Women Get Railroaded with the Stroke of a Pen wielded by Men

Women's Railroad Career Came to a Crashing Halt

Women's Railroad Career Came to a Crashing Halt

On This Date in History:  When President Woodrow Wilson decided it was time that America get involved in the Great War, the military draft was brought back.  Millions of men either volunteered or were drafted into the ranks, leaving a gap in many civilian services.  In the early 20th Century, women who did work were usually employed as school teachers or seamstresses and perhaps in textile sweat shops.  Men made up the vast majority of the labor force.  So, that meant that public services such as mass transit were in jeopardy when all the men ran off to fight the Hun.  In 1917, the New York and Queens Railroad began hiring women to run its trolley.  By 1918, twenty-five “conductorettes” could be found on the lines in Queens.  A newspaper said that the ladies were doing such a splendid job that a few had been appointed as inspectors.  The railroad was so happy with their work that it supplied them with $17 winter overcoats and doubled their pay to $25 a week.  They then made a commitment to keep them on the payroll after the war was over.  Management said, “The women conductors have come to stay  on our lines just as long as they want to continue in their present jobs.  We now have about 50 and are taking more on as fast as they apply for positions.”  It’s good to get promises in writing. 

Al Smith Helped the Ladies by Firing Them

Al Smith Helped the Ladies by Firing Them

In May 1919, New York Governor Al Smith decided to be Mr. Helper and perhaps he was in cahoots with railroad management who wanted to back out of their commitment but needed some cover.  So Big Al signed a bill to “better the conditions of women.”  It was the kind of help the ladies could have done without.  The bill mandated that women could only work 54 hours a week.  Men of course, were able to work longer hours.  So, on this date in 1919, management of the New York and Queens Railroad prepared the pink slips for all of their female employees who were to work their last day on September 20, 1919.  But, they did get to keep the overcoats.

Sunday 8 AM

Sunday 8 AM

Weather Bottom Line:  Just a little bit of a wrinkle in the forecast.  We still have the low ejecting from the Southwest coming our way increasing rain chances on Saturday night and especially on Sunday.  But, I had mentioned that next week there were indications of a big cool down.  The consensus on all of the models is that the big trof that  looked to come around here will be in the plains.  There will be a big fat low that will get stuck and just spin around.  The end result will be a constant inflow of moisture our way.  For that reason, we will probably be held in the 70’s next week, maybe even low 70’s but it will be due to rain and clouds much of the week.   I think maybe a 40-60 percent chance of rain for just about all of the first 4 days of the week can be expected.  The actual cool air will be to our west.


2 Responses

  1. So, the big cool-down fizzled out. Oh, well. A sign of things to come? We’ll see.

    Great posts the last few days, by the way. Sparks were really flying over posting the accusers names. It ought to be all one way or the other as far as I’m concerned. Don’t post the names of the accused or the accuser until after the trial is over. If you’re going to name names before the accused have their day in court then post the names on both sides. Pretty cut and dry to me!

  2. It didn’t really fizzle, the long wave pattern is just going to be adjusted a bit to the west so the trof is to our west instead of over us. The post got put up on a website that has a host of blogs or news items posted by people. This one, like most of the others, are frequented by younger people who lean quite a bit to the left. The comments were sometimes crude but almost unanimously that the woman should be identified, though I think her name has been released, and now I am told that the girl won’t be prosecuted because the DA says its obvious that she has problems. So do most people who commit crimes.

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