Steve Burgin: Fossil, Friend, Birthday Boy

We had a little snow Saturday and it was interesting because the ground was above freezing but the air temperature was not.  So the snow and a gropple-like sleet  melted on contact.  Then the roads got to freezing and suddenly you had the dreaded “black ice.”   There were, I think, over 100 accidents.  While it will be cold again on Sunday, driving should be just fine.
On This Date In History: The Japanese Empire attacked the United States of America in a sneak attack on the pearl_harbornaval and army installations in Hawaii. Some 2500 Americans lost their lives. I will spare the details of the “date that will live in infamy” but I will say that I think there are many who have forgotten to choose to ignore history. As we saw in September 2001, similar incidents are still possible. Admiral Yamamoto, the architect of the event had lived in the United States and knew of the nation’s industrial potential, even though it had been mired in depression for the previous decade. He feared he had awakened a sleeping giant and “given him great resolve.” He was right. The attack ended with the destruction of Japan. I do wonder though what it takes for this nation to have great resolve today. In 1945, the US and its allies eliminated the threat of further attacks by those who attacked us to ensure that they could not do it again.
On this date….a long long long time ago….when the dinosaurs ruled the earth, Mr. Steve Burgin was born. He dinosaur-fossilhas served Louisville honorably and admirably for many years and is known in local palentology circles as the Burginsaurus.  While he may look like a carnivorous beast, in real life he’s a big teddy bear. I’m going to tell a secret: He has helped many many young journalists fulfill their dreams of developing a successful career.


I’ll tell you another secret:  I am proud and honored to be able to call Steve Burgin my friend.  Over the years, he has been a great sounding board and has helped me from time to time.  Like many people who have had the good fortune to work with him, I am a better person for having him as being part of the sum total of my life.  Besides all that…he’s given me some good ties.


Steve Burgin is also a top shelf journalist and Louisville is lucky to have him. He is the first person from this area inducted into the Silver Circle of The Ohio Valley Chapter of the National Television Academy. That small fraternity is considered the “best of the best.” He’s also received the Edward R. Murrow Award and the Scripps Howard National Award for Investigative Reporting as well as several regional Emmy Awards and other honors. He even walked my mother down the aisle at my wedding! He may be a fossil but he’s our fossil and we should all be thankful to have this journalistic treasure in our midst.  See, I have to tell people because the Burginsaurus is really quite shy. He’s really a quite friendly creature, just keep your hands and feet clear at feeding time.


Feel free to email Steve ( and tell him happy birthday. It would be a fine way to acknowledge his efforts to serve the community in so many ways…..besides that..the fire department has outlawed anymore birthday cakes for him due to the potential fire warm greetings would be appreciated I’m sure.


Happy Birthday Steve….and here’s to many more ahead!

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  1. birthday wish sent! 😀

  2. Happy Birthday leyla

    February 24 (2009)

  3. hi, i would like to know more about dinosurs egg would you please write back and tell me more about dinosurs eggs please thankyou!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

    your friend,
    tara iser

  4. ShultzI know nothing

  5. it is fabulous .it is very use full for students.

  6. Dear Mr. Burgin my story ideal is about Churchill Downs wanting casinos in Ky. i can’t believe that i am the only person that remembers just a few years ago Churchill Downs and their lobbiers were against casinos. Now they want them but want most to be at race tracks. I am not against casino gambling, just the opposite, we could have had them years ago if not for their opposition. I don’t see why most of the casinos should be at race tracks, other than for Churchill Downs to be able to cash in on the popularity of them. If you decide to use this ideal please let me know when. Your friend Earl Scott

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