A Not So Secret Washington Sex Scandal; It’s Cold!

There May Be a Good Reason Alexander Hamilton Got in So Many Duels

There May Be a Good Reason Alexander Hamilton Got in So Many Duels

I Told You To Expect Single Digits!

I Told You To Expect Single Digits!

Told you it would be cold.  And I also told you that we’d get to the single digits but it was even

Monday Morning Forecast Lows

Monday Morning Forecast Lows

colder than I expected.  It’s gonna be tough to get above 20 on Monday.  Tuesday will be cold but a warm front will lift up and bring showers in the afternoon.  The concern would be that the low layer air and freezing ground will result in icy conditions.  However, both the GFS and NAM do not want to start putting out precipitation until Tuesday evening when the mercury has already moved above freezing.  Should this pan out then one would think that icy spots would be minimal though I suppose that some roads may be a bit slow to get above freezing so there may be a slight risk of a few isolated icy spots.  After that, temperatures will be at or above seasonal averages for the following several days.  Sorry..no White Christmas here.

A Philandering Father?

Hamilton: A Philandering Father?

On This Date in History:  Alexander Hamilton’s face is on the $10 dollar bill.  He was a confidant of General Washington and served as the first Secretary of the Treasury.  He had a strong political disagreement with Thomas Jefferson as Jefferson favored a weak central government and Hamilton wanted a strong central government in relation to the power of the states.  But, Hamilton had a way of rubbing people the wrong way beyond politics.  He was known to duel to end disputes and was eventually gunned down in a duel  by Aaron Burr, who was the sitting Vice-President at the time.    What caused Hamilton to get in so many scrapes and raise the ire of so many people?  This little tale may shed some light and make one ponder how he got to have his face on our money.

Hamilton apparently had flowing red hair and deep blue eyes and ladies found him quite aluring.  He was married with children but his reputation as a ladies man persisted.  In 1791, a woman came to his door asking for money, claiming that her husband had left she and her child destitute.  Maria Reynolds did not receive money during that visit.  Instead, Hamilton went to her boardinghouse room with $30 and then proceeded to take advantage of the situation.  That was the beginning of a long affair.  Eventually, she even visited him at his home when his family was away.  All was fine until Mr. Reynolds showed up again.

Reynolds demanded financial satisfaction for his wife’s favors.  On this date in 1791, Alexander Hamilton paid

Enquiring Minds Wanted To Know About Hamilton

Enquiring Minds Wanted To Know About Hamilton

Reynolds $1000 to keep quiet.  This did not end the affair though as Reynolds even encouraged Hamiton to continue as he wrote, “I find when ever you have been with her she is Chearful and kind.  but when you have not in some time she is Quite the Reverse.” (note the grammatical errors)  All was still fine until Reynolds got arrested for his involvement in a scam involving phony veterans claims.  In an effort to gain his freedom, he hinted that the Secretary of the Treasury had been involved.  Three Congressmen, including James Monroe, confronted Hamilton who produced 20 blackmail notes as a way of showing his innocence, claiming that he had but one mistaken dalliance.  Hamilton must have had some pretty good bull because they bought it and the matter was dropped…until a drunken publisher who was not fond of Hamilton, James Callender, printed a widely circulated pamphlet detailing the sordid affair. 

Curiously, Hamilton did not have a duel with Callender but instead published all of the blackmail letters.  That did nothing but elevate suspicions that extend to this day.  While the letters did have some grammatical and spelling errors, the vocabulary used was of a very educated indivicual which Mr. Reynolds was not.  Speculation is that Hamilton may have forged the letters in an attempt to cover up his own corruption.  Nevertheless, I suppose that all went away with the gunshot from Aaron Burr.  All was forgotten and Hamilton ended up on the $10 bill.  It is quite interesting what scandals are remembered by history and which are forgotten.


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  1. Nice article dude.i think its very helpfull for people in the world.im waiting for another document that more creative.nice job.

  2. thanks a lot. I will use this in my school project on Hamilton. I find that he was a fascinating man, very intelligent. I like the way you write. Keep up the good work! :]

  3. okay who are you? like, you’re name? (i need to cite this site)

  4. First off, that is a very rude and disrespectful request. I’m not sure who is teaching America’s youth this type of attitude but someone needs to learn manners. I often have kids acting like the world is theirs and we’re all living in it. Second, it’s easy to find the answer with a simply search. I often have kids and parents wanting me to do their homework for them. Third, and this is important, If I were the professor or teacher, I would not accept my site as a credible cite. I do not have any citations myself and therefore you are only taking my word. I always do research my stuff and sometimes provide citation in the text, but I do not do it enough to qualify for an academic citation. My advice would be to search for university websites…actually…my real advice would be to not use the internet at all. It’s not a good research tool. The library is much more acceptable in academic circles. But, if you must use the net, go to credible sites. That is what I did and do…mostly through books though. If you must use my site, do a search and you can find the answer to your question. Sorry…I”m being an old fart and taking a “tough love” approach.

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