More UFO Sightings Over Moscow-Pyramid “Imperial Cruiser” Over Kremlin-Pravda Cover Up!
December 20, 2009

"Imperial Cruiser" UFO or hoax? Click for video report from NY Post

Click for Great Merry Christmas Video From Near Banner Elk, NC

Before we get to the UFO story…how about the snow?  As I anticipated, we got very little in Louisville as the ground was too warm as were the temperatures most of the time and the city did indeed end up wasting tax payer money by putting down the brine solution on the roadways only to see it all get washed away by rain.  But, Snow White and I spent much of last week in North Carolina with a few days at Apple Hill Farm.  It’s a wonderful place and you should go and visit.  Llamas, Alpacas, horses, donkeys and a whole host of dogs including Knox, Magic, Chi Chi and Botox.  Apple Hill Farm near Banner Elk, NC got about 20 inches of snow.  Check out this wonderful Christmas video created during the first part of the snow storm with Knox, Magic, Chi Chi and the other animals bringing you some Christmas cheer.  The proprietor has a blog that tells of daily life at Apple Hill Farm, NC.

Failed Russian Missile?

What’s going on in Moscow?  As of Sunday evening, about half of the continental United States was under snow cover.  Europe also was getting lots of snow but in Moscow, it seems that they have been under a UFO cover.  If you recall, as President Obama was in Stockholm, Sweden getting his Nobel Peace Prize, a very odd event in the sky took place over Norway.  There was a strange cloud and blue object over the region.  People were perplexed.  The Russian government announced that it was simply a test of an intercontinental ballistic missile that went awry.  It was not lost on many the irony of the Russians test firing a weapon of war at the very time that people were gathering to talk about peace.  But, many people did not buy the story.

Night view of UFO

Now, it comes to light that recently that a large pyramid looking object parked itself over Kremlin City in Moscow for several hours.  Pravda reported that it was seen on December 18. But, apparently the pyramid event actually took place 9 days before and there are charges that Pravda deliberately changed the dates as a bit of subterfuge, which only expands that mystery of the original “missile test” and the pyramid story.  This video report was supposedly posted on December 11.    The Daily Mail has three different video shots of the object and says that a former British Ministry of Defence analyst calls it “extraordinary” and that a spokesman from Jane’s News says they have no idea what it is.  The Pravda report came in the last week.  But, eyebrows have been raised because the event that was seen by thousands of  people and captured by at least two video cameras really happened on the eve of  the Nobel Peace prize ceremony, or around the same time as the errant missile test. Here is a night time amateur video.  Now, UFO enthusiasts claim that the two events were not coincidental nor man made.

UFO or clouds? Moscow Oct 7 2009

 Apparently there was also a “wormhole” vortex siting over China at the same time as the other two events.   They suppose that beings from other worlds are trying to send us a message.  Some say that the image which hovered over the Kremlin looked like Darth Vader’s attack imperial cruisers.  However, there are those who make the point that the mile wide pyramid story is a hoax.  They point out that, if the object was seen by so many people, then how come there are only a handful of video views.  Others say that there is a rational explanation such as a reflection or some other optic phenomena or even a weather balloon.  There have been a rash of UFO reports in Moscow of late, one such event took place on October 7 when an odd circular cloud formation was seen over Moscow.  

So, take your pick…look at the links as there are lots of videos for you to view yourself.  One way or another, there is something odd going on in Russia by the government, hoaxers or extra-terrestials!  I want to know if the pyramid was at night, how come there are daylight videos and photos?  And how come it wasn’t reported by more people or shot by professional photographers?

GFS is not Enthused About Snow on Christmas

Weather Bottom Line:  As expected, our best chance for snow did not happen until late Saturday with the passage of a cold front and even then there wasn’t much.  The ground was too warm. I did see some folks at church with  a little snow on their cars but for me, it was all absent though it was on my car around midnight.  There will be another system ejecting through the southern stream around Christmas Eve.  At this point, it looks like the main low will be coming up out of the SW US and into the plains just to our west.  So, we get rain.  Some of the models do an odd thing and have the low get hung up in Western Illinois with a push of cold air through the Ohio Valley.  Perhaps this is an occlusion taking place but its still weird to look at on a map.  Anyway, there is some evidence to suggest  the low is indeed occluding by Friday and we get wrap around snow as the low eases northeast.  Don’t think it will be much snow but perhaps some.  Otherwise, it will be chilly but the prospects of a white Christmas are rather remote.  One thing that should be interesting is that all of that snow in the Mid Atlantic states should still be on the ground when it begins to rain on top of it around Christmas which may make for an interesting melting/rain flooding event.

