A Winner Who’s a Loser; Cold Still Ahead


Houdini Knew What To Do When It Was All Tied Up

Houdini Knew What To Do When It Was All Tied Up

 On This Date In History: How would you like to run for President, come in first place in the electoral college and be told that you would be the Vice-President.  This was the fate of Aaron Burr who went on to greater infamy

Jefferson Arrives Just In Time

Jefferson Arrives Just In Time

At the outset of the nation, there really were no political parties.  General Washington was of the opinion that parties would do more harm than good and was against them.  Because he was so generally popular, there was no issue with parties since his election was unanimous in the electoral college both times.  Things began to unravel after that.  Even though the founding fathers were all still alive, there was this little issue of how the nation should function.  Thomas Jefferson felt that the idea was for there to be a weak federal government and have most of the power rest with the states.  Then, there were those like Alexander Hamilton who felt like it was necessary for there to be a strong executive and weaker state governments.  This fractional ideals, known as Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian eventually became the Democrat-Republican Party and the Federalist Party.  John Adams, who was Washington’s Vice-President, ascended to the presidency as a Federalist.  He took some pretty strong policy measures such as the Alien and Sedition Acts as well as undeclared naval engagements against the French.  He also had a rather nasty disposition.

Electoral Votes 1800 Election

Electoral Votes 1800 Election

So, that sets up the election in 1800.  Each party had two guys on the ballot.  The Democrat-Republicans intended for Thomas Jefferson to be the lead man and Aaron Burr to be his second.  The  electors were all set up to cast their ballots with 73 Republican electors and 65 Federalist.  At that time, all candidates were listed and each elector got two votes.  Whomever was first became President and whomever had the second greatest number of votes became Vice-President.  At the Electoral College,  65 Federalist electors voted for Adams with 64 of the remaining Federalist votes going for Charles Pickney and one for John Jay.  The Democrat-Republicans cast all their votes for Jefferson and Burr.  That gave each of them 73.    Burr declared that he was not in competition with Jefferson but never renounced the presidency. So, he was out but he was in.

Electoral Map 1800

Electoral Map 1800

This kicked the election to the House of Representatives. Balloting began on February 11, 1801.  Now, remember at that time, Inauguration Day was March 4 and many people became fearful that anarchy would break out because the votes kept coming up inconclusive.  There were 16 states so one candidate had to get 9 votes.  First vote had 8 for Tom, 6 for Aaron and two states couldn’t make up their mind.   They voted 18 more times and the votes hadn’t changed.  Those two states remained on the fence.  For 6 more days the voting continued.  Now, Jefferson and Hamilton hated each other.  But, it seems that Hamilton hated Burr even more.  He urged the Federalists to vote for Jefferson because he reasoned that while Jefferson was “a contemptible hypcrite”  his rival did have some “pretensions to character.”    But, Hamilton explained, Burr’s “public principles have no other spring or aim than his own aggrandisement.  His elevation can only promote the purposes of the desperate and profilgate.”

Promotional Woodcarving Did Adams No Good

Promotional Woodcarving Did Adams No Good

Well, most Federalists thought of Jefferson as a dangerous radical and so they ignored Hamilton’s urgings.  But, time was running out.  There was talk of Civil War, that the Federalists might just take the presidency or that the Virginia Militia might march on Washington.  Suddenly, Delaware decided that Burr could never be elected and that the only reason to support him was “to exclude Jefferson at the expense of the Constitution.”  I guess that  means that Delaware really didn’t think much of Burr.  So, finally, on this date in 1801, after 36 ballots, Thomas Jefferson was elected by the Electoral College as the third President of the United States.  By the next election, the Twelth Amendment to the Constitution was ratified that split the votes so that each elector voted once for President and once for a different set of candidates for Vice-President.

Hamilton was quite the ladies man and had a rift with the husband of an acquaintance.  He also continued to feud with Jefferson and Burr, but

You Can Read All About "The 2nd Revolution"

You Can Read All About "The 2nd Revolution"

not for long.  See, Burr and Hamilton had been friends during the Revolution but their opposite political views led to a fierce rivalry that ended on July 11, 1804 when Burr ultimately won when he shot Hamilton to death in a duel.   He was the sitting Vice-President at the time!  Once again, even though Burr had won, just like he won the presidential election of 1800, he lost.  A murder warrant was put out on him in New York and New Jersey.  He fled to

Pennsylvania and eventually finished his term in Washington before departing to the Mississippi Valley where he got involved in an unseemly scheme and Burr stood trial for treason, which put him at odds with…President Thomas Jefferson.  Quite a crew, those founding fathers!  Ever wonder how Hamilton got to be on at $10 bill?

