Earth Day Passes…Did you Notice?
April 23, 2009

Is The Earth Any Different Now Then When the Crew of Apollo 17 Took This Photo?

Is The Earth Any Different Now Then When the Crew of Apollo 17 Took This Photo?

April 22, 1970

April 22, 1970

Yesterday was Earth Day.  While you may have missed it yesterday, Earth Day has a history that stretches back to 1970.  But, if you read below, you will find that there was a battle between Earth Days at that time, sorta like the battle between Beta and VHS.  The video battle  for home use was won by VHS and the Earth Day battle was won by the April 22 crowd and not the United Nations.  But, now we have Earth Week.  Where did this come from?  Apparently, several cities began taking up the time from April 16 to April 22 as an opportunity to promote energy saving ideas, recycling and other stuff that will save the world.  However, it seems that there may be a battle brewing over this as well.  Seems that UC Berkley, has designated the calendar week for its activities and I hear Oprah promoting Earth Week. Something tells me that Earth Week of the calendar week of April 22 will win out over April 16-April 22. 

Facts or Fiction?

Facts or Fiction?

Here is something I bet none of the Earth Week festivities will tell you about.  Below are links to a story that aired on TV last year. Now,  I was under the impression that documentaries were about truth but this one points out that “An Inconvenient Truth” inconveniently didn’t tell anyone that the producers (Al Gore?)  used computer generated visuals, in at least one instance, to enhance its point.  It makes me wonder how many other images were doctored or how much of a grain of salt needs to be taken when considering the verbiage.  I mean, you do remember the “hockey stick graph” used in the movie was determined to be wrong or fraudulent, depending on your point of view.  Is it the real inconvenient truth that “Inconvenient Truth” has lies of omission?  Anyway, you be the judge.

Earth Day

The image from above was from Apollo 17, the final moon mission. I like it because it’s not some doctored up picture and shows the earth as it really is (was).

Pres. Clinton Gave Nelson The Presidential Medal of Freedom

Pres. Clinton Gave Nelson The Presidential Medal of Freedom

Earth Day is rather interesting because there are two people who get credit for its invention.   If you look up International Earth Day, you will find that John McConnell claims to have introduced the idea to the UN in September of 1969.  He said that nature provided the perfect day on the Spring Equinox.  The first UN sanctioned Earth day was on March 21, 1970.  The UN Peace Bell is rung on every UN earth day.  Their website says that the purpose of Earth Day is “to celebrate Earth’s life and beauty and to alert earthlings to the need for preserving and renewing the threatened ecological balances upon which all life on Earth depends.”

But, the media has grabbed on to another Earth Day, April 22.  This first Earth Day was held on this date in 1970. This was the brainchild of Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson who said, “The objective was to get a nationwide demonstration of concern for the environment so large that it would shake the political establishment out of its lethargy and, finally, force this issue permanently onto the national political agenda.”  I guess he had the most juice because most people think of April 22 as Earth Day and political aims seem to have been met in July of 1970, when President Nixon by Executive Order established the Environmental Protection Agency, which some would find ironic.  But there are several ironies regarding Earth Day with one including Nixon himself.

Ironic historical notes about Earth Day:

Happy Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day?

April 22, 1915:  The German Army first introduced the use of poison gas on the battlefield as they fired 150 tons of Chlorine into Allied lines. Happy Earth Day.

April 22, 1992: More than 200 people were killed and 1000 buildings damaged when the sewers exploded in Guadalajara, Mexico after natural gas filled the lines.  The warning signs were there but

Created EPA

Created EPA

apparently the government nor the government controlled national oil company did anything about it. Happy Earth Day.

April 22, 1994: The guy who was perhaps spurred by the first Earth Day, President Nixon, to create the Environmental Protection Agency….died.

BTW…I still think we should be focusing the attention on water pollution more than climate change…but alas…there doesn’t seem to be any money in that.

