Odd 2008 Events; Arctic Blast Coming

Some Things Are Just Odd

Some Things Are Just Odd

Odd Events of 2008: I’ve compiled a few things from published magazines that are interesting…

Leave it to the hired help: just last week hockey player Joe Sakic broke 3 fingers and damaged tendons in his

Joe VS the Snow Blower

Joe VS the Snow Blower

hand.  No big deal, right? I mean he’s a hockey player.  He did it clearing snow from his snow blower.  He’ll be out at least 3 months.  That brings to mind the injury of Robert Parish of the Boston Celtics in 1994 when he missed game time after hurting his back shoveling snow.  His teammate Dee Brown suggested that with all the money Parish had, that he should hire someone else to do the shoveling…then he had a second thought: “But, I guess that’s why he has that money still.”  Good point, Dee.  Guess Joe Sakic must have a nice bank account too since he’s doing his own snow removal too but he’ll have to count it with one hand for awhile.

Better late than never? In Texas, a man convicted of murder asked for an appeal.  The judge scheduled an appeal…two days after his scheduled execution date.

Be careful what you ask for : In Michigan, country singer Pat Green asked the audience if anyone had a beer during one of his concerts.  A can of beer came flying from the crowd, hit Green between the eyes, knocking him out cold.

Sounds Like A Future Congressman: A man in Fort Worth was grabbed by the cops for trying to cash a hot check.  It was written for $360 Billion.

On This Date in History: Very odd thing this December 20….in 1892 the inflatable tire was patented.  Before that

Posters Taken Down Dec 20, 1945

Posters Taken Down Dec 20, 1945

tires were often just solid rubber…rather rough ride especially considering the roads were either dirt or often in cities cobblestone.   Very interestingly….on December 20, 1945  the rationing of tires in the US came to an end…53 years to the day that they were patented.  Since World War II, the US has really never been in an all -out war.  Since then, we’ve had Korea, Viet Nam, Persian Gulf and now Iraq and Afghanistan.  All of the conflicts has resulted in the sacrifice of the precious blood of the nation.  But, there has not been a general economic sacrifice as we had in World War II when cities were often in black out, gasoline was rationed, tires were rationed and people were encouraged to plant “victory gardens” so that food supplies may be maintained for the war effort. There were no new appliances or cars or anything.  Everything went to the war effort.  While any war is tragic, we are truly blessed in this nation and most of us have never lived to experience the effects of a real all out war…let’s hope we never find out.

NAM Is Very Cold Midday Monday

NAM Is Very Cold Midday Monday

Weather Bottom Line: The weather warmed up Friday as expected.  But, I confess I said to near 60 and I was way off as we climbed all the way to the upper 60’s on the wings of very gusty winds.  Snow White and I went out Friday night to walk about Cherokee Park and look at the Christmas lights.  With all that wind today and how cold we’ve been, I can’t figure out how some trees still have their leaves.  Anyway, we opened up the windows Friday and I even went out in my flip flops.  The UPS guys came to the door wearing their shorts.  Just another bit of proof that Louisville is not in the South.  People in the South do not wear flip flops or shorts with temperatures in the 60’s.  I’ve seen folks in South Florida in jackets!  We’ll…you’ll be a knucklehead if you don’t have a heavy coat handy over the next few days.

The cold front Friday afternoon came through and the mercury tumbled.  We’re only going to get to the mid 40’s on Saturday.  Then Satuarday night, an area of low pressure swings through the flow almost right over the top of us and drags down very very cold air behind it.  We’ll start out just under the freezing mark on Sunday and will probably be in the low 20’s by the end of the day.  Should be pretty brisk too.  There may be some showers Saturday night with maybe some useless snow early Sunday morning.  By Monday morning it is entirely possible we’re sitting in the single digits in many areas and I wonder if too many people make it very far past 20 in the afternoon.  If you’re looking for a white Christmas, you may need to hit the road because a warm front comes through and our temperatures move to the 40’s for Wednesday.  There will be some showers with another low passing by but it won’t drag down cold air like the one earlier in the week.  Without the cold air, it will be tough to have any snow for Christmas Day so leave the sleds in the garage.


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