“We Don’t Know” is better than “Global Warming” “Global Cooling” or “They are Wrong”
December 18, 2009

This Was Truth in 1975...Is it Today?

“Climatologists are pessimistic that political leaders will take any positive action to compensate for the climatic change, or even to allay its effects.”

With the meeting going on in Copenhagen, one might think that the headline above was from current media.  But, it’s not.  It’s actually a quote from an article in Newsweek from April 28, 1975.  The topic was climate change but at that time, the concern was global cooling.  The concern then was from aerosols being emitted by humans, as this article partly explains.  In 1974, articles began appearing, like this one in the New York Times, that say that climate change could threaten global food production.  Another New York Times article from May 21, 1975 says that the scientific community was concerned about climate change.  It says that many thought that the earth was getting colder and we were heading toward another ice age.  But, in an interesting side note, it also mentioned that some scientists felt like man made pollution would hold  off another ice age.  It then goes on to say that just about everyone agrees that global cooling was inevitable and even cited cooling northern hemispheric temperatures since 1950 that had shortened Britain’s growing season. 

“There seem little doubt that the present period of unusual warmth will eventually give way to a time of colder climate, but there is no consensus with regard to either the magnitude or rapidity of the transition.” 

Again, some might think that is a quote from a recent global warming study that would seem to fit some folk’s world view.  But, it’s not.  This quote if from a January 19, 1975 article in the New York Times.  The Times is quoting a National Academy of Sciences report.  Now, people may jump on the parts of the article that state that says there is the potential for an abrupt end to the warmth of the interglacial period.  But, instead, I would focus attention on another quote from the article which says: “A far greater understanding of these changes is required than we now possess.”  While the article talks about the prospects of possible increasing global temperatures due to man’s activities, it also says that northern hemisphere temperatures rose steadily from the 1880’s to the 1940’s but then fell consistently from the 1940’s to the mid 1970’s.  Huh?  We’ve been led to believe that temperatures have been steadily increasing all through the 20th century. 

The Copenhagen talks have come and gone and nothing much happened.  We are in the middle of a global recession and all of the remedies proposed seem to have one thing in common: Money.  There is the cost of taxes designed to discourage fossil fuel use and encourage the development of “green” technology.  There is some sort of “cap and trade” effort which doesn’t seem to stop carbon emissions but instead shifts money around in a shell game.  And then there was the proposal that rich nations give hundreds of billions of dollars to poor countries.  Some say these proposals are nothing more than a transfer or wealth and no one can tell me who gets the tax money and what it is to be used for.  Also, what assurances are there that the poorer countries that get the money from the rich ones will actually use the funding for what it was intended?  Ask yourself if you believe a third world government that is given hundreds of billions of dollars will do what they are supposed to do with all that money. 

All of this is, of course, framed in the current “climategate” scandal in which thousands of emails from a leading climate institute came to light in which the scientists involved appear to be acknowledging cooking the books to make data fit their hypothesis.  Now, apparently Russian scientists confirm that UK scientists manipulated climate data to fit their opinions.    Some people say that all of this new evidence proves that the whole Global Warming scare is all wrong.  But, that is not necessarily true.  Peter Gwynne, who authored the famous Global Cooling article in the April 28 1975 Newsweek issue says that his story was not wrong in the journalistic sense.  He reported accuratetly what was being reported.  What the difference is that scientists in the 1970’s were looking at the situation with an open mind.  They suspected that man’s activities were altering the climate but were unsure of just how it was happening.  They let the facts lead them to reach conclusions.  NASA explains that they use the term Climate Change instead of Global Warming because the latter term is suggestive of a terminal conclusion instead of merely an alteration of the climate. 

Have global temperatures risen? Yes.  Has the Arctic Ice Cap receded? Yes over 20 years but over the past two years, there has been modest ice growth at the North Pole, but most news articles use verbiage to try and obfuscate that fact.  That is the word…obfuscation instead it should be transparency.  The world should take the view of the scientists in the 1970’s that more understanding was required.  The truth is, we just don’t know for sure what is going on.  We have no idea if the proposals at the Copenhagen Summit would change the environment one bit.  We have no idea what the truth is regarding anthropogenic global warming because so many politicians, political world bodies, people who have a monetary stake in the process and countries who stand to gain politically have gotten involved.  Everyone should step aside.  Former Vice-Presidents should leave their private jets in the hanger and let the grown ups do their work.  The UN should look at the question of whether or not, if anthropogenic global warming is a certainty, if there is anything that can or should be done.  Thomas Friedman raised the question in one of his books if they money used to try and re-alter the earth’s climate could not be better used to fight disease, hunger and poverty. 