SPC Storms SW Thur? I don't get it

SPC Storms SW Thur? I don't get it

Weather Bottom Line:  Weather story is still on track.  Look for low to mid 70’s on Thursday.  Friday through Monday, look for highs in the low to mid 80’s.  As you can see above, the SPC is advertising possible thunderstorm activity just to our west and southwest…in fact they have the threat area in part of the viewing area.  I personally don’t get it.  There is some ridging showing up in the afternoon through the evening into early Friday.  This is on both the NAM and GFS.  Even if you don’t get that, I don’t think that the moisture return will be getting going well enough.  I do wonder about airmass stuff this weekend with temps so warm but the next real chance for rain doesn’t seem to show up until something like Tuesday.


Global Warming: Doom or Fraud? IPCC Scrutinized
July 24, 2008

Update: Here’s an updated post from Nov. 17, 2008 with a report in which the IPCC admits that it has no quality control over its data collection.

A few days ago, a fellow by the name of Andrew Simms from England published a report that said we may have just 100 months to prevent “uncontrolled global warming.” This obviously suggests that man has the ability to control the earth’s temperatures. That in itself is interesting. Here is his report and a description of Andrew Simms provided at the end of the paper

Climate Crisis: Roosevelt Revisited

Andrew Simms is policy director of the New Economics Foundation (nef), a founder member of the Green New Deal Group, and co-author of its report: A Green New Deal. The report can be downloaded from nef’s website

Now, much of the Global Warming hysteria is based on the IPCC and their report on the subject. In that report, they used a “hockey stick” graph that supposedly showed the earth’s temperatures over many centuries that featured a sharp rise in the last century. However, that data has been discredited a number of times, yet, it made it into the report. One of the naysayers is David Legate, who published a summary of his opposition.

Revising 1,000 Years of Climate History

David R. Legates is Director of the Center for Climatic Research at the University of Delaware and an adjunct scholar with the National Center for Policy Analysis.

To the left is a comparison of graphs. The one that is different from the “hockey stick” is one that includes the data from the “mini ice-age” as well as the period that people claim was the medieval warming period during which Greenland got its name and the Vikings were farming on what is now a frozen tundra. It was always curious to me how the IPCC graph did not reflect both of these periods, particularly the mini-ice age which is well documented and is at least partly responsible for the immigration to America in the 17th and 18th centuries. Note that it suggests it was much warmer during the time of the vikings than today. How can these graphs be so different?

There are a number of scientists who contend that the entire IPCC process is flawed and filled with bias. The claim is that they do not allow independent review, ignore accepted procedures for presenting work by such things as not allowing for peer review, using unpublished reports that have not been scrutinized and ignoring data that does not fit their hypothesis. David Holland published in 2007 a rather lengthy report in 2007 that addressed the inherent flaws with the IPCC and concluded that:

“the IPCC has neither structure nor the necessary independence and supervision of its processes to be acceptable as the monopoly authority on climate science.”

If you care, read this report that was published in Volume 18, Energy and Environment 2007 The link is followed by a brief description of Mr. Holland.

Bias and Concealment in the IPCC: “The Hockey Stick” Affair and Its Implications

Before we jump on the bandwagon, we need to look at all of the facts. If you read enough, you will find that it’s not “settled” and there is no “consensus” and that the UN panel may have deliberately phonied up data and ignored or rejected any opposition to what they wanted to report. That’s not to say they are necessarily wrong, but it is to say that the IPCC apparently, in the view of many people in the science community, has such a wrong process that some suggest their methods would fail even a freshman science course and that they do not follow accepted protocol of review. If that is the case, then it is not remotely possible for them to claim there is consensus.

To be fair, there are others who are pooh-poohing those who dispute the “hockey stick” graph and they have been busy with reports of their own. Perhaps we need to allow the process of peer review and analysis before we make proclamations like Mr. Simms or even Prince Charles just a few months ago. Here is a response from a group that is using their site to spread their “truth” regarding global warming to people like Holland and Legates whose work they claim is part of a “myth.”

Climate myths: The “hockey stick” graph has been proven wrong


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