A Date With a Woman That Changed History?

Did Love Change History?

Did Love Change History?

On This Date In History:  Napoleon was exiled to Elba on this date in 1814 but you can look that up for yourself, it’s boring compared to what happened 103 years later on April 11, 1917.  Allen Dulles is known throughout history as head of the CIA and confidant of several US Presidents.  At the age of 24, Dulles was working at the American legation in Switzerland as World War I raged on.  He had been smitten with Helene Herzog since he was 15 years old and he finally got a date with her.  On that day at noon, Dulles received a phone call from a Russian revolutionary who said he had important information to deliver that night.  No one else was in the office so the chore would be left to young Allen Dulles, who had a date that night.  What to do?  Receive an important message or go on the date.  Dulles did what any 24-year-old man would do….he chose the date and told the caller he’d meet with him in the morning.  The man said the next day was too late but the love smitten young man paid him no mind. 

Lenin Arrives In Russia April 16 1917

Lenin Arrives In Russia April 16 1917

While Dulles was on his date, Vladimir Lenin boarded a train in Switzerland bound for Sweden where he would then begin a journey that would take him to Russia.  The Russian Revolution had begun.  Russia pulled out the war, abandoning the Allies’ cause.  As it turns out, the important message that Dulles blew off for his date was a secret message for President Woodrow Wilson from Lenin.  Seems Vladimir wanted to give Wilson advanced notice of what he was up to.  We don’t know how the date went, but we do know that President Woodrow Wilson had to find out about the Russian Revolution after the fact with the rest of the world….maybe he read it in the New York Times….but he didn’t hear it from Dulles, who had a date.  It’s hard to say how it would have made a difference but, who knows how things may have been different?

Dulles In Presidential Limo Between JFK and John McCone in 1962 Just After Being Fired

Dulles In Presidential Limo Between JFK and John McCone in 1962 Just After Being Fired

Thirty Six Years later when Dulles took over as CIA Director, he told that story as a lesson for young agents.   But I wonder about the lesson he told.  What? That you can be negligent in providing important information for the President of the United States and still be trusted to be the CIA Director?  I mean, not getting information to the president that one of your allies in a world war is in revolution and is pulling out of the war is pretty big stuff…especially when the reason was a love sick intelligence officer.  But, this may have ended up as a “what goes around comes around” scenario.  See,  he served as CIA chief from 1953 to 1961.  He was ousted by the Kennedy Administration who used him as the scapegoat for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.  Now, Dulles was probably the sacrificial lamb as he wasn’t the ultimate decision maker, JFK was but someone needed to be blamed and Dulles was the one chosen to be thrown under the bus.  So maybe he shouldn’t have been canned in 1961 but that may make up for his not being canned in 1917, when a President was blinded by a young man’s love.

4.10.09 Wall Cloud In Madison Co KY submitted to NWS Louisville by Chris and Jason Rawlins

4.10.09 Wall Cloud In Madison Co KY submitted to NWS Louisville by Chris and Jason Rawlins


Weather Bottom Line:  We had some storms and couple of warnings and numerous hail reports on Good Friday but, as I had suspected, the roughest stuff was to our South and Southeast.  I was driving to Knoxville and back and got to Knoxville about 3:30 pm just after a tornado had wasted part of Murfeesboro.  As I headed back up I-75, Tornado warnings were issued for two counties just northwest of Knoxville with the storms moving northeast at 45 mph…in other words right across my path on I-75.  On the local radio, the announcer was saying how terrible storms were going across I-75 but another woman comes on and says the storms are falling apart.  I progressed on pondering as I did not want to get on that plateau between Knoxville and the Kentucky border with big ass storms all over the place since there isn’t much of a place to hide up there.  But, as I moved on, the way the rain was falling I could tell that the storms had indeed fallen apart and I was just dealing with rain.  Still was a pain in the neck. 

Saturday around here will be partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50’s to near 60.  Probably mid 60’s on Easter Sunday and plenty of sunshine.  As I mentioned previously, the indecies went and flopped back to the point that they support my original outlook from a few days ago regarding the main short coming out and around here on Monday.  So, the SPC went and broadened the area of concern.  Now, we have the same issue as in previous systems.  There is a split decision.  It appears there is consensus that moisture does indeed return early Monday morning so we do have a period of reloading to some degree.  The problem is that the NAM does get more robust in its calculations but just on the verge of thunderstorms with marginal indications of severe potential.  Whereas the GFS once again is going bonkers and advertising a pretty decent event.  Guess here is that we get something similar to what we’ve had lately and that is something in between.  Some severe storms but not a full blown death and destruction event.  However, its late Friday night and we still have several days to go so we’ll see how it shakes out.  However, I do think that we’ll have some noteworthy activity late Monday…the only difference is that now I have some data to support my hypothesis…that last part is your reply, Cruxshadows.

