Could You Stand Life Without High School Football? Some Districts Eliminate Sports

What if Your Nice High School Was Empty This Friday Night?

What if Your Nice High School Was Empty This Friday Night?

Some People Have Lives That Revolve Around High School Football

Some People Have Lives That Revolve Around High School Football

We are in the midst of football season and in many parts of the country, high school football is the big social event every Friday night.   A movie was made concerning the rabid fans in West Texas called Friday Night Lights.  But, what if the lights were turned off? School districts around the nation are facing a budget crunch.   I’ve often wondered if some of the universities main priority was  to educate students or entertain the alumni as I see new sporting facilities go up on a given campus and no construction of anything related to academics, which is what a university was supposed to be alla bout.   I often ponder that question about high schools and their priorities.  In some districts, test scores continue to drop but the sports facilities are top shelf.  Well, some districts have had to face a decision and at least one cut bait.  The South-Western City School Board (Ohio) voted to eliminate all high school sports after voters did not pass an operating levy.  So, now the stadiums are silent and the kids are left to do their homework, not hit the practice fields.  The measure has failed 3 times but its coming up for a fourth vote on November 3.  Some fear that “the community is going to die” without high school sports.  Can that be real?  Its not just this Ohio community.  Other’s have had to face similar decisions and in the Seattle area, they tackled the problem by charging students who wish to play high school sports a participation fee of $275 per sport.  How does this sit with you?  Are high school sports so important that taxes should be raised?   Are you willing to pay more in taxes exclusively so kids can participate or is it okay to just charge the kids who do want to play?   Would no high school football on Friday night kill your community?

Boys at the SPC aren't too enthused about severe chances Friday

Boys at the SPC aren't too enthused about severe chances Friday

Weather Bottom Line:  As expected, we had some rain early Tuesday with a warm front and then another round in the evening with a cold front and that leaves us with a nice fall day on Wednesday.  The rest of the forecast is on track as well.  We start to get a rapid return flow on Thursday as the front that just cames through starts coming back from the southwest as a warm front.  That is in advance of a strong cold front.  So, look for high clouds to be on the increase probably by midday.   Thursday should be dry but rain chances start to increase on Thursday evening.  There will be waves of energy running along the frontal boundary as it kinda gets bogged down in our area so some decent rain is possible on Friday.  As the cold front pushes through, there may be enough instability to create some strong thunderstorms but I would think that with all of the clouds in the area, we may not really be unstable enough for all that…it will depend on timing of the waves and the slope of the cold front to create enough lift.  We’ll look at it closer tomorrow.  But, the bottom line here is significant rain is probable on Friday and behind the front, we may not see 60 until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  Don’t be surprised to see some frost in northern areas and temperatures in the 30’s Sunday and Monday morning.


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