Government Conspiracy: The Earth is Hollow! Snow Friday?


A little Flu Update:  If you’ve been a regular visitor to this here blog, then you can recall the information that I set forth about the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918.  That pandemic killed 50 million around the world and it has been a mystery as to how that strain of flu got so tough.  Well, researchers may have found an answer.  Somehow these guys have managed to find three genes that were specific to the 1918 bug that caused the flu to cause extreme pneumonia.  What seems scary to me is that they have recreated the virus or at least have that virus.  Maybe I’ve seen too many movies but let us hope that someone doesn’t swipe the virus or it doesn’t inadvertantly get released.  Here’s the story of the latest discovery.

Harper's Weekly 1882 Symmes Hole Illustration

Harper's Weekly 1882 Symmes Hole Illustration

On This date in History:  This one is pretty odd.  On This date in 1823, the citizens of Hamilton and Rossville

John C Symmes II

John C Symmes II

Ohio heard a lecture by John Symmes and the following day the two towns passed resolutions that the earth was hollow!

In the late 17th Century, astronomer Edmund Halley suggested that the earth had four concentric spheres and that there was a hollow area in the center with small entrances at each pole.  Inside the hollow area, Halley said there was life and there was illumination.  He thought that the auroa was caused by gasses being released from the openings at the poles.  Well, this guy John Symmes carried on that idea and began a series of lectures designed to gain financial support for an expedition.  He said, “I ask 100 brave companions…to start from Siberia…I engage we find a warm and rich land, stocked with thrifty vegetables and animals…northward of latitude 82.”  He wanted to sail over curved rim of a polar hole into a hollow earth.  Believe it or not, Symmes not only convinced the people of the Ohio towns, but also  some Congressmen who tried to get public funding for the expeditions.  A hollow earth fellow traveler, Jeremiah Reynolds, joined the chorus by stressing the commercial potential of the eccentric expedition.  Today, Congress might hide an earmark for the funding but in 1823, it showed fiscal restraint.

Reed's Version of Symmes Hole

Reed's Version of Symmes Hole

However, that restraint didn’t last too long because, 15 years later, the Congress actually appropriated $30,000 for Charles Wilkes to sail to Antarctica.  In 1838, Wilkes set sail with 6 wooden ships to check out the South Pole.  He first tried to nose in but was rebuffed when amidst strong winds, high seas and pack ice, one of his ships sunk taking the full crew with it.  So, he decided on a different route, venturing into the South Pacific and charting Hawaii, Tahiti and Samoa.  Sounds like the government funded a nice vacation in island paradises to me.  However, unlike Fletcher Christian, Wilkes did not get so enamoured by Tahiti and he sailed to Australia and then to the South Pole.  He actually ended up making a pretty decent map of the frozen continent and today there is a 1500 mile stretch of coastline in Antarctica named Wilke’s Land.

None of that would have happened without the outlandish claims of Symmes and Reynolds, who planted the seed for Congress to fund an expedition to Antarctica to find the hole in the earth.  Now, when Admiral Byrd flew over the poles(1926 and 1929), it should have put to rest the rumors of a hollow earth.  But, like those who want to chase Chemtrails, hollow earth proponents refused to  accept the facts and instead claim that Byrd actually entered “Symmes Hole” because Byrd had referred to Antarctica as the “Land of Everlasting Mystery” and said, “I’d like to see the land beyond the pole.  That area beyond the pole is the center of the great unknown.”   In 1906, William Reed took a different tact and said there was no north and south pole but instead there were entrances to the center of the earth and in 1913, Marshall Gardiner went so far as to say that there was sun 600 miles in diameter in the center of the earth.  Of course, no one has reported any holes but…the claim was it was a government cover-up!!   So, there you have it…it can’t be any more clear…Admiral Byrd has gone into the hollowed out earth and there is a government conspiracy to prevent anyone from finding out…I told you that it sounded  like Chemtrails. 

GFS Snow Accumulation Friday Evening

GFS Snow Accumulation Friday Evening

GFS Precipitation Friday

GFS Precipitation Friday

Weather Bottom Line:

We have a system that will drop down on Friday.  If you look at the GFS critical thickness,

GFS Critical Thickness Friday

GFS Critical Thickness Friday

all lines are south of our region.  However, it would appear that moisture is limited with this scenario and the GFS tosses out numerically less than a quarter  inch of snow.  That’s it.  Now, just because the GFS has all of the critical lines south, it does not mean that will necessarily  come to bear.  Instead, it would be possible that what precipitation does occur could very well do so during a time of transition and so some of the critical thickness lines may indeed not be so neatly lined up and instead there could be air at the surface that is slightly above freezing or perhaps even some layers in between the bottom and top of the atmosphere that is above freezing as it is precipitating.  So, this bottom line at this time would be perhaps a little nuisance snow at best with a real possibility that we have a mixed bag of stuff that will not bring joy to anyone.  It’ll be fun to watch and see how it shakes out but I wouldn’t break out the snow shoes just yet.  I’m really getting tired of us being cold but not getting any action.  Quite boring.  Snow White and I spent Christmas in Houston where it was in the mid to upper 70s most of the time and if we can’t have snow, then I’d rather have that than this boring, cold stuff.  But alas…in the words of US Grant..”man proposes, God disposes.”


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  1. I’m glad that you and Snow White had a nice Christmas with the family, Mr. Symon. 70 degrees sounds pretty nice but I’m like you, I’d rather have some snow! It’s a shame to waste all this cold without at least a little snow. It sounds like we might have some real cold in here next week. Maybe we can persuade a little moisture to come around so all that cold won’t go to waste. Oh, well. We’ll see what “God disposes”.

    Unusually interesting post today, which is saying a lot–your posts are always interesting. I had no idea that the race to the poles was at least in part motivated to prove that the earth was hollow. Maybe the search for the source of Chemtrails will spark something good (even though it’s poppycock, in my opinion). Well, we can hope anyway. The conspirists have always been around. I guess the belief that the world is REALLY controlled by an oligarch of a few powerful men in a back room somewhere has always been attractive. I am surprised at the number of intelligent people that I know who think that GW and the oligarch engineered 9/11 for the own nefarious purposes. What utter nonsense. I prefer to think that the world is REALLY controlled by someone more powerful than man. It is a very thin thread that is holding this all together if you really think about it. Anyway, I guess that people will believe what they like to believe.

    The 1918 flu pandemic is indeed a scary thing. Apparently there are laboratories all over the world working on this thing. It is not out of the question that someone could get a hold of one of these deadly strains. Whether on it’s own or by someone’s device it seems only a matter of time before another pandemic will strike. The world is much smaller now than it was in 1918 so a pandemic could spread much more quickly and easily than it did 90 years ago. Hopefully our Lord will be merciful to this generation.

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