More Midwest Flood Stuff; Santa Anna A US Founding Father?
June 22, 2008

For Sunday, look for the old Led Zepplin Forecast: The Song Remains the Same. Another trof will swing around and down into our region by late in the day. Most strong thunderstorm activity will be in the heat of the day and probably to our northwest. The data seems fairly consistent between models to bring the trof through here as the sun is going down. While it is a stronger version of what happened on Saturday, the results will generally be the same but given that we may be a shade more unstable and the dynamics a tad better, then I suspect that we will see more goings on than on Saturday. Still, if you find yourself under a t’storm, it would have the potential for a heavy downpour with small hail and gusty winds the best probability. Since it’s swinging through later, there may be some scattered showers lingering early Monday. In fact, if it doesn’t move out by sunrise, some t’storms might erupt. As it stands now though, I think Monday afternoon looks pretty good. The pattern remains unsettled for the balance of the week.

Mississippi River Flooding Update

We’ve been seeing photos and video of the flooding going on in the Midwest. From what I can tell from the data though, in most cases, this event is really not as comparative to the 1993 flooding as reports indicate or as I had thought it would be. That is little consolation to those who have been affected adversely. In any event, I thought you might see what the Army Corps of Engineers is reporting and their forecast data…found on the link below.

Mississippi River Levels As of June 21

Here is a link to a page that has a bunch of You Tube videos of Iowa flooding.

Iowa Flooding Video Link

Here’s another from a guy who is compiling AP video footage

More Iowa Flooding Video

On This Date In History: On this date in 1876, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna died and I’m surprised the Mexican people don’t have a holiday. This guy was like Jason in Halloween except he was real and didn’t wear a hockey mask. He began as a low to mid level officer in the Spanish Army in the early 19th Century. The only thing he had on Hitler was that at least he was an officer. He gained fame due to his exploits in the Mexican war of Independence from Spain and that got him elected El Presidente by a landslide. When he failed to make a proper democracy, he simply declared himself dictator in 1835. By 1836, he had lost Texas. But, he wasn’t done.

In 1845, the Americans annexed Texas and Santa Anna tried to make a deal. He was deposed for trying to negotiate with the Americans. During the ensuing Mexican War, the guy in charge got tossed out and Santa Anna took over again. He promptly lost just about every major battle he waged and the war concluded with the ceding by Mexico of much of the Southwestern United States for $15 million plus the US took on all American claims against Mexico. Santa Anna voluntarily went into exile. But, he wasn’t done.

In 1853, the conservative party in Mexico gained power and for some reason invited Santa Anna back. He declared himself dictator again and this time required everyone address him as “His Most Serene Highness.” Pretty gutsy for someone who had his rear-end kicked for years and losing huge chunks of his country’s territory. But, he was a gift that just kept on giving. He needed to raise money to support his he sold the United States another chunk of land in the Gadsden Purchase….another $10 million. But that didn’t help as he was overthrown again in 1855. That was the end. All told…Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was the head of the Mexican Government 11 times!!!

He spent the last 20 years of his life scheming to take over again. It is my understanding that if you mention Santa Anna to a Mexican citizen today, it would be like calling a cop in North Carolina Barney Fife. And understandably so. The guy lost or sold Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, California and part of Nevada during his lifetime. Think of all the oil, gold and silver that was found there. Perhaps we should make Santa Anna an honorary founding father of the United States since he contributed so much to our growth and wealth. Gotta be the biggest loser General in world history and you gotta feel badly for the Mexican people for what might have been.