Man Marries a Cartoon, Groom Tweets From Alter, Physicists Make World’s Smallest Snowman-Are we Doomed?

Guess it was a slow day at the National Physical Laboratory in West London

Science has brought so many advancements to human life.  One would think that today’s researchers are working to solve problems of over-population, hunger, disease and even global warming; and they probably are.  But these physicists found time to create the world’s smallest snowman.  I’m not sure what they were trying to prove, what they were supposed to be doing or if they were just fooling around.  But, I’m sure those who are funding their work might like to know.

True Love Tweeter or Just A Twit

Was that stupid?  I dunno…they were probably working on some other project and the snowman building was showing what they could manipulate on a small scale.  But, I think that the story of the groom tweeting from the alter is pretty far out in left field.  The guy interrupted the minister so that he could take out his phone.  He kept himself out of the early doghouse by handing a second phone to his bride.  But still…tweeting and going on facebook when you are before the eyes of God making your devotional pledge?  How romantic.

SAL9000 Shows Off His Bride


Speaking of romance and technology…this guy in Japan married a computer generated character from a popular video game.  The groom was some guy who calls himself SAL9000 says he fell in love with Nintendo DS “Love Plus” character Nene Anegasaki after he apparently had failed flings with other computer generated characters.  The ceremony was broadcast live over the web.  Darn…I missed it.

Funny Elf

And finally, the kids could have stood to miss this.  Seems a man dressed up as an Elf told Santa that one of his bag of Christmas presents was filled with dynamite.  William C. Caldwell, III is a slight man of just about 5 feet tall and got in line to visit Santa at a shopping mall dressed up as an elf.   The 45-year-old Caldwell had a surprise for Santa, though I’m not sure if he sat on Santa’s lap to whisper it in his ear.  But, when he got to the front of the line, he twice told Santa that he had dynamite in his bag.  Turns out it was a hoax.  Funny guy.  He’s in jail.

Jarbidge Victim Not So Lucky

Jarbidge Victim Not So Lucky

On This Date in History: Jarbidge, Nevada is in the northwest quandrant of Nevada in a pretty out-of-the way place along the Idaho border. It had a population of nearly 1200 in 1911 but mining operations ceased in the area by 1932. The town population has dwindled to around 20. While it has people and the post office is still open 5 days a week, it either is or has a ghost town…not sure if the ghosts are counted among the 20 or not. I”m also not certain if it was supposed to be JarbRidge but someone stole the “r”.

Anyway, on this date in 1916 it was a rather cold and brisk day in Jarbidge, which is not too surprising given its location and its reputation as a town that collects lots of snow. The postmaster grew concerned because the mail stage was 3 hours late. Remember, the automobile had not been around for very long and in difficult terrain, a horse was a much better mode of transportation. So, a search party went out and found the empty stagecoach at 11PM. They also found the driver with a fatal bullet wound. Nearby lay a bloodstained overcoat.

On The Case in 1916?

On The Case in 1916?

Kuhl Got Out of Jail Free

Kuhl Got Out of Jail Free

I’m not sure if the detective on the case was Columbo but they certainly seemed to solve the crime before the closing commercial because authorities went straight to Ben Kuhl who was known thereabouts as a drifter. People in the town knew that Kuhl had been seen in a similar overcoat. In Kuhl’s tent, they found a pistol. Another key piece of evidence was an envelope that was picked up near the coach. The envelope had a bloody palm print. Now, police work was starting to line up with science around that time (Remember Hec Ramsey?) and so they made an impression of Kuhl’s palm print and it was identical to the one found on the envelope. The sherrif also arrested 3 other men known to have run with Kuhl. It’s a long story (here’s a version) but they released one guy and another got off for agreeing to testify against the other two. One of the men was given a life sentence but he only served a little more than 6 years before being paroled. In Kuhl’s case, the jury took but two hours to determine a conviction of murder in the first degree. His sentence was death. He chose a firing squad over a hanging but neither was necessary. After numerous appeals, his sentence was commuted to life. But, he too was paroled, but his trek to freedom took longer as he got out in a little less than 28 years. Ben Kuhl died a year later of tuberculosis.

Ramsey Was CSI before CSI

Ramsey Was CSI before CSI

This marked the first time that a palm print was admitted as evidence in the case. It also marked the last time that a stage coach was ever robbed. The jury bought the latest in technology relating to crime-scene evidence and Kuhl was convicted. But, of the $3000 taken in the robbery, only $182 was recovered. Maybe the ghosts of Jarbidge spent the rest. Or maybe, the guy that they released spent it all. But the man responsible for putting Kuhl behind bars in the first place was also the man who set him free. See, the prosecutor at Kuhl’s trial was a man named Ted Carville….the very same Governor Carville who paroled Kuhl on April 16, 1943.

On a side note, in the trial of the man who only served 6 years, Carville asked the press not to report the trial, in fear that it would taint the jury in Kuhl’s trial. The press obliged. Think that would happen today? Do you think that two men who were convicted of being an accesory to murder would get paroled 6 years and 28 years later?

Weather Bottom Line:  Forecast remains on track….while GFS is backing off midweek snow stuff…others still insist on it.  The key factor will be whether or not the low tracks to our west or to the east.  Have to wait and see.  A few folks might see 40 on Saturday.  Sunday everyone gets to the low 40’s.  Plenty of sunshine each day.   Monday’s system could bring some insignificant snow but really nothing too exciting.  We’ll look at it closer through the weekend.  Main point is that its not warming up any time soon…probably below seasonal average 49 for at least the next week.


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