Major Minor League Brawl; Heatin’ Up Saturday
July 26, 2008

Look for a hot and humid Saturday. Perhaps some afternoon t’storms popping up in the heat of the day. Nothing to terrible is in the offing, though any storm that does pop up will have the ability to posses some brief ferocity. I’ll have more about the rest of the weekend later.

Now to the big Story

Two minor league teams squared off on Thursday night.  The Reds single A affiliate in Dayton took on the Cubs single A affiliate from Peoria.  The Peoria club was managed by former big leaguer Carmelo Martinez who was subbing for Ryne Sandberg who was off to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame ceremonies.  Good thing Rhino wasn’t there.  Watch the pitcher…he throws the ball at the opponents dugout.  But, there’s a reason he’s  in single A.  He missed the entire dugout and the ball went into the stands, injuring a fan.  He was hauled off to jail.  Don’t bet on his major league future.  Here’s the story followed by some video.  The long version is something  you probably didn’t see on TV because its over 5 minutes long and is shakey and a bit blurred as it was shot by a fan behind the screen.  The audio from the fans talking is funny and disturbing at times.  The short version is one that sounds like its from ESPN and is less than a minute and one that has probably been seen on most TV’s.


Dayton Daily News Story

Long version video-shaky and not as clear but over 5 minutes of stuff.

Short Version video-much more clear but less than a minute with professional commentary