Remember STS-107? You Should. Storm Threat Fades

Awful Sight Over Texas Feb. 1, 2003

Awful Sight Over Texas Feb. 1, 2003


On This Date in History:  This is a day that anyone that can read this

Shuttle Tank Showed Damage On Almost All Previous Flights

Shuttle Tank Showed Damage On Almost All Previous Flights

should rememberl…if it’s slipped your mind, it should not.  It was on Feb. 1, 2003 that 7 astronauts died when the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart on re-entry into the atmosphere.  If you want to look at an Associated Press summary of the investigation regarding the incident, you can click here.  You can look at all sorts of information released by NASA (Click Here) in the full

Crew During Mission

Crew During Mission

report here.  It has access to photos, emails and other data pertaining to the incident.  I would encourage you to go here to the NASA Columbia  main page and look at the stories of each of those who were lost.  They were people…they had dreams and hopes and families.  While they knew the inherent risks of going into space, the most inhospitable environment that there is, it is still quite sad that they are gone.  Space travel is not easy and its by no means safe.  So many of our technologies that we take for granted today came from the space program and its because of people like the Columbia 7 risking their lives that we have such a rapidly advancing technological society.  The least we could do was take a moment and remember them.

Fear of Big Storm Waning As It Looks to Stay Generally Offshore

Fear of Big Storm Waning As It Looks to Stay Generally Offshore

Weather Bottom Line: We’re starting to see some continuity both between models and also from run to run.  That is to be expected as the storm in question finally actually forms.  See, previously, the computers were basing tracks of the storm from the Gulf of Mexico based on projections that it would actually form.  So, you had a hypothesis based on a hypothesis.  That leaves a lot of room for error and that is especially true with a track of a storm that is based on variables that also include both the polar and subtropical jet streams and their relation to one another. Quite complicated.  Well, the general consensus among all models is that the trof sweeps through and gets in phase with the subtropical jet such that the developing storm moves along the Gulf Coast, across the northern part of the Florida Peninsula and then up the east coast…but really a few hundred miles off the east coast.  So, this storm has potential to be quite menacing, if this scenario unfolds as I just outlined, then it would not be overly significant for anyone.  Closer to the eastern seaboard..different story. But as it stands, not all the interesting.  Both the GFS and NAM are back to throwing out snow for Kentuckiana on Tuesday but that is a result of a little shortwave moving quickly through the flow.  The GFS wants to toss out about 2 inches while the NAM is going for a half inch.  The truth is probably somewhere in between.  It will, however, be pretty cold for the remainder of the week so let us be thankful for the warmer conditions on Sunday that got rid of some of the ice.  Otherwise, our ice accumulation probably would have lasted for another week….and I don’t know about you…but I think everyone has had enough of ice until a hot summer day rolls around.


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