Grinches Want Christmas; Elvis Wants a Badge

Elvis Admired Nixon Who Was A Skeptic

Elvis Admired Nixon Who Was A Skeptic

Grinch Stories: Every year, there seems to be some stories that tend to defy the Christmas spirit.  In the past few

Grinch Stories

Grinch Stories

weeks, there have been some that will leave you scratching your head.

Bad California Dreamin’: In California in 2004, a woman crashed her car into a lightpole after a night on the town.  Her friend pulled her from the automobile, claiming that she thought the car would explode.  The driver is now paralyzed and wants to sue her rescuer.  The California Supreme Court said recently that’s okay by them.

A Not So Smart Grinch:  Another one from California….remember how the Grinch went into Whoville and tried to steal Christmas?  Well, a neighborhood in Westminster, CA knew how the folks of Whoville felt when, each night, someone elses Christmas displays disappeared from their lawns.  Then one night, the police responded to a disturbance call.  When they entered the home, they found all of the stolen items and promptly arrested the resident.

How Not To Steal a Christmas Tree: At the Gerald R. Ford Airport in Michigan, they decided to put up a Christmas tree.  On December 2, the tree disappeared.  It didn’t take Columbo to find this Grinch…he left his checkbook behind.

Bus Riders Benefit from Anti-Grinch:  How about a little Christmas cheer to wind up this segment?  A bunch of folks in Spokane, WA were settling in to take a ride when a woman appeared and handed each one an envelope.  She quickly disappeared.  Inside each envelope was a $50 bill.  The cards simply said “from a friend, to a friend.”  That’s more like it.

Elvis' Letter That Gained Him Audience With President

Elvis' Letter That Gained Him Audience With President

On This Date in History: In early December, 1970 the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley met with Vice-President

Notes Show Nixon Skepticsm Of Elvis As Secret Agent

Notes Show Nixon Skepticsm Of Elvis As Secret Agent

Spiro T. Agnew to offer his celebrity status to help in the campaign against drug use.   Apparently, Elvis was non-plussed with Spiro because on this date in 1970, Elvis simply showed up at the White House gate and handed the guard a note to the President that said that he did not agree with nor associate with the Black Panthers, the Drug Culture or the Hippies whom he thought hated America.  The note said that he wanted to “help the country out” and asked that he be made a “federal agent at-large.”  I’m not sure if there is such a thing but the guard phoned it in and Elvis was whisked in to see the President.  I guess kings can just show up unannounced to see the President.

Probably star-struck, the guard failed to do a proper security check and Elvis met President Richard Nixon and presented him with a Colt .45 from World War II!  He and Nixon chatted and Presley again said that he wanted to do what he could to influence young people, get musicians to reject drugs and help oppose anit-Americanism.  The odd couple posed for pictures and Elvis ended by giving the President a hug.  Nixon never did give the King of Rock and Roll a position as a drug agent, but he did write him a nice note.

Elvis died in 1977 of heart failure….which is suspected to have been caused in part by his abuse of prescription drugs.

Monday Midday NAM Temps Upper Teens

Monday Midday NAM Temps Upper Teens

Weather Bottom Line: The weather story remains on line…after a cloudy and chilly Saturday with temperatures in the 40’s, an area of low pressure swings through Saturday night bringing some light rain.  But, it doesn’t have much moisture to work with but does have plenty of cold air behind it.  Sunday will be lousy.  We go below freezing probably around 5 AM (just before the onset of Winter at 7:04AM)  and don’t come out of the freezer until Tuesday night.  There may be an early flurry but the real story will be temperatures falling to the low to mid 20’s by late afternoon and winds blowing some 12-25 mph with higher gusts.  Wind chills will be brutal.  The winds relax and some folks will be in the upper single digits Monday morning.  I still think that some people will have a tough time getting to 20 on Monday afternoon with maybe a maxima someplace of say…26 or so.  I still don’t like the idea of a White Christmas either.


3 Responses

  1. You don’t like the idea of a “White Christmas” or you don’t think that it will happen? Hopefully you don’t have anything against Bing Crosby???

    I was sort of hoping for a little snow on Christmas but I guess it’s just not in the cards. That’s OK. I’ve got some travelling to do so it’s probably for the best. Still, I’d rather have a “White Christmas” than a “Wet Christmas”…

  2. In my previous occupation, it seems like that more often than not we had snow on the ground one way or another before the day was done on Christmas. I suspect that you will have to go visit someone in Connecticut for that…I do believe that the movie took place in the Nutmeg State…Eric, I hope you and your expanding family have a very Merry Christmas

  3. Thanks, Mr. Symon. Here’s wishing you, Snow White and your family a Merry Christmas and a HAPPY New Year as well.

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