I was born in New Orleans but we moved shortly thereafter to Connecticut.  Three years later we moved to Los Angeles where I got to be a part of the last years of the 1960’s.  My mother is real happy about that influence.  We then moved to Houston which is really what I really consider my hometown.  I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Journalism and I promptly became a Financial Consultant with Merrill Lynch at the tender age of 22.  I did fairly well but was disenchanted so I went back to school and got my degree in Meteorology with a Physics minor from The Florida State University.  I’ve been here since 1998 and had some time on my hands so I got a MA in History from The University of Louisville. The Graduate Office reported to me that I had citation and I thought that meant that I had to pay a parking ticket before I could get my diploma.  Turns out it was a Dean’s Citation for Academic Excellence.  I was glad. I hate parking tickets. A revised version of my thesis is being published in the academic journal, Ohio Valley History.   You never know what happens when you try.

 I got married to Snow White in 2005 on the day of Thunder Over Louisville.  She wanted fireworks on her wedding night.  I have two cats, Nit and Wit whom are also known as Kitty Cat and Fatso, Abee and Mary Todd and Barfette and Poopalot.  Snow White and I walk and ride bikes and row(scull) when the water is not too high or it’s not too cold.  We also like to go out and about and do silly things like have picnics or visit odd places.  How many of you have ridden a bicycle built for two around Lake Michigan for about 20 miles or visited Mt. St. Helens or stayed on an island in the middle of Chesapeake Bay for a week with a bunch of cats? 

So, what about this blog?  I’m a Meteorologist right?  What about the weather….hmmm?  When there is something to talk about, I will devote the blog exclusively to that.  That is especially true when it’s something dangerous or it affects people’s lives….like a foot of snow.   I’ll tell you what I think and try to break it down into something everyone can understand, even explain why some things happen, why our forecast is what it is and why, at times, we may differ from other sources.  But, let’s face it, most of the time the weather is rather pedestrian and on those days, I will make brief mentions about it and then go on to something I find interesting for the day.  I mean, I could talk about positive vorticity advection or the hypsometric equation but that’s no fun.  I look at that stuff every day.  Instead, I like to use “This Date In History” to illustrate some of the more interesting things that may have happened or, some times, use it to take a position on a given subject.  It’s really just a fun way to find something that is often not earth shattering but is rather interesting.  I mean, what can be more interesting than Thomas Jefferson’s big hunk of cheese?  Most recently, I”ve been teaching American History and European History at the college level and have continued the blog with the hopes that perhaps some of my students can recognize that history does not have to be boring.

I welcome all comments and generally post them all.  If there is vulgarity or something that is just plain mean about an individual, especially those who are not public figures, I will not post it.  Some people take shots at me…like when I simply asked questions about Chemtrails and that’s okay.  Just keep it clean.  Hey, it takes more creativity to use clean language to insult someone than it does to use run of the mill profanity that one can hear on the street.  This site is about creativity and information and all insults will be judged on the merit of their creativity and cleanliness. 

  I could tell more but I am boring myself.

97 Responses

  1. Kooooooool new Weather site Bob.
    Ya’ll keep up the good work.

    Weather Watcher in Charlestown

  2. Thanks Franklin. They did a good job with it and there are all sorts of stuff with it. Get ready for a new module that will come on line shortly…you and everyone else will love it.

  3. Mr. Symon:

    You are a scholar and a VERY good person! Your “This Date in History” is always informative and tells us something we would never have even thought about a person or place!
    Keep up the great work!
    Tell Snow White hello!
    Wilma Flintstone

  4. Wilma, thank you for your kind words. I will certainly pass on your good wishes to Snow White. Keep Fred happy by providing a generous supply of Cactus Cooler.

    Glad you like “this date in history!” Feel free to throw in your two cents whenever you like.

  5. I stumbled in the electronic sense across your blog and have been sharing the links, and given the season the spaghetti tracks as well. Definitely more entertaining than the NHC

  6. Thanx. Glad your stumbling landed you in my lap. Snow White is not too enthused with my continued posting on this here blog as it takes away from our sculling time. But, I need to get the word out about weather, Wrong Way Corrigan and Dolley Madison…not to mention the Nudist Prophet!!

  7. Symon

    Great blog! Very informative. Keep it up.

