Pres. Gets Expensive Gift! Cut Off Ear Nets Millions

Who Says There Is No American Aristocracy? On this date in history, 1923, President Woodrow Wilson was given a new 1923 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Pall Mall as a birthday present from his friends. I doubt if Santa could top that.

Cut Off Your Ear For $90 Million?

Cut Off Your Ear For $90 Million?

On the other side of the spectrum, a depressed and poor painter, Vincent Van Gogh must have thought Santa was bringing him a lump of coal because on this date in 1888, he took a razor and chopped off part of his left ear. I’ve never read why he chose to do that but he did end up making a painting called Self Portrait With Bandaged Ear. Though the price was never confirmed, a private collector is said to have paid $90 million for the painting. In one of the odd twists of societal history, Van Gogh had no clue he would be remembered. See, he only sold one painting his entire life! Maybe if he could see into the future he wouldn’t have felt so bad as to make him want to chop off his ear…but then again, if he had, he would never have painted a self portrait of himself with a bandaged ear…and then some rich guy would have had to find something else to do with his $90 million.

This Christmas Season, if you’re feeling down, don’t fret. Like Van Gogh, you have no idea how many people’s lives you have touched and will touch in the future. Your value on this crazy old earth is priceless…more than the richest art collector could afford.

GFS Snow Accumulation Through Christmas

GFS Snow Accumulation Through Christmas

Weather Bottom Line: For Louisville and points to the south, it would appear that the threat of icing is minimal as it would appear that temperatures at all levels will be above freezing by the time the rain gets going here Tuesday night.  Now, the northern part of the viewing area may be more susceptable to a brief time of freezing rain and or sleet Tuesday night.  The GFS, which you see above, does not want to paint any snow whatsoever for any part of the area through Christmas Day.  My guess is that will be the most likely scenario.  The NAM on the other hand wants to keep things cold enought that there would be snow accumulation in the extreme western and northern counties.  I doubt that will be the case.  Otherwise, Wednesday will be wet.  Christmas Day will be on the chilly side before a big warm up gets going on Friday into the first half of the weekend with somewhat cooler and seasonal conditions for Sunday.  There will be several chances for rain over the weekend.


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