Specter Flip Helps GOP? House Tackles BCS; Final Kentucky Derby Weather Forecast

I'd Love to See General Quarters Win
I’d Love to See General Quarters Win
Joe May Regret Arlen's Switch When It's Time to Replace Souter
Joe May Regret Arlen’s Switch When It’s Time to Replace Souter

How Does the Switch of Arlen Specter from Republican to Democrat Hamper President Obama? 

With Specter changing sides, it helps the Democrats in passing legislation as Specter can help get them to the 60 votes needed in the Senate to block filibusters.  But, Specter is on the Judiciary Committee.  In order for a judge to come to the Senate floor for confirmation, he must first pass muster in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The rules in the committee is that the candidate must get 10 votes with at least one coming from the minority party.  With Specter on the committee as a Republican, he could be the one guy to allow for a nominee to get to the floor.  But, with Specter gone, there really are not Republicans on the committee that  would vote for a person whom didn’t meet their standards.  The only member of the GOP on the committee that has shown any sense of bucking the party is Lindsay Graham and I doubt if he would go against the grain on a court nominee.  What this means is that President Obama is not going to be able to replace Justice David Souter on the Supreme Court with just anyone.  He will have to put forth someone whom the Republicans…or at least one Republican…on the committee will approve.  Specter’s defection may, in many regards, help the GOP and the judiciary appointments is a biggee.

House Members Investigate College Football

House Members Investigate College Football


Committee Member Studies Testimony

Committee Member Studies Testimony

Don’t they have better things to do?

  This reminds me of the note I posted some time ago about how, in the face of Katrina Recovery,  the Louisiana Legislature took up the issue of urinals.  So, let’s see…we have an economic crisis, an auto maker declaring bankruptcy, a flu crisis, a budget crisis, a health care crisis, 2 wars, Islamists pushing the Pakistani government with the possibility of Al Quaeda getting its hands on nuclear weapons, North Korea sending up missiles,  Iran continues to  pushing its nuclear program and Gitmo detainees potentially on American streets.  So, what does the House of Representatives think is important to hold a hearing about?  Why college football and it not having a playoff system.  Yup, there was a hearing Friday regarding the “deeply flawed” BCS system of finding a national champion in college football.  Yes, indeed.   Your tax dollars hard at work.  People complain about Congress all the time and we hear the “throw the bums out” cry.  But, most of the time, that seems to apply to the other guys, not our guy and so each district continues to send its Representative or state sends its Senator back to Washington.  Until people start to vote their own guys out, the shenanigans will continue.

00Z Sat NAM 6 hr rainfall 8AM-2PM Derby Day

00Z Sat NAM 6 hr rainfall 8AM-2PM Derby Day

00Z Sat Nam 6 hr rain 2pm to 8pm Derby Day

00Z Sat Nam 6 hr rain 2pm to 8pm Derby Day

Kentucky Derby Weather:  Rain is in the forecast for Saturday.  The frontal boundary came through Louisville a couple of hours after the last Oaks Day Race on Friday.  There was rain in the early morning Friday that made the track wet but not really muddy.  Rain fell at a moderate rate in the evening and later Friday night in Louisville.  The front should set up shop to the South.  Louisville will be in the cooler air, which means no more warm and sticky conditions that we’ve had all week.  Instead, it will be cloudy with temperatures generally in the 50’s all day…perhaps touching 60 by day’s end.  It will probably not rain all day on Saturday but will do so off and on as little waves of energy run along the front and we get overrunning rain.  It should be generally light to perhaps moderate when it does fall.  While the folks at Churchill Downs to a good job keeping the track in good shape, remember, it is real dirt and not a synthetic surface.  The track should be wet.  The question will be how muddy is it?  You really need to check the track conditions before you make your bet.  The 00Z NAM is advertising less than a half inch for Saturday and the 18Z GFS is only coming up with about a quarter of an inch.  But, keep in mind that neither of those models nor the RUC had the rain that we got around midnight.  This illustrates how difficult it is to pick up the little waves as they roll along.  So predicting exactly when the rain falls on Saturday is generally beyond human capabilities in this situation.  We may get a stronger wave Saturday evening but I would think that would probably come after the races are over.  If you’re sticking around through the weekend, its going to be wet again on Sunday and into Monday as well.




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