Ides of March Ends Reign and Ends Rain


Caesar Should Have Heeded the Soothsayers...with Marlon Brando Looking On

Caesar Should Have Heeded the Soothsayers...with Marlon Brando Looking On


1798 Vincenzo Camuccini Shows Caesar Was Doomed!

1798 Vincenzo Camuccini Shows Caesar Was Doomed!

On This Date in History:

Beware the Ides of March. Everyone knows that came from Shakespeare. The Ides of month in the Roman calendar was the 15th of March, May, July and October. The other months the Ides fell on the 13th. Most people know it from Shakespeare’s Julius Caeser. Turns out Bill was using history as a guide for his script. See, the ancient Greek biographer Plutarch tells us that the soothsayer Titus warned the emperer about March 15, 44BC when he said “beware the ides of March.” Caesar ignored him and on that day, a group of Senators ganged up to commit tyrannicide. At least that is what the self described group called themselves instead of murderers as they said they were preventing Caesar from continuing his supposed monarchal dreams.

According to this National Geographic Article relating to the event, Caesar was apprently moving toward a dictatorial position.  The Roamns had a republican system adn the role of dictator was supposed to be a temporary position resevered for times of extreme unrest.  But, in February 44 BC Caesar allowed himself to be declared dictator

Brutus Did Himself In By Classically Falling on his Sword

Brutus Did Himself In By Classically Falling on his Sword

for life.  He also had his image put on the coins of the time, which was usually reserved for deity.  The Romans had long since rejected the idea of a king and, while Caesar openly said he didn’t want to be king, his actions said otherwise.  Now, Caesar was scheduled to leave Rome on March 18 to lead a military campaign in the Middle East.  A victory there might make Julius Caesar even more powerful and, beside that, there was no telling when they would get another chance.  So, under the scheming of Marcus Brutus, the conspirators moved quickly to do Julius Caesar in and the Ides of March became synonymous with doom and gloom forever.  An interesting note…Brutus’ mother was one of Caesar’s lover…and oedipus complex perhaps?  I don’t think National Geographic says that…I just threw that in for you to ponder. It is worthy of note that Brutus did not kill himself out of guilt over killing Caesar or from any feelings toward his mother.  No, he fell on his sword after Marlon Brando (Mark Antony) and Octavius defeated his army and that of Cassius. 

NAM Midday Sunday...Low to Mid 50's

NAM Midday Sunday...Low to Mid 50's

Weather Bottom Line:  We got our light showers for much of the day on Saturday.  Nothing consequencial unless you were doing some outdoor activities like shooting a movie.  We visited the Animal Care Society again and made some more donations.  Great animals out there. Its a no-kill shelter and if you need a good loving pet, its a great way to save an animal and get a wonderful companion for you and your family.  I couldn’t take one….Nit and Wit won’t allow any visitors or new roomates.

As for the weather the forecast looks on track.  Mostly cloudy on Sunday with highs in mid 50’s.  Look for low 60’s on Monday.  Upper 60’s to near 70 Tuesday and Wednesday low 70’s.  Next chance for rain shows up early Thursday morning with relatively weak cold front.  We’ll get some rain but the lack of cyclonic activity along the front should keep things quiet.  Chillier for the latter part of the week and warming somewhat through the weekend.  I see some slight indication of a weakness in the atmosphere on Sunday. It looks kinda odd but it something to consider keeping an eye on if you have activities planned next Sunday.


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