Donald Trump is Older Than Congressional Recognition of Flag Day


The Flag Is Commemorated in all Worlds

The Flag Is Commemorated in all Worlds

On This Date in History: Flag Day commemorates June 14, 1777 when Congress adopted officially the stars and stripes. The colonial army had the Grand Union flag, supposedly created by Betsy Ross. Now, historians have not been able to prove the legend…BUT…they have not been able to disprove it either…so who knows. I say stick with the legend until someone can prove otherwise.

Hundreds of Thousands Have Defending the Stars

Hundreds of Thousands Have Defended the Stars and Stripes

Anyway, the first day which was called Flag Day was a celebration  On This Date In 1877 to mark the 100th anniversary of Old Glory.   President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed June 14 as Flag day on May 30, 1916. So on this date in 1916, he made a big speech…the speech was more about rallying the nation behind the war effort as just two months before the US had declared War on Germany and entered WWI.   Actually, Wilson made several speeches related to the flag.  The first was on June 14, 1915.  Then he made one on May 30, 1916 explaining why he wanted to designate the date as Flag Day and then again on June 14, 1916 the day that he had designated.  But, the date still was not an officially sanctioned national annual day of recognition for the flag..  It wasn’t until August 3, 1949 that Congress  officially designated, this date,  June 14 as Flag Day as a day of national observance and President Truman signed the Act of Congress into law. So, if Flag Day was so important and had been around so long, why did Congress wait until 172 years after the fact to make it official? Well, the Democrats had re-taken control of Congress in 1948 after a brief period of Republican control. Around this time, there was Soviet communist expansion in Europe and Mao Tse Tung in mid 1949 had run Chang Kai Shek off to Taiwan and mainland China was communist. Though Congress at the time didn’t know it, the Soviets were about to explode their first nuclear weapon on Aug. 29, 1949, breaking America’s brief monopoly on nukes.

Joe McCarthy Influenced Flag Day?

There were cases of espionage involving Soviet communist spies in the American Government like the Alger Hiss case. Republicans were charging the Democrats with being soft on communism and creating an atmosphere that fostered the growth of communism in this nation. So…Congress officially adopted Flag Day as June 14. Its probably a pretty fair spot to argue that the Red Scare of the 1950’s really began on June 14, 1950.  Along the same lines, the words “Under God” were not inserted into the Pledge of Allegiance until 1954.  I guess with the fear of communism fading, so has the ideals that created the first Flag Day in 1877…but go ahead and think about the flag anyway and what it means to you. A lot of people have fought and died for the ideals that the flag represents and it at least deserves a moment’s reflection.

Fred Trump Celebrated Flag Day in 1946 Welcoming Donald into the World

Fred Trump Celebrated Flag Day in 1946 Welcoming Donald into the World

Now, Fred Trump was a successful real-estate developer in New York. On this date in 1946, three years before Congress officially recognized Flag Day. Fredintroduced the world to his son Donald, who seems to be intent on making a bigger splash than anyone in human history. After Donald Trump finished his MBA at the Wharton School of Business, he went to work for dad. He quickly developed an ability to work the business of building and development. In the 1970’s, New York was in terrible financial condition and Trump took advantage by buying up properties at good prices and gaining tax concessions for his projects.

You're Fired!

You're Fired!

In the 1980’s, he looked toward hotels, high rise condos and casinos. He claims his net worth skyrocketed into the billions. Others think that was a large over-estimate. In any event, when the 90’s came about, his fortunes turned and his empire crumbled and he even had to declare bankruptcy on some of his developments. But, by the late 90’s, he was back on his feet and amassing wealth once again. On a couple of occasions he was urged to run for President but instead he took his celebrity and turned to the tube. He had several years of The Apprentice which was a hit for a while and his trademark “you’re fired” became part of the pop culture lexicon. In 2005, Forbes magazine estimated his net worth at $2.7 billion. Trump says it was way more. Critics claim he wasn’t even a billionaire.

Martha A Sandweiss's Book Agrees to Print the Legend!

But you know what…if the legend is better than the truth, print the legend. Trump has marketed himself and his name to the point that he is one of the best known people in America if not the world. And, as Larry King indicates in the photo above, his hair may have outstripped the rest of his worldly accomplishments as the most famous part of him. But, you have to admit, he doesn’t look like a 64 year-old man. Wonder what I would look like if I had some money.

SPC Severe Outlook Mon June 14 2010

Weather Bottom Line:  Late Sunday night we had one of those little shortwaves rolling through the flow and this time the arc of the flow lines brought it right over Louisville.  They lost some of their ooomph by the time they got to Louisville as the heating of the day abated.  The strongest winds were up in Orange and Jackson counties in Indiana and by the time they got to Louisville there was a lot of lightning, brief heavy rain and some gusty but not too terribly strong winds.   I kept hearing someone on television say that they were “tremendous” thunderstorms and that’s okay I guess except when we really do have big boppers, people may not listen since they’ve heard so much hyperbole regarding some decent thunderstorms. I mean, even with a second wave coming through in the early morning hours, rain totals were not all that excessive.  The rain gauge in Mt. St. Francis in Floyd County registered just 1.09 inches of rain.  At my house, we had about an inch but the rain gauge network only ranged from about a quarter inch in PRP to .79″ near downtown Louisville. The airport only had .12″ for the two rain events.  Hardly “tremendous.”   I think I’m becoming a grumpy old man. 

SPC Severe Outlook Tue June 15, 2010

Anyway, this is the type of thing that we can expect over the next few days and the timing of the short waves and the exact track of the flow will be the key as to whether or not we get storms and an appreciable amount of rain.  There still will be abundant moisture and ample latent heat so, as I’ve said before, if we get a match to toss on this big pile of potential energy that we store up, then we may have something to talk about.  That is why I would suggest that if by chance you see some big fat billowing cumulous clouds in the late afternoon or evening, it may be wise to check your radio or tv to see what’s up.


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