No Mickey and Jim is Dead
September 20, 2007

The weather remains rather boring, but nice. Okay, we need rain and we will eventually get some. A front next week will get here by around Tuesday and its possible the rain chances will be enhanced by whatever happens with a system trying to develop in the Gulf. A fair scenario will be for it to move onshore along the Gulf Coast and get swept up in the flow ahead of the front and bring much needed moisture to the Ohio Valley. But, until then, just enjoy the warm late summer afternoons and mild nights. All the complaints will not change a thing so you might as well enjoy it.
On This Date in History:
Jim Is Dead On this date in 1881, President James Garfield died. He was shot a few months earlier by a disgruntled (love that adjective) supporter who had hoped for a good patronage position with the new President. So, he got mad and shot the President at a Washington train station on July 2, just 4 months after Garfield inauguration. The bullet lodged near the Presidents spine and he eventually got weak and died. Today, many medical professionals suggest that had he been up and gaining strength, he would have lived with the bullet in his body. If McCoy had been there, he might have said, “Jim, you’re dead.”
Nyet on Mickey On this date in 1959, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev is locked out of the Magic Kingdom. Khrushchev was on his extended tour of the United States prior to a high level meeting with President Eisenhower. The authorities decided that a Khrushchev visit to Disneyland would attract large crowds and they couldn’t guarantee his safety so he was barred from visiting Goofy, though he had met Shirley MacLaine earlier in the day. Naturally, Khrushchev saw it as a capitalistic plot against his fun and was quoted to have said, “And I say, I would very much like to go and see Disneyland. But then, we cannot guarantee your security, they say. Then what must I do? Commit suicide? What is it? Is there an epidemic of cholera there or something? Or have gangsters taken hold of the place that can destroy me?”
Its raining cats and Frog Eggs? On this date in 2003, hurricane Isabel moved up the New England coast. It had strong winds and very heavy rain. In Berlin, Connecticut, there were reports of it raining frog eggs. Investigators confirmed the occurrence. Trouble is, frogs don’t lay eggs in Connecticut at that time of year. The scientists best guess is that the storm picked up the eggs upon landfall in North Carolina and carried them 500 miles to the Nutmeg State. No word on what “expert” you are to call if you have frog eggs falling from the sky; biologist, meteorologist or frog chef.