Aussie Psychiatrists Detect 1st Case of “Climate Change Delusion”; How did Zach Die?

Global Warming delusional?

Global Warming delusional?

There are those who claim that proponents of anthropogenic global warming are lunatics. The word lunatic has actually become a catch all phrase for anything from people with wild ideas, to those who disagree with us to those who are actually mentally ill. It actually arises from early times when it was thought that mental illness had something to do with the phases of the moon, thus the latin root usage of luna.

Call Bob Hartley!

Call Bob Hartley!

It would seem now that researchers have in fact found a psychiatric condition related to global warming though it is not for the proponents but instead for some who may have developed a deep seeded fear of the phenomenon that is so widely talked about in the press and other media. Here is a story about it from the Melbourne HeraldSun, the actual article and a commentary. You can make of it what you will.

However, I will say that if this condition is true for this young man, then it would be evidence that perhaps there needs to be more responsible reporting and discussion on the topic and stop the hyped up stories and just give the facts without scaring people literally out of their minds.

Melbourne Herald Sun-Doomed to a Fatal Delusion over Climate Change

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry report cited by HeraldSun

Commentary From related science blog Regarding Report

deniersNow, before someone starts labeling me a “global warming denier”, let me assure you that I am not.  In my view, there are many questions to be answered as I believe from my experience in science that man sometimes tends to lose all humility and think he has all of the answers when in fact, he has just scratched the surface in many areas of science, not just atmospheric and climate research.  Scientific “fact” is often replaced by new “facts” that seem to render the old “facts” obsolete.  In this case,  a quick search did not find any other credible sources beyond a couple of doctors from the Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital that wrote in  the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry that refer to global warming delusions, but did find this somewhat less than credible source.    So, while the newspaper sources made the reports, one must remember that just because it’s on tv or in the paper and certainly on the internet, that it is true.  However, there is at least one fairly credible source and it should not be thrown out just because it doesn’t fit your world view, just as it’s true that any data that comes out regarding global warming, one way or another, should not be dismissed out of hand.  It should be scrutinized and put through the peer review process, which at least one Physics organization and  many other have suggested that parts of the IPCC report did not go through

Sell Me San Francisco or Else!

On This Date In History: Explorers wandered up and down the Pacific Coast for years before someone decided to snoop about an inlet in what is northern California. In 1769, the Spanish found it and saw it as a strategic asset. In 1776, while the colonists on the other side of the continent were in rebellion, the Spanish founded San Francisco de Asis, which means St. Francis of Assisi. The outpost was the northern most in the Spanish empire and later was the same with Mexico. In 1835, US government made the Mexicans an offer that they should not have refused. Uncle Sam offered to buy the settlement and the Mexicans refused. I believe it was Santa Anna who turned down the Americans generous offer. I guess he was too busy putting down a rebellion in Tejas to consider such real estate deals. By 1846, the Mexicans found themselves in a war with the United States over the southern border of what by that time was the state of Texas.

San Francisco March 1847

San Francisco March 1847

Not long after hostilities commenced on this date in 1846, Captain John Montgomery sailed his US warship into San Francisco bay, dispatched a group of marines and promptly took San Francisco de Asis without firing a shot. The Americans must have thought the name was too long and shortened it to simply San Francisco. In 1848, the Americans dictated terms of the end of the war with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that not only forced Santa Anna to turn over San Francisco, but also about 55% of his territory which included all of California, Nevada and Utah, most of Arizona and parts of Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. Santa Anna did get $15 million for his trouble. But Santa Anna just had bad luck. Not long after he made the deal, gold was found in California which yielded many many more millions than he got. Gold, silver and other precious metals and natural resources were later found in the entire region. He should have taken the San Francisco deal to begin with.

It just so happens that a big shot general in the Mexican War was Zachary Taylor who used his battlefield prowess to propel him to the Presidency. He was elected a few months after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in November 1848. On July 4, 1850 President Taylor attended Independence Day festivities on a hot day in Washington DC and for some reason ate a bunch of cherries and washed them down with milk. He returned to the White House and drank a bunch of water. On This Date In History President Taylor promptly died. The cartoon at left suggests it was from lemonade which I cannot find suggested anywhere else. I had read that he died from eating too many sweet potatoes but that story seems to have gone by the wayside. There was talk in modern times, though surprisingly not in his day, that he was poisoned because he was a staunch unionist and threatened to personally lead a military attack against any state that tried to secede. In 1991, some of these conspiracy theorists convinced the Taylor family that they needed to dig up the former President from his resting place in Louisville to solve a crime. The DNA results were negative. Imagine that.

So, they were back to the original cause of death, which was described as gastroenteritis. Now, many say that Taylor succumbed to Cholera, probably ingested through the milk or water. Regardless, he died on this date in 1850 and you can visit him in Louisville. Snow White and I have done so a few times. If he had not passed away as President, we may never have heard of his successor, Millard Fillmore. Well…maybe it made no difference because not too many people have heard of Millard Fillmore.


Weather Bottom Line:  Boring weather.  Upper 80’s today.  Maybe an isolated t’shower.  Friday and Saturday, low 90’s and much more humid.  Again, isolated t’storm…probably better chance on Saturday.  A front sneaks down Saturday night or Sunday which will raise the prospects of more numerous storms.


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  1. I think that Zachary Taylor was exhumed to check for arsenic poisoning, Mr. Symon, not for DNA testing. I did a quick Google search and found this link:

    I remembered it being that way, also. It was in 1991 and the C-J covered it extensively being as he is buried here, as you know. The conclusion was that he was NOT poisoned by arsenic, by the way.

  2. You sir, are correct. I remember that too…too bad I wasn’t paying attention while I was typing. Such a foolish lad, I am. Perhaps I’m suffering from climate change delusions.

  3. Hey Bob, Wave 3 says they are making a big announcement tomorrow on wave 3 listens live. Give me some good news by telling me you are gonna be the new met after Tom retires.

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