  8. Thank you very much. These hurricanes are keeping me from finding the next nudist prophet!

  9. addicted weatherholoc thanks you for integrity & sincerity – not without relevance because weather is a metaphor for the truth:
    1) dopeheaded/ corporate broadcast media let fascist Bush invade Iraq using lies just like they tell the weather with absolute certainty when they’re dead wrong 80% of the time without any humility or admission of absurdity. This pattern pounding on our sanity 365 re-enforces that dulling disbelief that anything is real or matters at all
    2) eco impact: waiting to buy my winter heating oil watching prices drop almost a dime a day & wondering how bad Ike might impact the gulf, so your independent advice is greatly appreciated

  10. Richard, I appreciate your response and readership. While I suspect that we will not always agree, it’s good to get differing points of view. I hope your heating oil doesn’t go up as much as my natural gas bill just jumped. People around here probably haven’t noticed because their heaters are not on yet but I believe our gas company just hiked gas rates by 39%, based on prices 6 weeks ago. They get to set them quarterly so I’ll probably be paying at a rate that was fair in July, but not in December. Such a deal.

  11. Symon you’re doing a great job with this blog and I appreciate your efforts. I like to go to where hurricanes make their landfall and recently got to see Hurricane Gustav up close while in New Iberia, LA. I wanted to get closer but the threat of storm surge kept me inland a bit.

    You are a great instructor on the weather and although I have studied meteorology for a long time you have an excellent way of describing what is driving a hurricane. I am still a student of weather and probably always will be.

    Please keep up the good work and know that there are people like me out here reading your words and learning.

    Thanks again and take care.

    Chuck Cummins

  12. Thanx Chuck. I make up my own words if necessary. My professor, the Late Great J. J. Stephens was watching me on the air one time when I was still in school at Florida State and was fortunate enough to also have gained a position on a tv station in Tallahassee. He said “Symon!!! I want to know who in the hell taught you about a ‘blob of clouds”?!” I said, “well, I could say we have positive vorticity advection but no one would no what I was talking about..but everyone knows what a blob of clouds is.” He kinda shrugged. I loved Dr. Stephens. We are both from Texas and he was way more learned than I will ever be and he needled me constantly…but he was a great man and a great advisor.

  13. Hey Symon, What’s with the CLIP AND CLP5 hurricane forecast tracks? Is it a high school science class project? They seem to be completely useless.

  14. They are statistical model…actually the same model. one is the 5 day version and the other is the three day version. The name explains its limitation….Climate and Persistence..

  15. Awesome site! I found it on AlphaInventions, which is a great resource – I have been there less than one week, have received hundreds of hits, and I have found a dozen new blogs to add to my reading list – Like yours! Keep up the great work!

    Anthoy M. Freed

  16. Hi there! I really like your “this day in history” feature. Nice. 🙂

  17. Thanx

  18. I love meteorologists! My dad was an Oceanographer/Meteorologist who specialized in Polar Oceanography and studied, mapped out and forecasted the Arctic for years. You have a nice writing style and are fun to read.

  19. Thanx Barb. Hope you are somewhere that its warm!

  20. You write a lively and interesting blog. Enjoyed it very much.

  21. Thanx. Feel free to put in your two cents.

  22. Bob,
    I enjoyed reading some of your blog entries. My Mom & I sure do miss seeing you on the local news with the weather. I hope you & your family are well. Take care!

  23. Thanx so much Jo. As you can see, I’m keeping busy….but still looking for something to do! Meanwhile, I’m listening to trees breaking as they can’t handle the ice…poor trees.

  24. Hi there, found this nice and informative blog from alpha

    Keep on blogging ^^

  25. Thanx Ansella. Eucalliptus, eh? An Aussie, perhaps? Feel free to chime in whenever it suits your fancy.

  26. ^^ Aussie neighbour, Indonesia exactly

  27. Aha..the land of volcanoes! I believe you have about 3 active ones as we speak. I’m not sure but I think you may be my first known visitor from your country. Good to hear from you.

  28. wow, good to be the pioneer then ^^

    3? when I visit the volcano talk museum last summer they told me we had 129 active volcanoes. I posting about the visit but in Indonesian language.

