Is There A “Chemtrail” Conspiracy?


Forecast is going as expected…Tuesday the sun comes out but it will be tough to get out of the upper 30’s and low 40’s.  Wednesday, we get to the low to mid 50’s but clouds and rain come back for Wednesday evening. Then we are in the low to mid 20’s at night and mid to upper 30’s into the first half of the weekend.  If anyone tells you there is snow in the forecast, remember this past Monday.  There was a lot of talk and not much reality.  The same would be the case….maybe a flake or two on Saturday or even potentially early Thursday morning but nothing worth talking about.  Our average high from Nov. 15 until now has been 43 degrees.  That is what we expect in January.  I’m afraid to open my gas and electric bill.<meta name=”blogcatalog” content=”9BC9289454″ />"Chemtrails" Over Las Vegas


Supposed Proof of Chemtrails over Iraq in 1991 from US Military

"Chemtrails" Over Iraq from US Military 1991

I recently got an email from a gentleman who urged me to click on a link regarding new evidence about chemtrails.  He had some experience with aviation and so I gave it a shot.  It was a  link associated with a guy from New Mexico to whom everyone who writes or calls me wants me to link to.  Yet, most of these well intentioned people can never really  give me any explanations themselves.  In the most recent case, I was given the often told tale that contrails do not last a long time but chemtrails do.  When I presented the reason why that is a mistaken premise, the gentleman politely told  me that he didn’t agree and that was that.  I have nothing for today so I am giving a replay of two posts on the subject.  This is pretty long..probably too long…but it provides my questions that never get answers and then an explanation about clouds and meteorological references from real live professors whose work is used by mainstream meteorological institutions across the nation.

B-17 WWII Contrails...Kinda Looks Like Iraq 1991

B-17 WWII Contrails...Kinda Looks Like Iraq 1991

I beg you folks out there to please give me some good answers to the questions I ask.  I’m not saying that the idea is necessarily wrong, but I am saying that I have yet to get reasonable answers.  So, here they are….have fun if you have time.

From what I understand, the idea is that someone is spraying the atmosphere with harmful chemicals. I have yet to have a conspiracist tell me who these people are. They will not say its the government or the military or even a foreign entity. But, its someone. They claim that the evidence is visual, that the contrails we see in the sky are really chemicals being sprayed out. They say that real contrails disappear after 60 seconds and that these long lasting trails, that spread out widely are not normal and not like they used to be. They also claim the criss-crossing pattern is not normal air-traffic and offer more evidence.

B-17 Contrails WWII Let Enemy Know Where They Were....unless they were secret "Chemtrails"

B-17 Contrails WWII...Early "Chemtrail" Conspiracy?

I have yet to find any credible, substanative evidence to support any of the claims I’ve pointed out or others. On websites there are statistics cited and evidence presented yet there is nothing to go on but the author’s word. I do know that callers have never been able to answer a few questions, nor have I found the answers on a website. Here are four:

1) If this is the effect of something more than just routine aviation, who is doing this and why? (the answer I often get is “that’s for you to find out.)

2)If they are spraying Louisville, why do they do it at 25k to 35k feet? Upper level winds would take those particles in all liklihood to the Atlantic ocean. I offer that there is a reason why crop dusters fly at 30 feet off the plants and not 30,000 feet. (The counter to this is that the chemtrails are low level…. I took the bait last weekend and I’d estimate 25,000 feet)

3)If the conspirators are in this country, how do they prevent themselves from being affected by the spray of the general population.

4)If the trails are indeed sinister “chemtrails”, then the fact that the clouds remain visible means that the particles are indeed suspended at that height and are not descending.(the response typically is verfication that the person has no fundamental understanding of thermodynamics or even simple items such as condensation nuclei)

Now the pictures above are supposedly evidence. It is suggested that air traffic controllers do not allow aircraft to fly on the same plane at the same altitude. I am not certain of the veracity of that claim. In my mind, there is also no possible way to tell with the naked eye the varing levels of the trails from a singular point directly below. Nevertheless, this photo and others seem to show that the crossing trail is above the others. Typically, if you are skeptical of the claims you are called closed minded or riduculed as being part of the societal ostriches with your head in the sand.