Global Cooling? Yeah…everyone just chill out and allow for a transparent, academic process to move forth that leads to a rational, precise conclusion.  The politicians can remain spectators.  The thing that gets overlooked in the January 1975 New York Times article is the subheadline:  “Scientists Warn Predictions Must Be Made Precise to Avoid Catastrophe.”   That holds true today and those at Copenhagen should paste that sub-headline to their foreheads.   So, those who act like facists and call anyone who even raises a question a “global warming denier” and attacks them with closed ears and no answers, pipe down.  For those who run around saying that global warming is a “hoax” recognize that while some methodology may be corrupt, the conclusion may in fact have veracity and the fears well founded.  At the same time, everyone should realize that developing alternative forms of energy is a good thing.  Any time you can create energy in a cleaner, more efficient manner it is nothing but positive provided it can be economically feasible.  If the United States had renewable, home grown energy independence, that would not only potentially be a long term economic benefit, but must certainly an addition to national security. 

NAM Snow Total through 7 AM Monday

Weather Bottom Line:  As for the big snow storm…its not going to be a big snow storm for Louisville.  First off, the ground is not cold enough.  The models are still in great disagreement regarding rain or snow though it will in all liklihood start as rain before turning to snow on Saturday.  The GFS keeps on claiming over 2 inches but much of that falls when the layers just above the surface are above freezing.  The NAM continues to have more rain than snow.  It’s really tough.  Remember, the difference between one and two inches of snow would be .10″ of  liquid .20″ of liquid.  That’s not much wiggle room.  Guess here is that we have rain that washes away the brine solution put on the roads (thus wasting taxpayer money again) and that we get about an inch or so on grassy areas. 

This whole pattern is typical of an El Nino year with a low coming out of the Gulf of Mexico and moving up into the Lower 48.  This can be a good pattern for Ohio Vally Snow if a low moves northeast out of SE Texas.  In this case though, it’s a low moving through the base of the trof along the Central Gulf Coast and moving up through Georgia and then exploding off the East Coast as it moves north.  The Appalacian mountains may get as much as two feet of snow.   I know that Apple Hill Farm the llamas and Alpacas are prepared, and Knox will love it…but Chi Chi will no doubt cower in fear.  As the low deepens while moving up the coast the cold front that moves through here on Saturday will catch up and there will be plenty of cold air in the Northeast Corridor to allow for the moisture tossed ashore by the low to create quite a snow storm. 

Now, its tough for moisture to come all the way from the Atlantic, across the mountains and to the Ohio Valley in much amounts.  But, there is expected to be about a half a foot in eastern Kentucky.  The next system that comes out of the Gulf for Christmas Eve has more promise, but its also possible that we get rain and maybe freezing rain.  Could be a mess…could be a White Christmas or could be just wet.  We’ll see. Needless to say, it will not be getting warm anytime soon.

Corporate Scam, Icy Roads and Alpaca Socks
December 16, 2008

You Should Visit These Guys

You Should Visit These Guys

NAM Critical Thickness Valid 18Z Tues

NAM Critical Thickness Valid 18Z Tues

When Last Left you…. I think I said that Monday night and Tuesday looked interesting.  As is often the case, distant forecasts from the GFS are overdone when it comes to snow.  In this situation, typically when we get over-running moisture we don’t get the 5″ of snow that it was advertising several days ago.  It looks like to me that what has changed while I’ve been away is that the cold air doesn’t dive down so far south and instead gets held up by another system to the west….the jet doesn’t dive down so far so the cold air will tend to move more west to east and not move a whole lot farther south than Louisville.  Cold air is more dense than warm so it sorta oozes out at the surface and warmer air will tend to run up over the top of it. If you look at the map (00Z NAM 12.16.08) to the left of critical thicknesses, you notice that only one line is just barely south of Louisville midday on Tuesday.  The other lines are farther north.  That indicates that we have freezing conditions near the surface but not above.  Consequently, both the NAM and GFS have precip much of the day on Tuesday but most of it falls as sleet or freezing rain.  The NAM is more bullish with over .75″ from say, midmorning to late afternoon.  The GFS has much less.  So, this does not appear to be much of a snow event with the exception of possibly in the early morning hours.  Otherwise, it has the potential to become a much more difficult sleet/freezing rain event.  I suspect that the amounts will be something less than the NAM but, if not, we need to hope that its mainly sleet.  I don’t want my power going out..again.  Be careful on the roads. Snow White and I found driving quite difficult on Monday night as we returned home.  Numerous accidents on I-64, some of which looked quite troublesome.  This would potentially be the case with sleet as it falls as ice on treated roads…the ice melts but there would be the potential of it re-freezing.  The workers do a good job but conditions can still be hazardous.