NWUS53 KLMK 102141

540 PM EDT FRI APR 10 2009

..TIME..    …EVENT…     …CITY LOCATION…      …LAT.LON…
..DATE..    ….MAG….     ..COUNTY LOCATION.. ST.. …SOURCE….

1116 AM     HAIL             3 SE BARDSTOWN          37.78N  85.42W
04/10/2009  E0.50 INCH       NELSON             KY   PUBLIC


1120 AM     HAIL             IRVINGTON               37.88N  86.28W
04/10/2009  E0.75 INCH       BRECKINRIDGE       KY   ESPOTTER

1125 AM     HAIL             GUSTON                  37.88N  86.22W
04/10/2009  E0.50 INCH       MEADE              KY   TRAINED SPOTTER


1137 AM     HAIL             CENTRAL                 38.10N  86.15W
04/10/2009  E0.88 INCH       HARRISON           IN   DISPATCH

1144 AM     HAIL             CENTRAL                 38.10N  86.15W
04/10/2009  E1.00 INCH       HARRISON           IN   TRAINED SPOTTER

1204 PM     HAIL             4 W ELIZABETH           38.13N  86.05W
04/10/2009  E0.88 INCH       HARRISON           IN   ESPOTTER

1208 PM     HAIL             SALOMA                  37.42N  85.40W
04/10/2009  E0.50 INCH       TAYLOR             KY   DISPATCH


1210 PM     HAIL             LOUISVILLE              38.22N  85.74W
04/10/2009  E0.50 INCH       JEFFERSON          KY   NWS EMPLOYEE

1210 PM     HAIL             PLEASURE RIDGE PARK     38.15N  85.85W
04/10/2009  E0.70 INCH       JEFFERSON          KY   ESPOTTER

1214 PM     HAIL             SELLERSBURG             38.39N  85.76W
04/10/2009  E0.75 INCH       CLARK              IN   TRAINED SPOTTER

1222 PM     HAIL             SALOMA                  37.42N  85.40W
04/10/2009  E1.00 INCH       TAYLOR             KY   EMERGENCY MNGR

1225 PM     HAIL             MOUNT WASHINGTON        38.05N  85.55W
04/10/2009  E0.50 INCH       BULLITT            KY   ESPOTTER

1238 PM     HAIL             2 SSW LEBANON           37.54N  85.27W
04/10/2009  E0.50 INCH       MARION             KY   TRAINED SPOTTER


0110 PM     HAIL             BEDA                    37.50N  86.95W
04/10/2009  E0.50 INCH       OHIO               KY   EMERGENCY MNGR


0120 PM     HAIL             PARKSVILLE              37.60N  84.90W
04/10/2009  E1.75 INCH       BOYLE              KY   TRAINED SPOTTER


0140 PM     HAIL             VERSAILLES              38.05N  84.73W
04/10/2009  E0.50 INCH       WOODFORD           KY   ESPOTTER

0201 PM     HAIL             FRANKFORT               38.19N  84.87W
04/10/2009  E0.50 INCH       FRANKLIN           KY   EMERGENCY MNGR

0230 PM     HAIL             LEXINGTON               38.04N  84.46W
04/10/2009  M0.70 INCH       FAYETTE            KY   TRAINED SPOTTER


0239 PM     HAIL             3 NW MINTONVILLE        37.21N  84.88W
04/10/2009  E0.88 INCH       CASEY              KY   TRAINED SPOTTER

0258 PM     HAIL             CLARKSVILLE             38.32N  85.77W
04/10/2009  E0.50 INCH       CLARK              IN   TRAINED SPOTTER

0303 PM     HAIL             CROMWELL                37.33N  86.80W
04/10/2009  E0.70 INCH       OHIO               KY   TRAINED SPOTTER

0305 PM     HAIL             RICHMOND                37.74N  84.29W
04/10/2009  E0.88 INCH       MADISON            KY   TRAINED SPOTTER

0315 PM     TSTM WND DMG     3 S FORD                37.84N  84.25W
04/10/2009                   MADISON            KY   EMERGENCY MNGR

            CLARK COUNTY LINE.

0345 PM     HAIL             5 SE WINCHESTER         37.95N  84.12W
04/10/2009  E1.75 INCH       CLARK              KY   EMERGENCY MNGR


0410 PM     HAIL             RICHMOND                37.74N  84.29W
04/10/2009  M0.50 INCH       MADISON            KY   TRAINED SPOTTER



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