Yao Ming and Wife Expecting Baby. Could Little Yao Bring Global Harmony?

Yao and Ye Could Be Parents Standing Tall

Wonder if Van Gundy Will be the Godfather?

Update: The Baby was Born…a Little Girl…Read More

Yao Ming is not the best player in the National Basketball Association.  But, he is probably the most popular and perhaps the best known basketball player in the world.  He is the center of the Houston Rockets and has been an all star every year that he’s been in the league.  He has never won an NBA Championship but last season, he was leading his team to  a potential upset of the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers when he was injured.  Yao’s injury will keep him out of the line-up this season and his career may be in jeopardy.  But, Yao’s absence on the basketball court doesn’t mean that he has been on the physically unable to perform list.  He’s taken his game to a new level.  The internet is abuzz with news that the 7’6″ Ming and his bride, the 6’2″ Ye Li are expecting their first child. 

No Hanky Panky Yao, You're Gonna be a Dad!

Now, Houston TV station KTRK has a headline that simply says, Yao Ming’s Wife Expecting a Baby.  Up the road, Tyler, Texas TV station KETK has the story carried by Yahoo sports but they added the measurements of Mrs. Yao by saying Yao Ming and 6’2″ wife expecting first baby.  It’s probably the first time that the height of the mother-to-be was substituted for the name of the mother.  Now, both of those reports came out on Tuesday afternoon in the United States.  Curiously, the Houston Chronicle by Tuesday evening still had no word.  Perhaps they were waiting for a confirmation.  Well, the world press didn’t need any more confirmation that the word of Ye Li’s blabbermouth close friend Miao Lijie who when asked why Ye did not attend the Shanghai World Expo, she replied that “a pregnant woman deserves less public activities.”  Whoops.  I’m not sure if Ye and Miao are like Laverne and Shirley, but they are members(or were) of the same basketball team.

The blab from Miao heard round the world has scribes buzzing.  The People’s Daily is reporting on the furor over speculation regarding the height of the yet to be born child whom no one knows will be a he or she.  The Taipei Times has a similar story, as does the Malaysian Mirror and the Straits Times.  Guess there’s only so much news to print so it just get reprinted over and over again, like the world is on the US cable news cycle. 

Yao May be the only man in China who can keep a close eye on Ye at all times

That means that everyone has the same story, almost word for word, from the same source and they pretend like they broke the story.  What sometimes happen in this sheep mentality is that if the original news outlet has the story wrong, then everyone has it wrong.  I’ve seen it in several newsrooms I’ve worked at many times.  In a journalism class you get an F if you don’t check your sources.  In a tv newsroom, you get paid if you just trust the wire or network report and don’t question why it says that John Glenn was the first man in space (he wasn’t) or that the space shuttle travels 18 times the speed of light (it doesn’t, nor does the Star Ship Enterprise…but never mind…it was reported that way).  But in this case, the news was confirmed by Yao’s spokesman, Zhang Chi.  Now…Ye is expecting in July.  At least one of the reports has a small but significant line.  It says that it has yet to be determined where the child will be born.  Hmmmm….In July, Yao might be in Houston working out for the upcoming season…and if his child were born in the US, that would make him a US citizen as well as a citizen of China.  At first thought, one might think that could really anger the Chinese government.  But…on the other hand…could it be possible that the man who helped linked East and West through basketball may have a child with a dual citizenship that could further bond the United States and China, perhaps leading to more global cooperation and world peace?  Perhaps its not as far fetched as one might think.

NAM 7am Sat Snow Depth

GFS Sat 7am Snow Depth...a little more bullish than NAM

Weather Bottom Line:  Everything appears to be on track.  The strong shortwave is still looking like it will track down almost right over us from the northwest with perhaps some snow showers picking up late Wednesday night but the bulk of the Snow will occur on Thursday.  I had speculated that school would be out of Friday, which is probably still will be for many but now Thursday looks like that many school systems will probably take the easy way out and extend the Christmas holidays a bit.  Any excuse seems good enough but, to be fair, they have to consider safety and the fact that they may have a limited attendance which in some states means limited funding.  In any event, the short wave coming over the top of Louisville means that the maximum snow will not be in our area but typically is to the north.  So, while Indianapolis may pick up 8 inches or so, we’re probably looking at 2-3 inches on Thursday.  While there is some consistency with the models in conventional ratios coming out to about 2.5 inches, I suspect it may be a more fluffy snow with a greater liquid to snow ratio so it may be more like we get widespread 3 inch amounts.  Then we get flurried to death on Friday and maybe even early Saturday as the jet is almost right over us and the air gets so cold that it squeezes out whatever it can. So, by the weekend, the overall storm reports may come in close to 4 inches, though I doubt there will be much more than that.  Now, with that snow on the ground, we will be looking at single digits on Saturday morning and I bet close to zero on Sunday morning with some folks below zero.  I’m still hanging my hat on the idea that we don’t get above freezing until after Jan 15.  Keep in mind, we brought in the New Year at 23 degrees or so and haven’t sniffed the freezing point since.


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