  29. My mistake…I mean three that are erupting.

  30. I got to this sight while trying to find out what in the world has HAPPENED to you. I very much miss your sage and silly TV presence. Hope it wasn’t a contentious anchor that took you out of our family rooms & bedrooms.
    BTW, although I could have done without 2 vividly descriptive nicknames for your cats, I laughed out loud with EMPATHY for their obviously disgusting lesser-attributes.
    Now that I know I can find you here, I shall return. Much luck & happiness to you in any future reincarnations.
    -A Fan

  31. thank you so much. your good wishes are uplifting. feel free to email. hope u like the blog, feel free to chime in

  32. I found you on Alpha Inventions, and I’m glad I did! Fun blog; great story, too. My best to Snow White and the Cats:)

  33. Snow White smiled and said thank you. Nit and Wit (aka fat and cat) want more food.

  34. So glad to see your blog is still online! You are a wonderful communicator and make the world a more pleasant place. Keep up the good work!

  35. I did what you asked. I’ve had about 200,000 hits since Thanksgiving. The growth continues and continues to increase its rate of increase. Be interesting to see how long I can continue like this.

  36. I would like to cite a picture of John Adams that I used for a school project would you like me to use your name and/or the date it was posted/”copyrighted”

  37. I just grabbed the photo off the net. Probably from a public source, which I try to do. I would suggest you utilize a public source such as an encyclopedia or museum or university. That would be a more credible source anyway. As a published historian, I can tell you that academics generally consider the internet a terrible source for reseach information, in spite of what you may hear in the media. While I do research my stuff, I mainly do so through books, not the net. Published works are much more credible than the internet and certainly more credible than a blog. See, I’m telling you this but you don’t know that for sure…you have to take my word for it. That is not good enough for a research paper. So, if you must get a photo from the net, go to the most verifiably credible source that you can, which would be an official university, museum, reference or government site. It should be easy to find a photo of President Adams through one of those. Also, they are more than likely a part of the public domain and so there are no issues. Good luck

  38. I love your site. Keep it up !


  40. The 16th Amendment was declared ratified by the Secretary of State, Philander Knox. While technically, there is a point that several of the state’s version of the Amendment was not exactly worded the same, as it should have been, the courts have consistently ruled that the spelling and grammatical differences were not sufficient to overturn the Constitution. For those of you who do not know, this is a comment regarding a post from April 15, 2009 regarding the 16th Amendment. This person is doing what typically happens..the person shouts, makes a statement and offers no proof but calls people names. In this case, they have ignored a link to a scholar who addresses this particular charge. The point was, the courts have consistently disagreed with this assessment but the writer obviously thinks that he is smarter than all of the courts and that somehow changing some grammatical inconsistencies would somehow change the amendment. Further, the first Supreme Court ruling that struck down the income tax, did not strike down the tax as unconsitutional, but instead it was the apportionment question.

  41. Hello,

    I visited your blog and I admire your hardwork on it. Our website regularly talks about history of Mexico and wants to link with other informative history websites like yours. I am sure that our visitors would also love to visit a blog like yours. Let me know if this is ok. Thanks for your time and take care.


  42. Hey Bob. It was good to meet you and your wife. I’m still laughing from the stories and looking foreward to hearing more. Your page is very interesting. Good work.


  43. thanx. i’ll email you back.

  44. Hi. I’ve just been learning more about Americans and reading your articles is an extremely pleasant way of doing this.
    Of course, I have to skate past all that weather info in caps!
    I’m so pleased I’ve spent this time. Cheers!

  45. thanx so much. Where are you writing from? Please feel free to chime in and comment with a critique, observation or question.

  46. Hey Bob, miss seeing your smiling face on the tube. Hope things are going well. Love your blog. Are you still in the area? Any plans on returning to TV

  47. Yup. Still here. Snow White and I went to scull today but the river was a bit high. Yes, I’d love to be the boob on the tube again around here. Write your local tv affiliate and demand your Bob-TV…now in digital, not analog. Thanx for the shout out on the blog. I should have over a million hits for 2009..somewhere close to 600,000 to date.

  48. Mr. Symon:
    As a semi retired broadcaster I can certainly empathize with what happened at 32. New GM new broom. I did notice a blonde that obviously not of which she spoke… GM’s GF? At any rate you are missed but glad you have the blog. BTW Jeff Davidson (former GM 32, and Corporate TV Manager for Gannet) was a dear friend of mine. He was the one who first made 32 a respectful station instead of the laughingstock it had been for years…. They have retained one of his hires, for years.

  49. thank you sir. you hiring?

