No Harmony and No Bike

Historical Marker

Historical Marker

On This Date In History: George Rapp had this idea of building the perfect, harmonious society and he began by building Harmony, Indiana just northwest of Evansville.  The Harmonists were pretty successful financially and spiritually, though Rapp’s teaching was a bit odd at times.  When his predicted Second Coming didn’t materialize in 1829, he simply announced a postponement. 

R.D. Owen, son of Robert Owen

R.D. Owen, son of Robert Owen

By that time he had sold Harmony and established a new town, Economy, in Pennsylvania.  Harmony was sold in 1825 to industrialist Robert Owen who renamed it New Harmony and tried to make it the perfect communal environment.  This attracted a partner, William Maclure who arrived on April 12, 1826 with other reformers, scientists and educators on the ship the “Boatload of Knowledge.”  These guys, including

I Doubt if New Harmony Ever Looked Like This

I Doubt if New Harmony Ever Looked Like This

Stedman Whitwell, came with their own ideas of paradise.  Whitewell was an architect and social reformer who had the great idea of changing every city’s name.  Owens had promised equality for all, as long as you were white, and strove for universal happiness.  Whitwell was bent out of shape for towns being named for someone else…like Washington!  He proposed that every town be given a name in which the letters represented it’s latitude and longitude.  New York would be Otke Notive and Washington DC would be Felli Nyvul.  I guess the folks in New Harmony didn’t buy what he was selling because they didn’t change the name to Ipba Venul.  And he’s not the only one that failed. 

Everyone Got Along Better in New Harmony by 1895

Everyone Got Along Better in New Harmony by 1895

The town itself failed within two years as the communal living of New Harmony found problems.  See, the industrious weren’t too happy with the lazy because only part of the people were doing all of the work. And the lazy weren’t  happy because they were being forced to work.  Not exactly “universal happiness.”  If you ever  wondered why it is that communist societies almost exclusively have been under some sort of authoritarian regime, this is a great example.   It’s something Karl Marx didn’t tell you about and it’s why communism is fading from the world stage.

You can still visit New Harmony today and they have all sorts of restored buildings and such.  The above picture is what Whitwell imagined as his perfect city.  I’m not sure if the walls were intended to keep people intruders out or to keep the people in.

Here’s a link to a website telling you more about New Harmony, Indiana.

Practice what you Preach:  So, a city commissioner of Fort Lauderdale pushed for reforms to prevent bicycle theft.  Tim Smith must have been a bike enthusiast and was trying to help his fellow bikers.  Last Monday, he was cycling along when he came upon an auto accident and stopped to render assistance.  When he returned, his bike was gone.  When he went to the authorities, he revealed that his bike was, in fact, not registered.  Here’s the story of the man who sounds like he’s ready for Congress so he can pass laws for others to follow.

Weather Bottom Line:  So, we had a nice day of recovery for New Year’s Day.  On New Year’s Eve, Snow White and I were at a small party when at midnight, I thought I heard someone banging at the window numerous times.  The window was rattling.  Turns out it wasn’t a reveler coming over to help celebrate…no…it was a neighbor firing off his 9 mm. pistol numerous times.  We did not go outside to bang pots and pans. 

GFS 12Z Wednesday

GFS 12Z Wednesday

Now, the nearterm forecast holds true as we warm up this weekend with a rainy Sunday.  It’s



not out of the question that we push the mid to upper 50’s if we get some breaks in the rain.  Rumble of thunder or two won’t be too far fetched if that happens.  Anyway, the real story for me is the middle of next week.  The GFS has kinda gone back to its older solution which is rain on Tuesday turning to snow on Wednesday as an area of low pressure swings out of the Rockies into Texas and then around and up our way from the southwest.  This pattern is the one that gives us the best chances for good snow, but we need to have all the ingredients in place….like cold air.  In this case, the low draws up warm air with the rain and then on the backside of the low, the cold air comes down and there would probably be a period of some sleet before it turns to snow.  Right now the GFS is calling for about 2 inches of snow.  I doubt if that much would accumulate since the ground would probably be a shade warm to begin with.  But…all of this is dependent on the track of the low.  If you look at the NOGAPS and compare it to the GFS at 12Z Wed, you find a good illustration.  The NOGAPS has the low past us and the freezing line (540) to our northwest, which means rain.  Meanwhile, the GFS has the freezing line well to our south.  Keep in mind that the NOGAPS is a tropical model and the GFS has been changing its story almost every run.  So, the song remains the same…its not out of the question for us to get some excitement on Wednesday but I wouldn’t bet the ranch.


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  1. That Tim Smith is a definite candidate for Congress, Will you vote for him?Have a Wonderful Day. Oh Yeah, Sorry for the bump. Tim

  2. You Tims Stick together

  3. You Tims stick together…though in this case,he could be a VIC-tim

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