LSD and Other Mistakes

On This Date In History: In 1938,  Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman was fooling around with synthetically made lysergic compounds as he researched their effects. On this date in 1943, he somehow accidentally ingested lysergic acid diethylamide. He noticed strange sensations and hallucinations after he went home. He had “discovered” LSD. In the 1960’s, intellectuals like Timothy Leary publicly touted the drug as “mind expanding.” Trouble was, often the drug resulted in very very unpleasant and dangerous effects that resulted in all sorts of undesirable mischief and even suicides and such. It was made illegal in 1965. All in all, the mistake in 1943 was probably one the world could have done without.  Here is a history as described by Dr. Hoffman.

On this date in 1947, a mistake at the port in Texas City, Texas resulted in disaster(see slide show and local history). The details of this are sketchy but basically, a ship loaded with 2300 tons of ammonium nitrate. Now, ammonium nitrate was used in explosives during WWII.

What To Do with a 150 foot, 30 ton barge 100 feet Inland?

What To Do with a 150 foot, 30 ton barge 100 feet Inland?

If you recall, the terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City brought down a building with a few hundred pounds of the stuff. 2300 tons? Well, a fire broke out and the whole ship exploded. Some 581 were killed. Other ships in the harbor were lifted out of the water. At that time, chemical plants were connected with pipelines. They all exploded. The harbor caught fire. The ships anchor was found two miles away. The blast caused the Richter scales to suggest a small earthquake. A 500 home community was flattened. A ship was sent across the harbor and grounded. The crew scrambled away not knowing that there was fire. That ship exploded the next day. The fires burned for a week. Texas City no longer handles ammonium nitrate.

Another Famous Birthday Boy

Another Famous Birthday Boy

A third mistake on this date in 1962? I should think not! Robert and Langston Symon became the proud parents of Robert Bruce Symon, Jr. The young lad had trouble getting his lungs to expand and there were fears he would die. But, after heartfelt prayer from the struggling youngster’s grandmother, the lungs got filled and they’ve been bellowing ever since. While he went on to marry Snow White, he has become like his favorite of the 7 dwarfs, Dopey. And his colleagues couldn’t agree more.  Oh yes…perhaps of equal significance…Pope Benedict XVI was born on this date in 1927…the same year as Robert B. Symon, Sr.

BTW…I bet the fine citizens of Louisville don’t know that April 16, 2002 was designated as Bob Symon Day and the aforementioned received a key to the city. That’s what I call a fine use of municipal resources!

Weather Bottom Line: We’re finally going to get out of the muck on Thursday and temperatures will respond in kind with highs in the low to mid 60’s.  Plenty of sunshine on Friday and low 70’s.  Saturday is Thunder Over Louisville and right now I see no indication of much data to support a notion of rain.  The GFS socks us in with clouds about 3am on Sunday.  The ETA puts a 15,000 foot cloud deck on about 8 pm but neither advertises rain until Sunday and Monday.  There may be some thunderstorms then but there is nothing that really jumps out at me from the vertical profiles prog that would suggest anything overly threatening.  I suspect that the rain chances we see late on Saturday or even Saturday afternoon showing up on various sources is more from a conventional wisdeom looksee based on looking at maps or for some perhaps a CYA.  But again, I see nothing from the vertical profile progs that lead me to believe it won’t be anything but a fine day for an airshow and a nice night for fireworks.



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  1. Happy B-day Mr. Symon! 🙂

  2. Happy birthday, Bob! Sorry I couldn’t get to your blog earlier but I was really slammed at work today (as if that’s anything unusual). Anyway, I hope that your day was a good one and that you were able to enjoy it with family and friend.

  3. …that’s friendS. Too fast on the submit button!

  4. Thank you, sir

  5. thank you. Snow White made me a steak dinner for lunch and I got to sleep late. Snow White, my daughter and I went to Henry’s Ark and then we had friends in town who took us on a river boat/dinner trip on the Spirit of Jeffersonville. Several phone calls too. It was good.

  6. Bob!
    Here is the site for Chaz Rough:
    Good to be with you on your birthday! Good luck with your plans we talked about and we should get together again some time.
    Martin Ray

  7. By the way, I can’t wait to take some time and dive into some of the eclectic collection of info amassed here! Bravo!

  8. Thanx. It’s got some pretty good stuff that’s rather odd at times. Twas good to meet you and your better half as well.

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