  50. Can you please remove the photo of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from your website? It is against Islamic tenets. You are hurting the sentiments of Muslims around the world including me.

    Thanks and regards,

  51. how u can put the photo of prophet muhammed ?
    is it good ?

  52. Can you explain why a hundreds of year old painting is bad? I didn’t know anyone would object.

  53. Islam doesn’t allow the photograph of Prophet (pbuh). It may become the starting point for people trying to worship him. That’s how most of the worshipping cultures have started and gradually became a way of life. Idol worship is also not allowed in Islam.

    For Muslims Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) was a mercy of Allah on children of Prophet Adam(Peace be upon him). Nothing false had ever been attched to him, even for those 40 years prior to his prophethood. A picture of him, (which never existed among the people who saw him) is a falsehood being attached to his identity.

  54. “I could tell more but I am boring myself.”

    Holy crap! Please don’t!!!!!

  55. You never mentioned you had two kitties in class! That’s adorable! You know, Dr. Peters (Anthropology) sometimes brings her Fuzzy Lumpkins to her office. She and Mrs. Jackson (Communications) are volunteers for the Louisville Alley Cat Advocates. Anyway, you should put a picture up of your babies:)
    PS: Nice blog by the way

  56. Thanx Erica. Nit and Wit don’t travel well. They hate the car and Nit is a big fat fool whose name now is Fatso, El Guapo, Toado, Tubby, etc.

  57. Hey Bob…what are you doing these days besides bloggin’?
    Has Obama’s “stimulus” created a job for you yet?

    Drop me an email sometime!


  58. i think its awsome that you have that article about george loher he was my great great grandfather my grandma Elllen wrote The Wonderful Ride and i guess i really never thought anyone knew about it and i think that really interesting that it goes for 141 dollars on amazon thats sweet

  59. Thanx for writing. If it were me, I definitely would have found a way to have breaks though. It’s a wonderful story and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am absolutely amazed at the number of people who write about offbeat and unusual stories that I post identifying themselves as a relation to the subject.

  60. You seem to be a dead ringer for a room mate I had in Austin in the early 80s….. of course I’m sure he became a demented burden on society since with a name like Red-Bob he was doomed from the outset, much like his shoe salesman mentor Don-Bob…….

  61. If you hadn’t of changed your phone number after you got married then you might have a greater certainty.

  62. nice blog you got here! but i would advise you to have a wider theme, its better to navigate

  63. hey bob i was wondering if you had facebook or myspace or is this it let me know… i hope i am asking you this in the right place and not in some other conversation.

  64. tis all there is. Weather question? Ask away….I”ll make up an answer!

  65. Your blog surprised me with its quality Symon. I found you on Alphainventions. I admit that at first, I didn’t want to read your site because of the context under which I found it. But with all the insane history-ranters on the web, it’s nice to find a pocket of scholarship.

    What’s your take on alternate history? Scholarship exercise, fun parlor game, or waste of mental energy?

    I freakin’ love history that’s not grounded in faux-wiki scholarship. Thank you thank you thank you.

  66. I”m not sure that I know what is the definition of”alternative history.” Nevertheless, I appreciate your stopping by and the kind words. Feel free to chime in any time.

  67. Niall Ferguson is a fan. It’s not ‘alternative’ rather ‘alternate,’ that is, it’s a historical forensic exercise. soc.history.what-if is the epicenter of the movement (Dr. Noel Maurer is also a fan). It’s not weak ww2 fanboy garbage (it can be) as cites are essential.

    If I have anything worth saying, I’ll say it, but I lack the chops to match my fondness for history.

  68. If you are referring to the concept of playing “what if” with history and speculating about if history had been altered, I’m not sure that would be considered history but instead start involving fiction. It seems to me that an historian has enough to do analyzing the past. I even think that applying what could have or would have happened to try to predict events is also flawed because history is not prescriptive. Nothing is ever the same. Now, if you are referring to creating an historical fiction in which one writes a novel with a ficticious but plausible story line that can be entertaining. But the that I have seen are usually a bit lacking in plausiblity.

    I’m sure that you have much to add and I certainly would welcome it.

