Russian Sees US “disintegration” in 2010; Norwegian Sees US collapse in 2020; American Sees Mary Todd as misunderstood


Russian Professor Says This is Our Fate

At the end of last year, the Wall Street Journal reported the assessment of Igor Panarin who said that US would “disintegrate” by June or July of 2010.   He said that a collapse of economy and of morals would result in a Civil War that would end with the United States being broken into the Republic of Texas, The Californian Republic, the Central North American Republic, Atlantic America and Russia would lay claim to Alaska while Hawaii would hook up with either China or Japan.   The journal describes Mr. Panarin as a “Russian Academic” and later points out that he is a former member of the KGB.  It seems that another professor  has come up with a similar prediction in a new book called, The Fall of the US Empire-and Then What?  Johan Galtung explains his new rationale in and interview with Russia Today.  He thinks that the fall began with the Korean War and claims that he had successfully predicted previous events, such as the fall of the Soviet Union.   But, Professor Galtung, the Norwegian sociologist and a principal founder of the discipline of Peace and conflict studies, offers hope.  He says what the US can do to avoid his gloomy forecast and its not another stimulus package, but instead a mixed bag of geopolitical action.  Keep in mind the book was published by Transcend Peace University Press and it provides the prolog to Galtung’s book.  I wonder if he would have had any marital advice to give Abraham Lincoln because…

Mary Todd-19th Century Hottie?
On This Date In History: On this date in 1842,  Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd. She was considered quite a catch in her day. I don’t think they had a “catch and release” program back then.


Mary Todd at age 28...catch of the day?

She actually is a rather interesting figure and there have been several biographies about her and numerous…hundreds…..written about Lincoln which delve into their relationship, how it affected his presidency. Its probably a good idea to read several to get some sort of perspective because each author will come at it from different perspectives and sometimes with a preconceived agenda or notion of what they want to say.   Jean Baker has one of the more recent biographies of Mary Todd and it paints a very sympathetic portrait by often using late 20th century sensibilities and transporting them back to the 19th century.  In my view, that is a flaw because you really can’t take modern psychology and modern ideals of society and try to use them to create a portrait of a person from the past.  I believe its like comparing apples to oranges and is often a problem when trying to draw conclusions.  One must understand the thinking and customs of the day when examining the events and people of the past.  If you look closely, you find that Professor Baker received funding from the Elizabeth Connolly Todd Foundation. Like I said, biographers look at subjects from different perspectives and different photos…the one adorning the Baker portrait of Todd is not the same presented above.

Denied Wife Her Glory On this date in 1965, speedster Craig Breedlove’s wife, Lee Ann, tried to steal his thunder when she became the first woman to drive more than 300 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats. I’m not sure if Craig got mad, but he certainly made sure he shared the spotlight. Just few hours later, Craig Breedlove got in his car and shattered his land speed record by reaching over 555 mph in his Spirit of America jet powered car. I don’t have a photo of Lee Ann.

Friday Morning Temps (NWS LMK)

Weather Bottom Line:  Lee Ann Breedlove might have been hot and someone in the mid 19th century might have thought that Mary Todd was hot, but our weather will remain on the cool side.  Thursday morning found some lows below freezing in the extreme southern and eastern parts of the viewing area and Friday morning, there may be more wide spread instances of the mercury tickling the freezing mark.  The National Weather Service in Louisville under the steadfast guidance of John Gordon provided their notion of area temperatures overnight in map form above.  What’s gonna happen is that the big fat area of high pressure that is over us now will move to the east and we will get a nice return flow.  That means are temperatures will be on the rise to the point that Saturday afternoon we will see mid to upper 60’s and Sunday afternoon maybe even some low 70’s.  A front moves through here on Monday bringing some rain and an end to the mild conditions.  That same front may also dictate what happens with Tropical Storm Ida, if it has not been broken up by its current trek over Central America.

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