1st Bikini was HOT by today’s standards; A Presidential Cover-Up; Winter-Like Weather Pattern

1st Bikini Would Turn Heads Even Today

1st Bikini Would Turn Heads Even Today

Bikini Blast July 1, 1946

Bikini Blast July 1, 1946

On this date in history: The US completed its first atomic blast on the Bikini Atoll islands in the Pacific on this date in 1946.   There were doomsday predictions concerning what to that time was one of the largest nuclear devices ever exploded.  The fear was that the atmosphere might catch on fire and the earth would be incinerated.  That one seemed to have been disproved at Hiroshima.  So, other fears arose that since it was being tested in the ocean that it would blow a hole in the bottom and drain the ocean or it would empty the sea by turning all of the water to vapor.   Around that time, French couturier Jacques Heim had brought the what was dubbed as the world’s smallest swimsuit to the masses. In France, amid rumors that the superbomb would bring the end of time, hostesses began throwing “Bikini Parties” and the two piece suit got its name. The bikini became popular in Europe but was frowned on in the US where no suits were manufactured until 1959.

Not What Heim Had in Mind

Not What Heim Had in Mind

At one time, Webster’s Third New International Dictionary derived the name of the suit “from the comparison of the effects wrought by a scantily clad woman to the effects of an atomic bomb.”   Yes indeed the effects of the bikini are known to create quite a lot of heat in some circles. We won’t go into the derivation of the term “bikini whale” made popular by the B-52s…I’ll leave that to your imagination in the privacy of your own home.

The photo accompanying this story of  Micheline Bernardini modeling the first bikini in 1946. This story claims the designer was Louis Reard, but is consistent with the contention that Bernardini was a stripper.  I guess she was the only one who didn’t mind being the first to model the new suit.  But anyway, WOW…that certainly must have caused a stir in many a household in the good old USA. Even by today’s standards, what standards are left, that would turn a few heads.

Grover Cleveland Returns! On This date in 1893, President Grover Cleveland pulled off one of the biggest cover-ups in Presidential History. The cigar chomping President was found to have cancer of the jaw. He created a cover story that he was going on a summer vacation at his summer home. But really, he was on board his friends yacht, the Oneida, anchored in the East River in New York having part of his jaw removed. So secret was the surgery, not even his pregnant wife was told…you remember…the wife we spoke of in another post(see June 2 “Big Daddy Grover”) that I surmised called him Uncle Grover? Anyway, members of the cabinet and even the Vice-President was not told of the risky surgery. The public did not know that their President had been treated for cancer until 1917…Nine years following his death. Not only could Grover woo the little girl whom he was charged with caring for by his dead friend, he also knew how to keep a secret. Grover Cleveland stories just never stop(See June 8). Here is a link to a list of his maladies…one of which was drinking beer…that entry is pretty funny. Apparently, when he ran for district attorney in Erie County, NY he pounded beers every night with his opponent. I’m tellin’ ya…this guy makes President Clinton’s foibles look tame in comparison.

Grover Cleveland Maladies


NAM 300 mb Wed 8 AM-Note the big trof over the Great Lakes

NAM 300 mb Wed 8 AM-Note the big trof over the Great Lakes

NAM 300 mb Sat 8 AM-slight trof west coast, bigger trof east coast, slight ridging in between

NAM 300 mb Sat 8 AM-slight trof west coast, bigger trof east coast, slight ridging in between

Weather Bottom Line:

We’ve got a kinda interesting pattern.  It’s not something one typically sees in the summer but more often in the winter.  That is with the polar jet stream dipping way down into the lower 48 with a big long wave trof over the Great Lakes.  This type of amplification is unusual because typically the polar jet has gone north for the summer by now.  As it is, the pattern will be a little slow to move and so we will continue to have the big low over the Great Lakes rotate around with little vort maxes spinning around.   In the winter, this would produce cloudy skies and snow flurries from time to time.  It’s a fairly dry pattern but the colder air tends to squeeze out what moisture it can.  In our case, the shortwaves rolling through will bring clouds and maybe a sprinkle or two and thats about it.  The clouds will hold the temperatures in the mid 70’s at best.  Once a wave moves through, then we get sinking air in its wake and the skies will clear.  So, for the next day or so, expect much cooler than average temperatures with periods of cloud cover.

Now, by Friday,  the long wave pattern shifts with the trof moving to the east coast and another trof on the west coast with an amplified ridge in between.  By early next week, it almost looks like an omega block is forming, which means that the pattern will probably stay put for a while.  Guess here is that we will see very warm conditions in the middle of the nation all the way to the northern plains and both the northeast and northwest in a cool and damp condition.  The Ohio Valley will be in between.  So, we will warm up, but not too terribly hot.  We will probably be in the general storm track as well with disturbances moving up and over the ridge then down to the southeast through the region.  One such event should happen late Saturday or early Sunday.  July 4th should be warm and partly cloudy with rain/t’storm chances inreasing through the overnight.


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  1. You sure do like that Grover Cleveland, huh?

    The weather pattern we’re in is very interesting. I’m not sure how to blame this on global warming but it has to be in there somewhere. Raising taxes is obviously the only solution to this problem!

  2. awesome article

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