Dumb Tales of Pot Smokers and Bungee Jumpers


cheech_chongWe have all become somewhat accustomed to going through security metal detectors or submitting items to go through an x-ray machine at airports and many public buildings.  Typically, before you walk through the metal detector, you are asked to empty your pockets into a  tray or bowl that is then put through an x-ray machine.  Well, this guy in Abilene, Texas went to the Taylor County Courthouse to visit a friend who had been arrested.  Before going through the metal detector, he emptied his pockets.  Shortly thereafter, he was put in jail.  You see…the man put a bag of marijuana into the bowl and handed it over to the sheriff’s deputies.   Lesson here is that, if you are a dope smoker, make sure to empty your pockets before you go visit the courthouse.

Pretty Scene and Pretty Nuts

Pretty Scene and Pretty Nuts

On This Date in History:  Bungee jumping has become rather popular.  You even see set ups at county and state fairs. Some people have gotten rather daring.  This video of guy who grabbed a bunged cord with his hands, lept several hundred feet and let go just as his feet hit the ground is a good example of how people try to enhance the experience.   It can be dangerous and hoaxers have taken advantage of this fact.   This Spike TV phoney video shows a bungee jumper getting his head bitten off by a crocodile.  However, there have been a number of harrowing true experiences, like this video from Thailand of a man who lept 165 feet only to have the bungee cord break.   None of this should be a surprise because we have a lesson from the past.

The Great Peters Really Did Lose His Mind and his Head

The Great Peters Really Did Lose His Mind and his Head

Aloys Peters used to do a performance in the circus in which he dove from a platform 75 feet high with a noose around his neck.  Like the guy who let go of the bungee cord at just the right moment, Peters would grab the rope seconds before it tightened.  His powerful arms and the ropes elasticity would absorb the shock.  He did the act for about 12 years, but that was it.  He was forced into permanent retirement.  On this date in 1943, The Great Peters lept from his 75 foot perch at the Fireman’s Wild West Rodeo and Thrill Circus in St. Louis.  Peters made some sort of mistake because before he could grasph the rope, it tightened violently and his neck snapped before 5600 spectators.  His wife Catherine had not missed a show during their 3 years of marriage but opted out of this performance as she rested due to her pregnancy.  Lesson here?  Keep your  feet on the ground.

NAM Rainfall through Friday 8AM

NAM Rainfall through Friday 8AM

Weather Bottom Line:  Weather story remains the same.  There is a little bit of a dispute between computer  models as the NAM wants to bring us a little more than 1.75 inches of rain starting on Thursday night and carrying through Saturday morning with over 1.5 inches falling by midday Friday.  The GFS advertises less than an inch of rain through Saturday morning with the bulk of that Thursday night and early Friday morning.  So, if we say 1-2 inches of rain from say, midnight Thursday to noon on Saturday we will be in the ballpark.  Most of the weekend will be dry but cooler with highs in the 50’s.  First part of next week looks lovely with highs in the low to mid 60’s.


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  1. No, thanks! I don’t need to experience being near death to feel alive. Actually, I had a pretty close one a few months back but it wasn’t because I purposely put myself in harms way. It didn’t make me feel more alive but it certainly made me very thankful to be alive.

  2. Snow White and I are certainly glad that you are still with us!

  3. Thanks, guys.

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