NASA Data Contradicting Global Warming Assumptions Released in Cone of Silence

Carbon Cycle

Global Warming Update: With the chaos created by the “climategate” scandal involving hackers releasing controversial emails obtained from supposed communiques between scientists who have been pushing the anthropogenic global warming position, it’s possible that the media missed this little item. The idea has been that the massive increase in carbon dioxide over the decades has over taxed the earth’s natural ability of absorption. NASA released news that evidence shows that the balance between airborne and absorbed carbon dioxide has not changed since 1850 in spite of an increase of 1750% of carbon dioxide emissions. Most of the global warming support data has been based on the assumption that the earth is not able to absorb the extra emissions. Dr. Norman Wagner was one of my meteorology professors and he always said that a problem that modern forecasters have is that they spend all their time looking at the computer and never look out the window to see what’s really going on. Climatologists might have done well to have a class with Dr. Wagner. This should cause everyone to go back to the drawing board. But, instead, this bit of news looks like it was released in the cone of silence.

Is The Lady A Spy?

Is The Lady A Spy?

Apparently, Yes!

Apparently, Yes!

On This Date In History:

The British could have used Control’s Cone of Silence. By this time in 1777, General William Howe had his army occupying Philadelphia. When his headquarters proved too small, he commandeered an upstairs room across the street at the Darragh home. The story is that Mrs. Lydia Darragh, a nurse and mother, would eavesdrop on the conversations and sew her notes into her coat lining. She would then pass the notes on the colonials. On December 2,  1777 she found out that Howe was planning an attack on General Washington’s army nearby. She sewed the message into the lining and went through British lines saying she was getting flour. She passed on the information to Lt. Col. Thomas Craig who forwarded the information to General Washington. When the Redcoats marched toward Washington’s position, they were surprised to find the Continental Army facing them down. A three day event of skirmishes made Howe return to Philadelphia to think up another plan….presumably from a new headquarters.


Was Joe Right?

On this date in 1954, Senator “tailgunner Joe” Joe McCarthy was condemned for his snooting about for communists in the government. An ironic twist to the story not typically told; many historians now suggest that there were in fact a number of communist influences in the government. Maybe if McCarthy used honey to attract flies instead of…well….you get the point.

Good Bye Chicago?

Good Bye Chicago?

On this date in 1942, Enrique Fermi produced the first nuclear fission chain reaction in Chicago. The place? Under the grandstands of the University of Chicago football stadium. Fermi’s work led directly to the development of the atomic bomb and later nuclear power. Thing is, Fermi wasn’t exactly certain that the reaction could be controlled and many physicists were concerned such an attempt would result in an uncontrolled reaction which would mean an explosion….as in an atomic explosion. I don’t think that the Bears were playing for that day or they may have had two potential disasters in one stadium.

Wed Eve...Low Pressure will exit before the cold air comes into place

Weather Bottom Line:  Well, the big threat of snow is here.  Even the Weather Channel took it out of their forecast.  My position remains the same.  If it snows it won’t be much and it won’t matter because the ground will be too cold.  The NAM has zero in the way of snow but has a saturated layer from about 900 mb to 975 mb but the temperatures in the lower 25 mb remain above freezing.  Also, after Thur 10 am, that saturated layer begins to disappear.  Now, the GFS has a little different solution in that it has that saturated layer but it has light rain falling almost throughout the overnight and into the morning and through Thursday.  Then, by Thursday evening, it turns over to snow and takes the surface temperature down close to freezing.  It would put out less than a half inch of snow.  That is the only supporting data for snow…and Thursday night seems a bit late. I don’t buy it,  but there it is.  Basically, the moisture leaves before the cold air at all levels gets here.  About that time, I’ll be the emcee at Light Up Jeffersonville so I can give a pinpoint observation. I think we stay too warm and its no big deal.  We still don’t warm up for Friday or Saturday with highs in the upper 30’s and low 40’s.  Don’t look for any major warm ups after that any time soon.

6 Responses

  1. Where do you get your stuff, Mr. Symon??? Truly amazing! I think it’s a sad commentary on the sorry state of the mainstream media that none of the majors had anything about this NASA carbon dioxide levels or about the snookered e-mails from the climatologists. Both of these things really cut the legs out from under the anthropological global warming.

    These guys were exchanging recipes on how to cook the climatological books to keep the funding coming. No global warming, no money! It’s as simple as that.

    It’s funny how the “villians” of the past like Senator McCarthy and President Nixon actually did a lot of things right. Except for that spying thingy (not a good idea!) Nixon was actually a pretty good President, in my view.

    Oh, well. Working on putting an extra room in the basement so I’m short on time. I’ll keep checking though, buddy, good Lord willing.

  2. Thanks to you, sherlock, we may be getting some traction. My little post has made it onto some other sites and the comments there indicate that no one knows about this. Hmmmm…too busy covering Tiger Woods’ girlfriends, I guess.

  3. Hey, it’s a rare day when I know something that you don’t know, Mr. Symon. I’m glad the word is getting out. The stuff that passes for news these days is laughable, to say the least. It’s scary how many folks there are out there who still rely on the major networks as their only source of information. It’s sad especially when the internet makes it SO easy to get a huge amount of information with very little effort. There’s a whole lot more going on in this world other than Mr. Woods and his growing list of paramours!

  4. This is real news that never seems to see the light of day in the lamestream media outlets. This is over one month since its release by NASA, and it’s like a secret to the warming consensus crowd, because it just doesn’t fit the agenda. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. So that’s how it works. A Senior Reasearch Fellow at Bristol University publishes his findings as a Press Release on the University’s News page, which in turn gets regurgitated by a member of NASA’s Earth Observatory which is supposed to “share with the public the images, stories, and discoveries about climate and the environment that emerge from NASA research, including its satellite missions, in-the-field research, and climate models,” not some other non-NASA affilliated source, and then that sourced information is said to be “Released by NASA”.

    Ironic how the comments from those who applaud the re-publication of this information seem to suggest support for its source. You guys might be surprised to discover that the guy who wrote the Release (not from NASA) lists this as his Stated Interests:

    “My main areas of research are the global carbon cycle and the terrestrial biosphere, and how both interact and react to human activities. Human activities may alter them directly, by emitting CO2 from fossil fuel burning or deforestation or other forms of land-use change, or indirectly through man-made climate change. I am interested in understanding the causes of the current imbalances in the global carbon cycle, in forecasting its possible future, and in engaging in measures to mitigate climate change and the adverse effects of deforestation. As QUEST Deputy Leader, I am responsible for further development of CCDAS and have initiated a demonstrator study of sustainable forest management for climate protection. ”

    So, if you’re happy to hear that he’s the author, then I’m happy you are backing him up.

  6. You are absolutely correct in the error. It was sloppy of me to title it as I had when the story clearly states the source of the research and it was not NASA. However, your comment illustrates the real problem here, in my view, which is that people are looking for winners and losers. Research should be about finding facts and allowing the facts to lead where they may. This report was a conclusion that seems to have not fit the hypothesis. Fine, that means back to the drawing board and more research to determine a conclusion. I don’t advocate backing up anyone except for those who do not look for “consensus” as that is something that is found in politics. Nor do I support those who try to make facts fit their worldview. It’s about truth, not winning and losing…at least it used to be in science, until the politicians and UN got involved.

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