  69. I spent most of my many years in Oklahoma City, where I learned to worship meteorologists. Thanks for all you do.

  70. 45 odd years in the on and offshore oil industry. That don’t give me anything like absolute knowledge, but we use to face a lot of action offshore Trinidad, and other places too. So we’re absorbed over this recent tragety and have figured out what we think actually happened, based on what little we know of the type of the cement job done. Yet we keep ending up with just one question ?
    Was there no way of knowing about a pressure ‘buildup’ below the preventors ? There most certainly should have been, and it should have been checked, obviously.

  71. Humm….Looks as though I may have found one of my old student. What the hell does this mean? “Black a benificiary of the sage Hambright Advice?”

    Yes, it’s my name and I was an old Junior High Football for 15 years at Spring Branch Jr. High, in Houston, Texas.
    Brits Selling “Imitation Liquor” to High School Kids in Maine …
    Black a benificiary of the sage Hambright Advice. Unlike other stories in which the guy … my old Junior High Football Coach, Granville Hambright, used to say. …
    symonsez.wordpress.com/2009/10/28/brits-selling-imitation… – Cached

    Granville Hambright

  72. Coach, you left out the best part…the part that I”ve always remembered and to which I have paid you homage 3 times on my blog and numerous times to my students: “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.” In other words, you made a difference.

    The quote that you referenced (“Black a benificiary of the sage Hambright Advice”) was a caption under a photo of Clint Black, who has enjoyed tremendous success as a musician. I was speculating that you just may have influenced him because he certainly is not a quitter.

    Here are excerpts from the 3 postings:

    From the “Brits selling Liquor…” …so everyone did well with the zipper…except for Judson whose fate reminds me of what my old Junior High Football Coach, Granville Hambright, used to say. “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” One guy who learned under the tutelage of Coach Hambright and did not quit but perservered and it led to great success was none other than Clint Black, who sat next to me in Mrs. Wagner’s art class. Maybe coach was on to something.”

    I had another post written the year before that was about the same story of the man who invented the zipper in which I actually used your quote in the title, but I think I got it backward: “A Quitter Never Wins and A Winner Never Quits; Not Quite a Fridgidaire but Still Cold.” The second time I made the post, I added the part about Clint Black because he too is a great example of someone who did not quit and became extremely successful. It is entirely possible that you influenced him positively as well.

    On August 16, 2009 I also referenced you again. This time in regard to William Crapo Durant who founded GM. He eventually was forced out but did not quit. He instead pressed on and founded Chevrolet. “But, don’t feel too bad for Durant. He’s one of those guys who never quit, following the advice of the old gridiron sage, Granville Hambright. He went on an founded a new company. You might have heard of it…Chevrolet.”

    In short coach, if I did not learn anything else from you. It was that the only way that one is certain to lose in any endeavor is if one quits. I’m sure that I am not the only one who benefitted from having you as his coach. Thank you.

  73. Thank you so much for your tribute to those Americans and other allies who perished at Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. My brother was Lt. Durden Looper, co-pilot of the Lonesome Lady. So many do not know of this event, so your
    blog post is most welcome.
    Charles Looper

  74. It was my pleasure. Thank you for your kind words.

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  76. thank you for the interest

  77. Hi, nice to meet you !

  78. Well, hello.

  79. Hi, very informative info on elvis. Thanks. I am using for an essay I am writing in my Social Media class. Thanks for the help!

  80. I would suggest you find supporting data for citations. While I do try to use credible sources, the internet is a very poor place for academic writing. In my classes, I do not allow students to use the internet for source material. There are no editors or publishers involved and links are often simply other internet websites. Again, I never use Wikipedia as a source and try to use academic sites, but a subject such as Elvis will necessarily involve web links that are most likely not considered to be sound in the academic world. Nevertheless, I’m glad to have been able to give you some ideas and point you in a direction that may help you in your pursuit.

