Drunk Forklift Driver Video, Naked Voters and Black Bart


Where YOUR Forklift Driver?

This has been shown before, but the video of the drunk forklift driver in Russia is worth another look.  The guy is working in a vodka warehouse.  So, when he backs into the shelves in the warehouse that subsequently fall over and then causes the shelving on the other side of the aisle to collapse, the guy is literally buried in not just random stuff, but boxes full of bottles of vodka and cognac.  Since he was all liquored up like an NFL kicker, he didn’t feel a thing.  And you don’t have to feel bad chuckling…the guy was not hurt seriously.  The owners of the booze were hurt…to the tune of about $150,000.

On This Date in History:

Paper Got it Wrong

Paper Got it Wrong

On this date in 1964, residents of Washington DC got the right to vote in a presidential

 Harry Delighted

Harry Delighted

election. See, the election of the president is really done by the electors of each state and the District of Columbia is not a state so residents could not Constitutionally vote for president. The passage of the 23rd Amendment in 1961 gave DC residents the vote and they exercised it for the first time in 1964, much to the delight of President Johnson who received their three electors. Also, on this date in 1948, the Chicago Tribune famously proclaimed the demise of President Harry Truman. You can read about how they came to make their infamous goof right here.

These are but a couple of the notations of history regarding presidential polling….and last year presented a new one. It seems that there is a nudist colony in Florida. Well, its a “clothing optional” community. And they have had the inconvenience of having to go to a nearby neighborhood to vote. I suspect that the neighbors wouldn’t take too kindly to naked folks running around their streets looking for a place to put their votes, so the nudists have to put on those menacing garments. But, they didn’t want to do that…they wanted their own polling place so they can vote naked! Here’s was the story of Voting in the Buff!

On This Date in Criminal History: Do you remember the movie A Christmas Story in which Ralphie wants a BB gun and has visions of shooting Black Bart? It leads one to believe that Bart was some desperado. Well, in the 1870’s there was a dime novel that was loosely based on a true story. The writer called his main character Bartholomew Graham who took the name of “Black Bart” because he wore black close, had black long curly hair and a dense black beard. In real life, there was a man named Charles Bowles was born in England in 1829 and immigrated to New York in the United States a few years later with his family.

Dapper Black Bart

Dapper Black Bart

As a young man, he changed his name to Boles and in 1849, he and his cousin went to California to seek their fortune in gold. They failed and a few years later, came back. Charley Boles tried again with his cousin and his brother. Not only did they fail again, but the brother and cousin both died from an illness. Charley eventually returned and got married. After spending time in the Union Army and serving with distinction, Charley again went out west, this time to Montana where he set up a mining site that depended on water. Some men from Wells Fargo offered to buy his claim and he refused. The men reacted by cutting off his water and Charley had to abandon his mine but said in a letter to his wife,”I am going to take steps.” No one knew what he meant. The last letter his wife received from him was in 1871.

On July 23, 1878 a Wells Fargo stagecoach was robbed of $400. It wasn’t the first time that a stagecoach from Wells Fargo had been robbed. It is believed that the culprit first began robbing stagecoaches in 1875 because, each time, a poem that intimated the perpetrator was going to strike again. It was signed “Black Bart”. Bart robbed Wells Fargo stage coaches numerous times throughout the late 1870’s and early 1880’s. He wore a flour sack on his head and never fired a shot, though on a few occasions, shots were fired at him. There was never any mayhem or extreme violence. On This Date in 1883, Bart made a mistake when he left behind a handkerchief as he made his escape following what would be his last stagecoach robbery. The Pinkerton detectives were able to track the hanky from a laundry mark to an elderly man in San Francisco named Charles Bolton. Bolton admitted that he indeed was Black Bart, but he disputed his reputation as being an outlaw by telling the Pinkertons. “I am a gentleman.” It was also learned that Bolton was really Charles Boles, who years before vowed to “take steps” against the company who forced him to abandon his mining claim. His wife, who had thought he was long since dead, found out that Boles was alive when she learned of his arrest. But, I guess his absence must have been the show stopper because Boles went to prison for a short time and spent the rest of his days quietly in Nevada.


Wednesday Morning (LMK NWS)

Weather Bottom Line:  We have a couple of fronts moving quickly across the country.   One came through on Tuesday (notice the wind on Monday night?) and so look for temperatures on Wednesday morning in the low to mid 30’s.  The depth of the chill overnight will be determined by how many clouds move in toward daybreak ahead of the next front that comes through late Wednesday.  I don’t think that there is enough moisture to produce much in the way of rain and its not cold enough for flurries.  So, the clouds in the middle of the week is really the only difference in days as we see highs in the 50’s and lows in the 30’s until we get to the weekend.  High pressure moves off to the east with the backside flow helping to elevate the temperatures for the weekend.  Weekend looks good.


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