Tea Party Leads to Wyoming Women Leading Women’s Suffrage Movement

Women in Wyoming Were Tough and Not Afraid to Bag a Bobcat or a Politician

Esther Hobart Morris 1814-1902

On This Date in History:  Esther Morris was a tall, robust women who had lived through some hard times.  Like many women in the West in the mid 19th century, she was developed a sense of heartiness that all who tamed the frontier had to have to survive.  Most of the people in the Wyoming Territory in 1869 were men.  In fact, the ratio was about 6 to 1 in favor of males.  Esther Hobart Morris came to Wyoming to join her husband and sons who had gone ahead of her and settled in South Pass City.  Morris not only brought along her toughness, she also packed in her ideas and prior to the election for the new territorial legislature, she had a little tea party.  The guests were H.G. Nickerson and William Blight who were running against each other for the same legislative post.  She was pretty smart because she was was covering her bases.  In her meeting with the  political opponents, she got both to promise that if they were elected, they would introduce a bill that granted the vote to women.  Bright won and, like a  true gentleman, kept his word.  Gentlemen in politics?  Yes, they once existed.

Suffrage Began From Western States, Starting with Wyoming

Now, members of the legislature might not have had such egalitarian ideas when the supported the bill.  See, the elected representatives were well aware that there were 6 times more men than women so they hoped that, but giving women the right to vote, that more ladies might be enticed into coming to the territory.  I’m not sure if Ms. Morris used that as a reason for support, but at least the men figured it out for themselves.  It’s the old adage, “sex sells” and it certainly worked in this case even if it was the men’s idea in the first place.  But, Democrats only half heartedly supported the measure.   They tended to support the measure only with the notion that the new Republican Governor, John Campbell, would veto it and thus hang himself and his party.  Campbell was a young territorial governor but he wasn’t stupid.  When the bill passed he gladly signed it into law on this date in 1869.  Two years later, the Democrats tried to take away women’s suffrage with a new bill that would repeal the 1869 statute and even tried to pay Campbell $2,000 for his support.  That would be equivalent to about $32,000 in 2008 dollars.  But, Campbell declined with great firmness.   Morris  did not specifically single out Republicans or even give herself credit.  Instead she said that the ability of women were “entirely indebted to men” in Wyoming for the acquisition of the right to vote.

Get The Book About Esther Morris

Historically speaking then, let’s take a look at the score card.  Democrats in Wyoming opposed women’s right to vote.  Democrats in the South went to war in defense of slavery (if you think it was “states rights” then it was states rights to have slavery).  Democrats in the South opposed the Civil Rights Bill in 1964.  Republicans in the early 20th century supported big business but were thwarted by one of their own,  Republican President Theodore Roosevelt.   Now Republicans are portrayed as wanting to keep Americans from having health care.  Things certainly change.  But, the legacy of Esther Morris will never change and the role she played in the women’s suffrage movement in the United States.  Click on the image to the right to find out how you can order the book, When Esther Morris Headed West: Women, Wyoming and the Right to Vote.

Wind Chills in the Teens Thursday Afternoon

Weather Bottom Line:  We had some flurry activity overnight. I know because I went outside and looked for our adopted cat, Paint Brush.  He doesn’t seem to care about the weather because he’s always on the prowl for the ladies.  I had the heat too high last night and was hot but it was plenty cold outside.  As it is typical, there was a decoupling of the winds and the temperatures for most of the area was in the low 20’s.  I think the official low was 22 but many places in Southern Indiana were in the teens.  Everyone will just about be in the teens by early Friday morning and then high pressure moves to the east bringing a return flow.  But, remember, the temperatures to the southwest are pretty chilly so we only get to the mid to uppoer 30’s by Friday afternoon.  We move to the lower 40’s on Saturday but clouds will be increasing with the approach of another system coming through the flow from the southwest.  Ahead of the little shortwave, the warm air will not exactly surge, but at least be building ahead so when the precipitation falls on Sunday, it will be rain with highs in the low to mid 40’s.  And, while we stay chilly, we won’t be cold enough for snow through midweek though we could see a chance for rain carrying into Monday.


3 Responses

  1. Makes me proud to be a Wyomingite

  2. You should do some real research, the tea party is based on one very biased account by Herman Nickerson. There are letters by W. Bright, Esther Morris and Robert Morris stating that she was not instrumental in the bills invention, development of inspiration. Oh and the perpetuation of the tea party myth can be largely credited to Grace Hebard, an infamous historian who also falsified information to make it seem as if Sacagawea lived to be over 100. So please do your research before fueling the fire that is the Esther Morris tea party myth.

  3. Typically, I have found that people who get militant in their criticism over something rather obscure tend to be questionable. I bet 90% of the time when someone says to “do your research” and then pontificates with items that have no real attribution. Now, considering this was written 4 years ago, I can’t recall my sources and I certainly never claimed this little blog to be an academic exercise. I have told many school teachers, professors and students that since I have no references, this is not a site to use as a source. Now, having said that, I tried to use links to sites as support. I will not say that you are wrong. But I will say that, if you are correct, then one of the links that I provided is wrong and you would therefore need to write to the state of Wyoming…which provided a statue that is on display in the US Capitol visitor center. The link explains that the statue was donated to honor a “pioneer” in the suffrage movement and specifically mentions the tea party.

    While your condescending tone was not appreciated, your contribution is but I would suggest that it is your United States Capitol and the State of Wyoming with whom you have a real beef. After all, many more people see that statue every day than probably have read this particular post in a year.

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