Light Up the New Year!

Looks Like Me Trying to Forecast

Looks Like Me Trying to Forecast


On This Date in History:  In 1876, Thomas Edison did perhaps the smartest thing he ever did.  He created an

Edison Invention Factory

Edison Invention Factory

invention factory.  He moved his staff of 15 people into a large clapboard building filled with all sorts of scientific equipment and chemicals in Menlo Park, New Jersey which was then just a small rural hamlet.  I’m not certain but it may have been the first research laboratory ever established and Edison proclaimed that he would produce “a minor invention every ten days and a big thing every six months or so.”  At the time, many thought the claim was preposterous but 10 years later, Edison had been granted 420 patents…that averages out to one every 3.5 months.

First Edison Light Bulb

First Edison Light Bulb

Perhaps his most famous invention was the first practical incandescent light bulb.  Note the word “practical.”  See, other people had applied for patents for lights but they didn’t last too long.  They tried to “sub-divide” electric light or somehow make it weaker.  Edison for his part kept trying to use a filament to electrify and make glow.  He kept trying platinum but it kept burning up.  So, he used a sort of cardboard covered in carbon but that didn’t work so well either until he created a vacuum in glass.  The filament didn’t burn but instead glowed brightly.  On this date in 1879, Thomas Alva Edison lit up the new year by demonstrating for the first time publically his incandescent light.

A couple of other items.  First off, by June 1882, Edison had demostrated how the light could

Southern Exposition 1883

Southern Exposition 1883

be used in a system and wires were laid and a small area of New York was illuminated.  But, on August 1, 1883 20,000 incandescent lights burned brightly in the largest display ever seen in the world.  I believe that represented more lights than existed in all of New York City.  The place of this display?  Louisville, Kentucky at the Southern Exposition.  The building was a huge palacial area that stood for five years during the time of the exposition.  It stood where you will find St. James Court today.  Now, Edison gets all of the credit for the electric light and a whole slew of other inventions.  But, he had an entire staff working for him.  I’ve always wondered how many of those inventions really came about due to the ideas and work of his staff.  Certainly it was Edison’s inspiration, but I wonder about the rest.  I suppose it may be a case of those who have the gold makes the rules.

GFS Snow Accumulation Through Friday Evening

GFS Snow Accumulation Through Friday Evening

Weather Bottom Line: A little front on Tuesday night will make for a cold Wednesday with blustery conditions.  The high will only be in the mid to upper 30’s but a north wind will make it feel colder than that.  Ring in the New Year bundled up because we will fall to the upper teens and low 20’s.  New Year’s Day will feature sunshine but we will only struggle to near 40.  Now, if you look at the GFS snow depiction above for Friday, you don’t see much. The system dropping down will be moisture starved and the GFS is the most aggressive of the models so don’t count on much. In fact, the sounding shows that temperatures at all levels will be below freezing but it may not be cold enough for crystalization.  Hence, if we do see any precipitation, it may fall as sleet. Either way, it shouldnt be significant.  Now, don’t get your hopes up just yet, but the GFS is advertising cold air and a system lifting up from the southwest with a bunch of Gulf moisture.  If this feature times out right and goes on the right track, then that may be the best snow chance we have seen thus far this season.  But…its a long way out…the GFS often changes its mind this far out and there are lots and lots of scenarios and the elements have to come together just right for something worthwhile to happen…if it does, hopefully it won’t involve ice…but  in any event….its out there and really at this point is more promising than Friday.


5 Responses

  1. I do agree with you, Thomas Alpha Edison was a great inventor.

  2. I hope the earth is hollow. It would make digging to China easier.

  3. Where do you get your facts from? They are amazing.
    I follow your blog regularly – discovered you on Alpha Inventions.
    Not sure if this is fact or just one of the stories that get associated with famous persons … the assistant who handled the first bulb dropped and shattered it. Edison spent some more time to develop the second one and gave it to same assistant to keep it properly. You can bet that the assistant would have been extra careful (he would have been extra careful even otherwise, but Edison wanted to show that events are transient – they happen – while trust developed by showing such faith is for ever.)
    I wonder if you could confirm this story.

  4. I became a published historian recently…I had nothing better to do and I have all sorts of books. I try to check my facts though. I’m also a meteorologist with a physics background and also was a financial consultant. So, I’ve got some background in various things. I’ll have to check on the story you spoke of. Thanx for your contribution.

  5. light bulbs are good for lighting the home but stay away from incandescent lamps because they generate so much heat “`,

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