NAM Not too Enthused About Snow Thursday

NAM Not too Enthused About Snow Thursday

Weather Bottom Line:  I’m tellin’ ya…I really think I am going to prepare for temperatures below freezing the entire time from Thursday morning through mid-morning on Monday.  I know most of the stuff on TV isn’t that cold but I suspect that you will seem them come around.  We will warm up on Monday afternoon.  The GFS is more gradual with Tuesday being much more moderate and the European model wants to jerk us to the 50’s my Monday afternoon.   We’ll see.  Now, the NAM is not enthused about snow at all on Thursday with just perhaps some flurry activity with no real measureable amounts.  The GFS, as usual, is a little more bullish with wrap around snow of a half to three quarters of an inch.  Prior to all of that, we have relatively mild conditions with rain chances increasing on Tuesday night and carrying it through Wednesday.  Because of that, any snow we get on Thursday will be inconsequential because even though we’ll be below freezing for much of Thursday, the ground will still be too warm to make a difference.

Now, a second system comes through the flow on Friday and as it approaches from the Northwest, our temperatures

GFS Is Pretty Excited About Snow Thurs and Saturday...Maybe too Excited

GFS Is Pretty Excited About Snow Thurs and Saturday...Maybe too Excited

should rise a bit but, I really doubt we’ll get much beyond freezing for any time of consequence.  Maybe an hour or two at best but the air to the south will be cold so all we’ll do is draw up some slightly modified cold air.  So, big deal…maybe 33 or 34 for an hour or two.  That doesn’t count.  When this guy comes down, the GFS wants to throw out a couple of inches of snow for Saturday morning.  The Canadian model also has a pretty decent amount of accumulation with the European not so bullish.  I would bet we end  up with 1-2 inches tops because its pretty tough to get more than that in such a situation as there isn’t much moisture to work with when these guys come racing through the flow from the Northwest.  But we should get something.  Again, aside from maybe a slightly warmer burp on Friday, prepare for below freezing conditions from Thursday morning through mid morning on Monday.


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  1. So, you don’t see the cold air hanging around much past Monday? You seemed to hinting that it would be chilly for a good while.

    I really liked your Valentine’s Day post about the three kinds of love. Just this morning I was discussing that with a friend of mine. Very wise words, Bob.

  2. Call it Divine Inspiration. Came up with that about 15 years ago. As for the colder weather, I was being suspicious of the GFS that far out and quite often when you get a big ridge building out west, it stays put for awhile but the longer range models will want to change things as we get deeper into the season toward spring and climatology takes over. In this case, the data on all of the longer range models have the ridge opening up fairly quickly and that has been consistent now for a few runs. We’ll see how it shakes out. Friday maybe to the mid 30’s for a cup of coffee but thats it.

  3. I think that you’re something of a night owl, aren’t you? I notice that when I comment early (I wrote around 7 a.m. today) that it is usually several hours before you get back to me. My later comments are usually dealt with more quickly. I guess staying up late and sleeping in a bit are the “perks” of your current circumstance. As for me, I’ve got to get in early and stay late! Oh, well. No complaints here, I guess.

    I love the cold weather but I guess the seasons do have their rule. I suppose that I’m ready for warm weather but another nice snow (NO ICE) would be great. Of course, I’ll take whatever the good Lord decides to send our way.

  4. You are right generally. I’ve never figured out why the world operates with the sun. Snow White is a morning person and I am not. She’s trying to change my ways but to no avail. I was up before 7 though this morning. Had a meeting with some folks from 9 until noon and then at 12:30 wiith someone else. In college I would schedule my classes at night. Last night…in bed at 3 and up before 7. Sleep is over rated. When I was working on my thesis and then the follow up article for publication, it was not uncommon for me to stay up all night. I’ve seen many a sunrise. But, for a few hours last night it was heaven. Had Nit and Wit on my left purring away and Snow White on my right sleeping like the princess she is.

  5. I guess I’m more of a morning person. I do enjoy staying up late from time to time but very much dislike sleeping in–I just feel like the day is wasted when I get up at 10 or 11 a.m. Of course there is a logistical problem with trying to sleep-in with five kids, as you may be able to imagine. So, I usually don’t stay up much past midnight. In my house though I’m usually the last one in bed and the first one up. Six hours is my normal sleep time. I can’t get by on much less than that. Sometimes I manage to get eight or nine hours on Saturday. My lovely bride usually tolerates me taking a 1-2 hour nap on Sundays when the situation allows. I love my Sunday afternoon naps but only get them about half the time. Oh, well. Plenty of time for rest when this short life is over, right?

    It sounds like you managed to steal a few hours swaddled in the bosom of love last night though; a very lovely picture indeed.

    Hey, someone sent me this link:


    I couldn’t help but notice the name of the web site. Is this another blog of yours??? I think that “Texas Bob” has a nice ring to it although it is probably not fitting of a man of your education and stature. Think about it: “…and now here’s the weather forecast with Texas-Bob Symon! Yee-Haw!” Sounds like a Hee-Haw skit or something. You’d need a hat and maybe a cow bell to really pull that off, I’d think. It would probably not make Snow White very proud either. Come to think of it, I guess it’s not you.
    (I’m just rambling, buddy–no disrespect intended–EVER!)

  6. You should have seen “Bob’s Garden” It was great.

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