Michael Vick Vs Leonard Little; Charles Lindbergh Vs Amelia Earhart

Is This Fair?  Michael Vick was convicted on Federal and state dog fighting charges.  He has been in prison for about a year and a half, he is bankrupt and now he has to petition the league for reinstatement as the commissioner mulls whether or not he should serve a league suspension.  Compare this with the case of Leonard Little.  He was drunk and got in a wreck that killed someone.  He spent 90 days in jail.  He was suspended from the NFL for 8 games.  He went on to sign a multi-million dollar contract.  A few years later, he was arrested again for DUI but was not convicted.  Let’s see…kill a person….8 game suspension and sign a multi year contract.  Kill dogs through pre-meditated abuse through conducting dog fights…2 years out of hte league, prison and the loss of millions of dollars…should the league prevent him from salvaging his career or pile on some more?  The system seems to be saying he’d be better served had he been drunk and killed someone.  Somethin’ ain’t right.  And something really ain’t right when someone, somehow equates the efforts of Vice-President Cheney, who has not been charged with a thing except by the lunatic fringe of doing anything except to try to maintain national security.  Unbelievable.

On This Date In History: Remember the story about De Soto and his pigs from a few days ago? Well, he died on this date in 1542 and the pigs he was saving got auctioned off.
Pig Brigade

But it was a day for flying. On this date in 1927, Charles Lindbergh became the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic when he landed in Paris. But, I think it was the 22ndin Paris while it was the 21st in the US. Anyway, less celebrated but significant nonetheless was on the same date in 1932, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic when she landed in Ireland. Now, she flew from New Foundland and it was just under 2000 miles. Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris which was nearly twice as far and he had to stay awake for over 33 hours while Earhart’s flight lasted but 15 hours. He won a prize of $25,000 and she got the Distinguished Flying Cross from the US Congress.

The photo of Earhart is interesting because most of the photos of her are somewhat unflattering but do indicate the potential for beauty. This photo verifies….she was a hottie.

Whether it’s 15 or 33.5 hours, that’s a long time to be driving, or flying. Perhaps they could have used the help of Jacob German, who on this date in 1899 became the first person ever arrested for speeding. He had been spotted driving a taxi for the Electric Vehicle Company at the “breakneck” speed of 12 miles per hour. The cops grabbed him and threw him in the clink but they didn’t take his driver’s license. That’s because New York didn’t issue driver’s licenses until 1901.


6 Responses

  1. Personally I think Michael Vick served enough jail time but he should be kept out of the league. He already had millions of dollars, Mansions and plenty of nice fast cars he could race around. But he wanted to watch dogs fight for his amusement.

    Leonard Little should have gotten more jail time and also been kept out of the league for life. Thats a no brainier.
    Now Mr Symon, When you had your other blog there was a somewhat heated discussion going on about Chemtrails. I was with you on the subject and just thought it was tin foil hat wearing people that belonged in the looney bin. But whats your take on it now after Germany confirmed dropping stuff in the sky to disrupt radar signals. While that isn’t exactly the mind controlling vapor that a lot of people associate with Chemtrails it is a form of it. Also “Cloud Seeding” can’t this be considered a form of Chemtrails? I mean pretending to be Cobra Commander and controlling the weather? Couldn’t the gunk they launch up there make us sick?

  2. Yes, that’s the world we live in. People will fight to the death to save a stray dog or a spotted owl but the unborn and crime victims are of little concern. I suppose, thanks to television and the flood of murder and mayhem we see every day, we’ve become de-sensitized to human suffering and death. Sad.

  3. I haven’t read about that but the Americans always release chaffe (sp?) as part of radar interference. At Florida State, we’d look at the radar and see all of this crap and knew it was chaffe from stuff going on at Eglin AFB. Until I read what it is you are referring to, I wouldn’t have anything to say except that you’ve already answered the question…the purpose is for military purposes involving radar disruption. I’ve never gotten an explanation of who or why the chemtrails would be put out. Further no one has explained how putting out a substance (aerosol) at 35K feet could possibly be controlled. For instance something at 35K feet over Louisville would probably end up in Europe or in the Atlantic. Further, no one has ever said how, if it is someone in this country, how a perpetrator would prevent themselves from being contaminated. They put out all of this stuff but never provide any simple answers. And their science is typically revealing of a basic misunderstanding of thermodynamics. If you you do a google search of symon sez chemtrails, you will find the stuff on their. I think Is there a Chemtrail Conspiracy is the title and there is some interesting comments, particularly from a rocket scientist in England whose biggest criticism of me is that I give a forum for the tin foil hat crowd.

  4. I just think the guy has done his time and paid a huge price. Denying him a right to earn a living that could possibly allow him to pay off the debt to the creditors is too much.

  5. They spelled hte (the) wrong

  6. It’s a common type-o problem of mine. Do it all the time. Thanx for noticing and reading.

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