  81. Symon … I wanted to mention something to you concerning an old posting of yours and possibly I could add a little “local knowledge” of the events … not saying my recollections are perfect, however may be interesting … again maybe not. I worked with H. David Sturdy in 1997/1998 as the Chief Executive Officer of Sturdy Power Corporation in Wilmington, NC. Dave (as I knew him … his son was called David) was semi-retired but fascinated with developing a mission critical generator set that could be dropped from a plane if necessary and deployed to provide both AC and DC power to remote locations … there were other applications as well, but I digress. Some discussion arose from his obituary way back in December of 2005 or ’06 mentioning he invented the cruise control. I was hired by Dave and he told me stories concerning his time with Perfect Circle. As an aside I can tell you Dave was the founder of Sturdy Controls, still operating today, heavily involved in digital controllers of all types for multiple worldwide clients. Dave was an engineering guru with controllers. In brief Dave told me that he worked for Dana and on to Perfect Circle where he developed a speed controller for busses. Whether this was in tandem or under the direction of Mr. Teeter I do not recall in Dave’s recounting. What I do recall is that Perfect Circle brass did not think much of the profit outlook for the speed control and told Dave he could “have it”, whereupon Dave moved to Wilmington, NC and started Sturdy Controls. Dave was a very interesting guy … like many inventive and entrepreneurial types … Dave was not without his quirks. He worked very hard and played very hard … he rubbed some people the wrong way for certain. If you rubbed him the wrong way you might get “5 in the Features”, if you know what I mean. He was a world class sailor and loved tinkering. I am not so certain the Perfect Circle brass just wanted Dave out of the picture because he could be a cantankerous personality and they figured, “Let’s just give him that damn speed control thing and maybe he will go away!” They say that musicians have quirky personalities … in that same vein, H. David Sturdy was a piece of work. I moved from Wilmington in 2003. He and I had our differences, however when all said and done, I missed the son of a gun after I left … you never wanted to be unprepared with Dave and he pushed the buttons to make you deliver, be more intelligent, and in an ersatz way understand business management styles to avoid. Did he invent the cruise control … he always said he did … however he also said the only reason to get a patent is so somebody cannot come along and sue you saying you stole their idea.

  82. Thank you and I appreciate your filling in the gaps. It’s amazing how many people contact me regarding someone or somthing that I have written about. I’m reposting your comments also to be connected with the comments on that particular post because it may be interesting to folks who go to that entry.

  83. You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material.

  84. bob symon i think you need a facebook page…. what your opinion on this.

  85. I don’t think so, but thanx for the thought

  86. I continue to enjoy your blog, especially regarding history and weather. As you know this has been a tough weather year in “Tornado Alley”. I know a little of the effect of weather on military in Belgium and in the South Pacific. Are there any other important weather events that may have changed the final result of combat if the weather had been different? Maybe this is a topic that you might cover in the future.
    Thanks again.

  87. I just ran across this and laughed my head off. I thought you’d get a kick out of it too – and perhaps some of your readers.

    Busted Forecast Alibi

  88. Mr. Symon,
    I’m currently working as a visual researcher for a historical film, and the late 19th –century pictures you posted in February of last year (the rain making guns, rain-making by explosives, etc) are just what I have been looking for (and the accompanying article was fascinating as well). I was wondering if you could direct me toward an original source of these photos, and/or if you’ve come across any others from the same rain-making movement, like those of tree farms or telegraph wires? It would be a great help to the film.

    Thank you,
    Daniel Tomlinson

  89. hello, i am a student at howell high school. i am in a digital imaging class and i was hoping i could use your image from this link:

  90. It’s not my photo to grant permission. I am under the belief that it is in the public domain. Nevertheless, I suggest that you go to the source http://www.bakewell-trees.org/gallery/roots/

  91. Love your sense of humor.

  92. glad you stopped by

  93. Imagine you’re quite busy in a number of areas and the hiatus here at Symonsez probably reflects more a lack of free time than boredom. You don’t seem like one who gets bored easily. FWIW, if I’m wrong and if you aren’t already aware of it, you may want to drop by every so often and lean back in an Old Country Store chair next to an Old Pot Bellied, Wood Burning stove, and whittle a little on an old stick, and chew the fat with some others that seem to fit your outlook in a number of areas. Just a suggestion – http://chiefio.wordpress.com/ Once again, best to you!

  94. I was out searching for Pioneer 10 and landed here. Appears there was a thriving settlement that has been abandoned, or perhaps they are just out hunting, and will return as the weather improves. I am leaving a calling card in the event they return and are in need of supplies or wish to communicate.

  95. We all get in a hurry.. Just like Will Rogers. Fascinated by him. Wish I cld post my pic

  96. Long time no see. Hope you are well.

  97. There is a website dedicated to the 1920 Philadelphia Folk MONOPOLY Game developed by two Main Line Quaker brothers who developed and played the game at Haverford College. It is the oldest, and only known folk monopoly game with the word MONOPOLY displayed on the game board. It was mentioned in the 1924 Haverford year book as referenced in one of your previous posts on the Monopoly game.

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