They're Cute and Make Great Socks

They're Cute and Make Great Socks

Where have I been?  You may have noticed a gap….albeit at a bad time weather wise…but Snow White and I went

Stoic Sentry

Stoic Sentry

to go and have Christmas with my daughter.  We had a lovely time as my getting a hug and a warm smile made the trip.  But, then we had an added treat…we went and spent at day at Applehill Farm near Boone, NC.  Snow White had gotten me a pair of socks woven from Alpaca wool.  They are so comfortable and warm I just had to go visit the alpacas that produced the fine linen.  They are so cute.  They also have horse and goats and donkeys.  The reason that they have the goats and the donkeys is to protect the alpacas and the llamas from predators like bears and mountain lions.  It’s very ingenius and intriguing.  One of the donkies, Cowboy, even ran down to greet me.  Never seen a donkey run so fast in my life.  And he does make a lot of noise.  If you get a chance, you should go visit because the view is just spectacular.  We were actually above the clouds.  If not, I would encourage you to visit the website( and go through their on-line store…get the socks…or some of the other items.  They are truly unique and quite useful…they have all sorts of stuff that would make great presents for someone else…or even yourself.

Solid Company With Interesting History

Solid Company With Interesting History

On This Date in History:  Even in the time of depressed stock prices and all of the hubbub of a failing national and

McKesson Holds Its Own

McKesson Holds Its Own

global economy, there are still companies making money.  McKesson Corp. (MCK) as of the end of 2008 has a market cap of nearly $10 billion which is a little more than half of what it had been sometime in the previous 52 weeks, but is still fairly substantial.   But in 1926, when it was known as McKesson & Robbins,  it wasn’t doing so well when F.Donald Coster bought the then century old business for $1 million.  Within a dozen years, Coster made some aggressive mergers and acquistions of some 66 wholesale drug distributors  and turned the company into the 3rd largest concern of its kind in the US worth about $87 million.  Nice American success story, right?

Well…not exactly.  See, Coster was seen as some genius businessman as his company had an average annual profit of 10% with the books showing products and finances running through warehouses, banks and holding companies in an orderly fashion.   Trouble was…it was all phony.  Coster had three business associates who later turned out to be his brothers Arthur, Robert and George.   The four muskateers used the proverbial “creative accounting” to grab millions of dollars from McKesson and Robbins without any unsuspecting investors knowing a thing…that is until an employee brought the whole thing tumbling down in 1938. 

Bootlegging Story With Happy Ending

Bootlegging Story With Happy Ending

Now, this all sounds like something that could be in the headlines today except for one item of intrigue.  The investigation found that Coster wasn’t Coster at all.  Instead, his real name was Philip Musica and was known as one of the biggest swindlers of the 20th century.  He and his brothers used the company as a fascade to buy raw alcohol which they then converted into Scotch and in turn sold to bootleggers.  Musica had emerged from his second stint in prison during prohibition and figured out a way to profit from the new laws.  He used the name Frank Costa to obtain federal licenses to produce drugs that were laced with alcohol.  After making about $8 million from bootleggers, he decided to expand his operations  and he then bought McKesson and Robbins by re-inventing himself as F. Donald Coster.  Musica did not go to jail for a third time though…on this date in 1938, he shot himself as the feds closed in.  His brothers went to the pokey though.  But, unlike today’s companies that are filled with fraud, his venture lives on today because accountants found that the corporate structure built by the master scammer was fundamentally sound.  It was only the crude drugs that were lousy.  So, the company built on the back of a scam continued to flourish legitimately and does so today.

This is another example of headlines today that make it seem like we’re going down the tubes are not necessarily new and one should not despair.  And…like the McKesson Corp, the dastardly deeds done by some does not necessarily have to end up without a happy ending for the innocent.