Republican & Democratic Parties Abolished By Emperor of US

$10 Currency Note Featuring Emperor Norton I

$10 Currency Note Featuring Emperor Norton I

On This Date In History:The Democratic and Republican parties in the United States were abolished on this date in 1869 ” because of party strife now existing within our realm.”  One could probably make such a declaration today and perhaps you may think it’s a good idea.  However, at the time in 1869, the argument surrounded Reconstruction.

Joshua Norton was a commodities trader in San Francisco in the mid 19th Century. He apparently lost his memory when his attempt to corner the rice market blew up in is face and he lost everything. On Sept. 17, 1859  he decreed himself Emperor Norton I of the United States and Protector of Mexico. After news hit the papers, San Franciscans took a liking to his royal highness and a special chair was set aside for him at the state legislature. He ate for free at fine restaurants across the city.

The Emperor Liked his Bicycle

The Emperor Liked his Bicycle

 When a man tried to have him committed, a judge dismissed the action citing Norton as “just about the best going in the king line.” On January 21, 1867 a police officer played the role of the little boy who said the emperor had no clothes.  He arrested the emperor on the grounds that he was running him in for involuntary treatment of a mental disorder.  But, unlike the fairy tale, the cop was over ruled by his superior.  After a major backlash from citizens of the city, Police Chief Patrick Crowley had his majesty released.  He apoligized to his Royal Highness and from that point forth, police officers saluted whenever they passed Norton I.

Somewhere in San Francisco, a monument in his honor was erected following his death in 1880.  Which of our 44 presidents do you think would be most likely to want to declare himself emperor?  Would you like to see the Democrat and Republican parties abolished?  Maybe old Norton I was on to something?

Weather Bottom Line:  The front will sag far enough South to keep any substantial rain chances out through the end of the week.  Temps will be in the upper 80’s. The tropics are becoming more active.  Still think that Tropical Depression 2 will become Tropical Storm Ana but I have a suspicion that it will eventually rotate into the Central Atlantic, but its a long way out so a lot can happen.  Hostile upper level winds have decreased a bit so there are 3 other disturbances out there,though nothing is immiment at this time.


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  1. I’d be willing to give him a try. It would be difficult for him to do much worse than what’s going on now!

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