Happy Mother’s Day…Your Son is a Thug! Iraq Got Arms Through Syria


Don't Trash Talk Momma

Don't Trash Talk Momma

Think He's a Match For Kenyon?

Think He's a Match For Kenyon?

Happy Mother’s Day! Your Son is a Thug!  So, the NBA playoffs are going on an they are pretty physical.  One of the more physical players is the Denver Nuggets’ Kenyon Martin.  On Mother’s Day, the Nuggets and the Dallas Mavericks were playing a game and Cuban took the opportunity to tell Martin’s mom that her son was a thug.   A fine wish on mom’s day.  Seems her little boy, 6 foot nine 250 lb Kenyon, didn’t take to kindly to the owner’s conversation with his mother.  But, he’s not going to talk about in the press.  When asked about it, Martin said, “”It’s a little personal, and I’m going to take care of it,” he said. “I’m not going to do the whole media thing, back and forth. That’s his thing. I’m more of a face-to-face type of dude.”   I think Cuban should use some of his billions to hire some good security.

Arms Deals Have Gone On in Mideast For Years

Arms Deals Have Gone On in Mideast For Years

On This Date in History:  This should sound familiar.  An adversary to the west supplies arms and support to Iraq which is threatening to cut off the oil to its former western allie, breaking agreements in the process.  The arms supplied to Iraq flow through Syria as the anti-western Iraqi government gets into a conflict with the western power.

This little story is not new…in fact it’s old.  The country supplying the arms was none other than Germany and its leader was Adolph Hitler.  On this date in 1941, Hitler sent two bombers to Iraqi leader Rashid Ali al-Gailani who had staged a coup against the pro-western government of Prime Minister General Nuri as-Said who had severed ties with Germany and signed an agreement of cooperation with Great Britain.  Ali was also a General but he opposed the British and, upon gaining power, turned off the oil pipeline to the Mediterranean which Britain needed in its war effort. 

Hitler's Gift Did No Good

Hitler's Gift Did No Good

The Brits landed a brigade who fought successfully against 9000 Iraqis.  Ali responded by cutting off a British airbase and on May 12, 1941 Hitler was so enthused that he not only sent two bombers but also a big shot major who would serve as an advisor.  Well, Major Axel von Blomberg didn’t get the chance.  Seems he flew right into an air battle between the Brits and Iraqis and Blomberg was killed by a stray English bullet.  Two weeks later, Iraq surrendered al-Said was put back in the throne of power and the original 1930 cooperation agreement was re-established with the English.  Iraq became a key element in the American and British fight in World War II and in the beginning of 1942 Iraq was the first Muslim nation to declare war on Hitler and the Axis powers. 

The real point of this story is that this struggle between the Muslim world and the West is not new and goes far beyond today and even World War II.  You really have to go back about 1500 years.  What are the odds it ends in our lifetime?

Tornado Damage From Saturday

Tornado Damage From Saturday

Weather Bottom Line: I told you the other day that we inexplicably lucked out with the Derecho that came through.  There were warnings in all of Southern Missouri and part of Southern Indiana and also in Eastern Kentucky.  But nothing much from Louisville to Paducah.  The only thing I can figure is that for some reason there was a decoupling of the winds aloft and at that the surface because the clouds were just racing along yet we didn’t have much wind, to my surprise.  But, whatever it was, it got itself back together after producing straight line winds in Carbondale, IL of 106 mph.  An EF-3 tornado touched down southeast of Richmond, KY in Garrard and Madison counties.  The distruction was pretty tough.  Here’s the Louisville NWS analysis (By Meteorologist Poohbah Joe Sullivan) and a whole bunch of pictures.

Tuesday will be good…..but all models show a short wave early Wednesday coming through our area.  Probably a safe bet for rain or t’storms.  Both the NAM and GFS Monday 18Z version of the vertical profiles show some pretty fair dynamics but not much potential energy.  What is curious to me is that in the afternoon, the indecies get stronger.  Then a cold front comes through on Thursday and the indecies are strong across the board on the NAM but go absolutely beserk on the GFS.  Let’s re-evaluate this and enjoy our Tuesday. 




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