Be President For A Day! Warm Up Ahead

Is it Good To Be The King?
Is it Good To Be The King?
David Rice Atchison
David Rice Atchison

On this Date in History:

  From 1843 to 1855, David Rice Atchison served as a United States Senator from Missouri.  He was cut from the Jeffersonian mold in that he was for states rights and also supported the expansion westward of the United States.  This type of description leads one to believe the he was probably a slavery advocate as well.

Atchison's Reign Wasn't Long

Atchison's Reign Wasn't Long

Now, the only role of the Vice-President of the United States as spelled out in the Constitution is to serve as the President of the Senate.  In his absence, the Senate is tasked with voting for a President Pro-Tem, which means “for the time being.”  In 1792, Congress passed an act that called for the President Pro-Tem of the Senate to become acting President of the United States if both the President and Vice-President are unable to carry out the duties of their office.  Now, during Atchison’s two terms as Senator, he was elected as President Pro-Tem of the Senate 16 times.  One of those 16 times fell on March 2, 1849 just prior to the swearing in of Zachary Taylor as the twelth President of the United States. 

Well, at that time, Inauguration Day was March 4 and in 1849 March 4 was on a Sunday.  So, Taylor decided it would be the right thing to do to postpone his inauguration until Monday March 5.  Well, the Constitution called for the end of President James K. Polk’s term to end at noon on March 4 and Taylor and Vice-President Elect Millard Fillmore would not be sworn in until noon on March 5.  That means, on this date in 1849, that President Pro-Tem David Rice Atchison was acting President of the United States for 24 hours.  

So what would you do if you were President for a Day?   Atchison

Atchison Took Advantage of his Big Day

Atchison Took Advantage of his Big Day

chose to stay in the rack.  He had worked pretty hard the previous week an he was tired so he slept through much of his day as the nation’s chief executive.  Some say we’ve had several presidents who slept through their entire term in office so perhaps Atchison was well qualified for the position.  Though his tenure is President of the United States is rather obscure and largely forgotten, he showed the people of the Show-Me State and so Missouri honored by naming Atchison County for him.  Kansas City is half in Kansas and half in Missouri so I suppose those in the Sunflower State didn’t want to be shown up by the Show-Me State and so Kansas honored the  one day president with Atchison, Kansas.  If he’d stayed president for a week, who knows what his name might have been attached to.

Winter 2008-09 Recap

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snowfall Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 38.3° +1.3° 14.91″ +1.55″ 1.7″ -7.2″
Lexington 34.0° -0.9° 12.89″ +2.25″ 12.2″ -0.2″
Louisville official (Standiford) 35.9° -0.2° 11.01″ +0.79″ 12.1″ +0.5″

Weather Bottom Line:  Above is the winter roundup from the Louisville National Weather Service office.  They consider winter to be the December, January and February and dispense with the solstice and equinox stuff.  We had one warm week in December and about 2 or so in February.  The rest of the time it was cold but, those warm periods were sufficient enough to have our temperatures just be slightly below average.  We also had a shade above typical snowfall as part of the overall greater than average precipitation.

The forecast ahead is sporting data support that is more consistent and across the board.  A cold front approaches late in the week but building high pressure will hold that up as well as several waves of low pressure from the southwestern part of the country.  Each low that runs by will hold up the front as it approaches and then energizes it as it passes….that is until the next wave runs up right behind it.  So, there may be some light showers on Friday as one low goes by and the front gets a little close.  But Saturday, the next wave runs up and takes the front back north.  Sunday, another wave comes along increases rain chances again and this time, the front backs up but remains close enough to perhaps cause more in the way of scattered showers for the first couple of days of the week. The long wave pattern is such that the cold air is well to our north.  So, look for well above average temperatures through the weekend into early next week.  Even low 70’s over the weekend looks like a fair bet.  I told you we’d be cold for Tuesday but it was even a shade colder than I said as we only got to 33 at the airport.  That’s a lesson for me…I went a few degrees warmer just because I had been a few degrees too cold a week or so ago.  Should stick with your guns and principals regardless and don’t knuckle under to fear.  Anyway…a cold start Wednesday will go to the 50’s by the afternoon followed by 60’s Thursday, perhaps near 70 on Friday with any showers perhaps inhibiting things then spring like for the weekend.


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