Valentine’s Day Yesterday and Today

Snow White Loves Me

Snow White Loves Me

Al's Idea of A Happy Valentines

Al's Idea of A Happy Valentines

Valentine’s Day and This Date in History: What’s the deal with this? Who invented it? I always figured it was a conspiracy of the greeting card people and chocolate manufacturers to try to boost business in the dark days of winter. Al Capone thought it was a good day to get rid of his competition on this date in 1929 at 2122 North Clark Street in Chicago. His little escapade became known as the St. Valentines Day Massacre and it probably marked the beginning of the end for Capone. The violence was just so over the top that the public and authorities got fed up and went to great lengths to capture or kill Capone, which they eventually did.

Teddy's Sad Entry

Teddy's Sad Entry

It was not a happy day for Theodore Roosevelt whose wife not only died on this date in 1884, but so did his mother. His diary notation for the day simply read, “the light has gone out of my life.” In some ways, it may have paved his way to the presidency because he was so distraught, he basically dropped out and went west for a couple of years. It was on this quest that he developed his love for the outdoors and his robust attitude. He was probably better prepared for a big future than he would have been otherwise. In any event, whatever or however Valentine’s Day came about, don’t make light of it, guys. Three years ago, I tried and it flopped. I took Snow White to a family restaurant….one in which patrons stand in line with cafeteria trays. I thought it would be funny. The humor was obviously lost as for the next 365 days the subject was brought up from time to time. Don’t be like Bob.

Nice Restaurant...but not For Valentines

Nice Restaurant...Not A Great Idea For Valentines

Treat the day with great respect because, if you don’t, you will be reminded of your transgressions for the next 12 months. No doubt, there are plenty of nice places to eat in town and your efforts will be well rewarded. I did my best to make up for my disaster to Snow White and last year I succeeded. She deserves all that I can give and I know there are hundreds of left over suitors who would love to do the same, though they are afraid I may order up a thunderbolt in their nether regions if they attempted to do so. Snow White is the grandest of all Valentine’s ladies in my book.

Click Here to Find out more about Wayside...Or Pick Your Own Special Way for you and Your Valentine Can Show Your Love

So much so, that last year, she came home and said that every day was Valentine’s Day and that we show our love for each other every day and so we don’t need any special day for that. So, what we did last year was we went to Wayside Christian Mission and made donations of food, pillows and cash. I began to think about it and Snow White’s pretty smart. I mean we do love each other every day so, why do I need a special day? If I’m going to spend money on February 14, why not drop it on charitable organizations that directly help others, particularly those who are in our own communities? If Valentine’s Day is a day of love, then why not show it that way? There are three variations of love. There is Phillipi, which is brotherly love. That is why Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love. There is Eros, which is sexual love. And then there is Agape, which is spiritual love, or for Christians, the love of Christ. In my view and that of others, in order to have a successful love relationship, you need to have all three. Otherwise, more often than not, the relationship will eventually crumble. But, modern Valentine’s Day and the commercial aspects of it generally revolves around the romantic or Eros aspect of love…except of course for family members. But , you know what I mean. If we are going to break off a piece of love and use it to represent Valentine’s Day, then why not take off the one that truly is a giving of oneself with no expectation of getting anything in return? How about following Phillipi or Agape, and give to others. We Americans do it alot.  This past year, I was invited to speak to the men at Wayside and it was quite an experience.  Snow White wondered the other day how many people this past year had a pillow to sleep on because we chose to NOT buy stuff for each other. 

Donations Up in 2005 From 2004

Donations Up in 2005 From 2004

In 2005, the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 65.4 million Americans did some sort of volunteer work. Thats a shade under 30% of the population. Now, that is actually volunteering time and effort to make a difference, not money and time is a priceless commodity.  Yet, people often give money instead of their time and that’s okay because organizations need money to operate. Americans step to the plate in that arena too. According to a study by the Giving USA Foundation, American estates, corporations, foundations and individuals gave some $260 billion to charitable causes in 2005. If we transformed the culture to give that $50 you spend on Valentines Day candy or flowers or dinner to a local charity instead, think of the huge shot in the arm that would give local groups and how much you could do for so many other people. Snow White is right…every day should be Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. It’s just an idea. And now you know why I say that Snow White is the grandest Valentine of all…and she’s like that every day. Nevertheless…I’ll still do something for her on top of the donation….just in case…after church we’ll go to her favorite place for brunch.  Always a winner…and it will be especially so if it’s snowing by then, though I doubt it will be snowing yet.

stvalentineSo, what about the history of Valentine’s Day? The history of the day is, as usual, a bit sketchy. I’ve heard that it was linked to some pagan fertility festival of days of yore and other tales take it to Geoffrey Chaucer somehow. As with many old traditions emanating from Europe, this one seems to have some tie to the Catholic Church. I don’t care to go into it but you can look it up for yourself. Here is a take on the day from the Catholic Encycolopedia. If you don’t like that one, then try this site that doesn’t have a religious sanction. These two should provide some answers though and probably create more questions. The only answer I have for you though is to show your feelings every day to your loved ons and treat this day with the respect that you would treat your loved one(s)! Jokes don’t work.

NWS Louisville is a shade more agressive than me, but it's an academic difference and no big deal

Sat 18Z GFS pushes toward 6 inches by Wed AMWeather Bottom Line:  As I’ve been telling you, we’re going to get snow.  And the 18Z Saturday NAM and GFS were remarkably similar.  They both take the low down to our Southwest and then swing it sharply northeast almost right over the top of Louisville.  It’s a pretty good track for snow and also, once the low passes, for the wrap around deformation zone over us.  So, we’re looking for the snow to begin maybe a little on Sunday but mainly begin in earnest on Sunday night and then through Monday before it tapers off Monday night.  Then, with cold air filling in behind it we get flurried to death Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning.  NWS is calling for 4-6 inches…I’ve been thinking 3-5 inches…whatever.   Just know that we will have snow and that your drive to work or school may be interesting Tuesday morning….I would say Monday but it’s President’s Day!

Sat 18Z NAM calls for about 3 inches by early Wed AM

Now, an interesting wrinkle from the 12Z GFS showed up and that is for the low that is traversing the south on Thursday into Friday to bring us more snow.  Earlier, the solution had been for the low to be so far north that we get rain-ice-snow.  Then at 12Z it was all snow to the tune of another 2-3 inches.  But, the 18Z had it even farther south to where we just get a dusting. But, the ECMWF and the GEM both had similar solutions for this first event and also for a snow feature on Thursday/Friday.  We’ll have to see how that shakes out but…as I’ve been saying all along…I don’t see how we get above freezing anytime soon. For some reason, public longer range forecasts keep showing highs of 35 or 36 for days 4 and 5 and every time we get to those days, they’ve lowered the highs.  I’d expect the same this time, unless the low tracks farther north on Thursday.


2 Responses

  1. Good advice, Mr. Symon. Of course I’ve found that as long as you have Agape in your lives then the other forms of love will take care of themselves.

    Here’s wishing the Symons a Happy Valentines Day from our family.

  2. Thanx Eric. Back at you. Worked out well. Bristol at the river and then it began to snow. Timing was perfect.

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