3 Fugitives Foreshadow Indepedence? Another Winter Storm?

Three Fugitives An Earlier Indicator Of American Independence?
Three Fugitives An Earlier Indicator Of American Independence?
This Chuck Lost His Head
This Chuck Lost His Head

On This Date in History: 

In 1649, there was a bit of a revolution going on in England.  Oliver Cromwell had led a revolt against the monarchy and, on this date in 1649, 59 people signed the death warrant for King Charles I who was later executed.  Now, the little turnabout didn’t last long and by 1660, the House of Stuart returned to the throne in the form of King Charles II.  The second Chuck called for an amnesty for all who had played a role in his father losing his head except for three men.  Edward Whalley was the cousin of Oliver Cromwell and he led an army during the uprising.  He and two of his officers, John Dixwell and William Goffe, signed the document with the other 56 signers.  Sensing that there was a new sherrif in town, the trio decided it was best to get out of Dodge.  Dixwell went to Prussia while Goffe and Whalley set sail for Boston in the New World.  Goffe and Whalley did nothing to disguise themselves and made no apologies for their actions when they landed in America. 

Chuck the younger was pretty non-plussed at the prospects of the men hiding

This Chuck Lost The Fugitives

This Chuck Lost The Fugitives

out in the colonies and mocking his authority so he posted a pretty hefty reward for their capture. By the time an arrest warrant had made its way through the formalities, Goffe and Whalley had lit out.  Off to New Haven they went where they were welcomed with open arms as they had been in Boston.  But, hot on their trails was a pair of gumshoes who were loyal to the king.  Even at this early time in America’s history, there was some resistance to the crown as the deputy governor of the colony was slow and was uncooperative in keeping the matter a secret.  I suppose the outlaws got tipped off because they used the time bought by the authorities fumbling to escape again, this time to  a cave where a farmer quietly left food for them every day. 

Seems Whalley and Goffe had lots of helpers who were sympathetic to their cause and they continued to get assistance wherever they went.  At one point, they wanted to surrender but their advocates would not hear of it.  After 4 years of futility, Charles II had enough and he sent troops to Boston to try and grab the boys on the lam.  But they had moved again to Hadley, Massachusetts.  While they lived in freedom in Hadley, their comrad Dixwell had left Prussia and moved to Connecticut where he disguised himself as a retired merchant.  He died there in 1688.  Meanwhile. Goffe and Whalley continued to live openly but did use subterfuge to communicate with their families back in the home country.  Whalley never was caught and, like Dixwell, died peacefully and free in 1674.

Goffe Rallies the Town

Goffe Rallies the Town

Goffe was another matter.  The story is that while the citizenry of Hadley, including some of the king’s men, were attending church when Indians attacked.  From out of nowhere, a old bearded man showed up.  He organized and led the town’s defense. When the danger had passed, the senior citizen disappeared as mysteriously as he had appeared.  Some good loyalists spotted Goffe in Hartford and promptly reported it to authorities who refused to arrest him.  Goffe died in 1679.

Seems old Chuck never did get satisfaction for his father’s death and I suppose the “bad guys” ended up getting the last laugh.  This perhaps illustrates that America’s independent streak had begun almost as soon as the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.  One hundred years after the death of the last elusive signer of the death warrant of King Charles I, the American colonies were in full revolt and revolution against the King George III…who was about as successful with America as Chuck the Second.

GFS For Midday 2.2.09

GFS For Midday 2.2.09

Weather Bottom Line: Things turned out pretty much as I expected and many of my fears were born out.  Snow White and I were quite blessed this time in that we never lost power, the cable or the phone, though the latter two lines are on the ground.  I haven’t figured out how I still have the cable and the phone.  Snow White was quite restless as we listened to trees cracking and crashing every 5 minutes.  Poor old Piney took a beating but remains standing.  So many of his big branches are gone that it looks like a Dr. Suess tree now.  But, interestingly, the one lower branch remaining is the one that Snow White uses to hang the bird feeder.  Today, amidst all of the carnage of Piney’s big branches strewn around the base, the birds and squirrels were nosing about looking for the bird feeder.  Snow White’s Cafe was back in business by the afternoon.  Again, I’m quite thankful not to have lost the power…it would have been the third time this season we would have been left shivering.

Okay, the excitment is done for now with it remaining cold through the end of the week.  Flurries or largely insignicant light snow is likely on Friday.  If the skies clear on Friday night, temperatures near zero would not be out of the question.  But, any clouds or wind and we may only get down to the mid to upper single digits.  Like that’s any consolation. 

Yesterday, I pointed out the potential for another round of winter weather early next week.  I see that the guys on TV are now making mention…do they read my blog?  Maybe but in all likelihood they saw the same data that I did and now see it again so they are giving it some consideration.  So, if this shakes out, this is how it goes.  Our temperatures move up toward 4o on Sunday in advance of the next system.  That makes sense…storm approaching, flow becomes southerly and temperatures climb.  Then we get a cold rain on Monday keeping the groundhog in his hole which would mean more winter.  That rain turns to snow late Monday into Tuesday.  Right now, the GFS has increased its snow prognastication to something between 4 and 7 inches followed by more pretty cold air.

How this would materialize would fit the tv guy’s idea that we have to have cold air and then a storm within 24 hours.  This past event shows the frivolity of that “rule of thumb” but this next one would prove to fit that model.  Front approaches on Sunday, temps rise. Front comes through on Monday, rain.  Upper level trof shows up in the jet stream and digs all the way down to the Gulf Coast and picks up a low forming off the Louisiana coast.  That low zips up through the flow, brings a bunch of Gulf moisture and tosses it up over the cold air and, voila, we get more winter weather.  The ECMWF also has that solution.  My guess is that this scenario will play out.  The question on the table would be the track of the low.  If it gets picked up at the right time, it moves just to our east and we get dumped on.  If it’s slow to move, then it would get shunted more to the east, say from New Orleans to Raleigh and then we wouldn’t get much snow.  So, it’s out there  and the prospects of another pretty decent winter event is certainly possible.


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  1. We lost power late Tuesday night. I took off yesterday and am writing from my warm office. I’m not caught up on my “Symon Sez” reading! Well, I like snow but you can have the ice. At least it is pretty to look at. Actually, I think a lot of the fun of snow is looking out and seeing the cold snowy scene outside while you’re warm and comfortable inside. Of course, when you’re not warm and comfortable it sort of takes some of the enjoyment out of it! At any rate, I said I was hoping for some snow and we’ve got it…so, I’m not complaining. A little deviation from normal life is kind of fun sometimes. Hopefully we’ll have power back before it gets to be tiring. We’re giving the kerosene heater a pretty good work-out at my house. It seems to work really well. The unit that we have is rated for indoor use and I am amazed at how low the odor is. You get a kerosene smell when it is first lit then that’s it. It really puts out the heat! I’m thankful to have it but I’ll be glad when we get electricity again. With two little ones running around I never feel good about having a red-hot heater in the middle of the room! I’m glad that you and Snow White didn’t lose power. After what you guys went through a few weeks ago you deserve a little break! Think warm thoughts for us, OK?

  2. I wondered how you made out. Suddenly the phone decided to go out on Thursday morning…after I had already called and told them that the phone was working it was just the line on the ground. Take it from me, being cold inside is no fun. Try to stay warm as best you can. I’ve got to see about that little system early next week to see if its still of any interest.

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