Drive through crime: Even by the Cops! Serial Killers are Sometimes Women


I’m not sure if it’s because of the economy and people’s nerves are rattled or perhaps its simply due to the age of the internet,  But, it would seem on the surface that more and more people are calling 911 when the get upset over the service they get at a fast food joint. We explored the instance of a woman who called 911  for not getting her shrimp on her rice.   

We’ve seen the case of the missing Orange Juice at McDonalds.  The Oregon man said that the clerk not including his box of OJ  with order was somehow fringing on his right to free speech. 

Gimme My Big Mac!

Gimme My Big Mac!

Snopes presents the situation in which a California woman called the cops over her cheeseburger.  However, in this case, the dispatcher decided not to send an officer and told the lady to take her grievance up with management.

How about this Jacksonville Florida man who called the cops, not once but twice. He must really want fast service.   He called 911 to complain that the sauce was left off his subway sandwich.  Then he called a second time to complain that the cops didn’t get there fast enough.  Well, the cops provided some pretty quick service when they arrived.  The caller was taken directly to jail.

 But what happens when the angry patrons at a fast food establishment are the cops!  That’s what happened in Aurora, CO when these two cops pulled a gun at McDonald’s because their food service was slow.  The clerks say the police car pulled up to the window and when they didn’t get their food fast enough, the driver flashed his badge, pulled his gun and then drove off without paying.

On This Date in History: Doesn’t it seem like there is so much bad news these days? And not just bad news but weird, scary stuff that makes one wonder if the world has just gone haywire. Jeffery Dahmer and cannibalism? What about Andrea Yates and killing her children in her Houston home bathtub a few years ago? Well, hold on just a second. Dahmer was not the first person in America to do the things he did, though he did do more of it. And Yates was not the first woman to go and kill her kids.

For instance, on this date in 1918 in Nebraska, Della Sorenson killed the first of seven people. She poisoned her sister-in-law’s infant daughter. Two years later, she knocked off her mother-in-law. Then she killed her own daughter and her husband. Four months after her husband’s death, she marries again and her former sister-in-law shows up with her new son. She poisoned him too. The sister-in-law had to have problems of her own because she showed up a few months later with another baby but this one lucked out because the poison didn’t work. After her poison tote board reached 7, Della was finally caught in 1925 when her plot to poison two neighborhood kids with cookies was foiled. She confessed to it all saying, “I like to go to funerals.”

Bush had support from other worlds

Bush had support from other worlds

Now that ranks up there with the kid who several years ago shot a bunch of people on a Monday because he didn’t like Mondays. But with modern, instant electronic news these days, stories of all kinds get flashed around the world. TV has lots of newstime to fill, talk radio has to fill its time to talk about something, there’s all sorts of space on the Internet to fill and newspapers and magazines have to come up with something to get your attention from all the other medium available.   That may explain all of the 911 call stories from fast food joints.  The sensational has worked on me as I have bought newspapers in the grocery store so I could read about the space aliens meeting with President Clinton and Rush Limbaugh!

They Say Liz Bathed in her Victims' Blood

They Say Liz Bathed in her Victims' Blood

Anyway, the result is we hear of every little tid bit of any topic that might catch our attention. I found a webpage with an index of serial killers with a list of guilty women with but a few of the gruesome, gory and idiotic heinous crimes over the centuries. There’s even one from the early 17th century in Hungary where Elizabeth Bathory was found to have killed hundreds of young girls simply for the sadistic pleasure of torture. The servants who helped her were tried and executed immediately but because she was royalty (a Countess) she was merely incarcerated. From 1660 to 1678, Catherine DeShayes (La Voisin) of Paris admitted to tossing over 2500 infants to their fiery deaths in a witchcraft ritual. She didn’t have a royal title so she was burned at the stake, and its probably good for the people of the world back then they did not have cable TV because they would probably think that their world was going crazy, just like many do today. Truth is, mankind has always had awful messed up things happen because of the awful, messed up things some people do….it’s just no one knew about and there was no one around to talk about it every second of every day. If Anna Nicole had died in 1636, would anyone know?

Weather Bottom Line:  The expected rainy day came about. I  don’t think that we had a record cool day because the official high was 79 at just after midnight.  But, for most of the day, we were in the upper 60’s.  The system is lifting out and we should be dry but still cooler than average for the rest of the work week.  Next front is on the weekend.  If we do not reach 90 degrees in the next 8 days, it will be the first time ever that Louisville did not reach 90 degrees in July. 

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