Here’s the bottom line: The internet is extremely limited as a research tool. Teach your kids to go to the library and learn library skills. Just because someone makes a claim on the internet that a photo is one thing or a piece of prose is indeed “historical fact”, doesn’t mean its true. Verify the facts with credible sources! I had claims also made to me that the 16th Amendment was fraudulently passed so the income tax is unlawful, that the IRS is headquartered in Puerto Rico and that the Federal Reserve is a fraud, illegal and unconstitutional. Certain aspects of the claims were valid….just enough to make someone think everything stated was true when in fact, the totality of the evidence suggests otherwise.

Its the old adage….don’t believe everything you read! Especially on the internet….which means you should read my work with a skeptics eye. However, I challenge you to offer a different viewpoint or point out fact I encourage it. The internet is a great place to exchange ideas but its a lousy place to hang your hat on.

Feel free to do a search on chemtrails and find out what is out there on the world wide web. Many of the sites you will find mention Art Bell. Find out of there is any real academic support for this. See what you think. Here is a link from one of the main proponents….from New Mexico.

Here’s  a link from a guy who says its the military….at least he has a villain.

(here is a follow up post after readers suggested that “steam” came off jet engines which of course Mr. Watt would have been happy to know…it was obvious we needed a review of basic atmospheric physics and condensation, evaporation and sublimation)

I can tell that we need a little background about condensation and cloud formation if we want to get a handle on this contrail caper. Let’s begin with the definition of a contrail according to the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Weather:

“a straight, narrow line of ice crystal clouds produced by flying aircraft. Condensation trails(contrails) may occur in several short segments at various angles to each other, depending on flight paths.”

Funny How These "Chemtrails" are all over the marine environment off CA coast and no clouds at all over dry inland location

"Chemtrails" off CA coast over Marine Environment; Clouds Lacking Over Dry Continental Environment....what a surprise!

Contrails are really nothing but man-man cirrus clouds. Like cirrus clouds, contrails are found at high levels of the atmosphere, generally 25,000 to 35,000 feet in a nearly saturated environment where air temperatures are very cold…typically colder than 25 degrees below zero Farenheit. When an aircraft, jet or turbo prop, flies through such an environment, the engine exhaust emits not steam but water droplets. Those water droplets freeze into ice crystals. If the environment is very dry, however, evaporation or sublimation occurs and there is no cloud or trail formation. When a trail of clouds is formed, it will last as long as it is in a nearly saturated environment. If it is marginally saturated then the trail will disappear relatively rapidly. If it is nearly saturated, then it will last. This type of phenomena has been recorded and noted since the advent of higher altitude aviation, most prominently in high altitude bombing by the Allies in WWII with such aircraft as the B-17 Flying Fortress or the B-29 Superfortress. In both cases, long lasting contrails allowed the enemy to pinpoint the aviator’s location so contrails were not a bomber pilot’s friend.

A warming environment or one with dry air intrusion will cause the trail to dissipate through sublimation. A lowering of temperatures or one with moisture intrusion increases condensation and therefore more clouds, not less.

Again, the Aududon Society explains: “When the the air at the aircraft level is near saturation, a contrail may last a long time. When they start to become diffuse, contrails can spread to form a major cloud cover…The amount of air traffic over a region also strongly influences the occurrence of contrails. An increased number of contrails, together with portions of other stratiform clouds moving into an area, may indicate a local atmospheric change due to an advancing weather system.”

I thought about this when I was at the Bats’ game last night. I looked up and saw a jet with a contrail going east while another crossed the trail behind it going south. The trails made a T-formation. Above those two trails was another jet with a trail that lasted for maybe 15 seconds behind it. The environment in which it flew was way too dry to produce a lasting cloud while below, the cold atmosphere had more moisture. At about 2000 feet, there was a SW Airlines plane making a final approach to Standiford Field. There was no contrail. Its not cold enough to produce contrails at low levels and the atmosphere was nothing close to saturation necessary to form other cloud types.

Just remember, while sometimes the simplest explanation is the most reliable, more often the truth is not found on the surface but instead requires careful analysis and thought. Calling someone names does not make them wrong nor change the facts.

For more insight, see the following reputiable sources:

Holton, James R. An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology. 2nd edition (London: Academic
Press Inc, 1979)
Battan, Louis J. Fundamentals of Meteorology. (Englewood, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1979)
McIlveen, Robin. Basic Meteorology: A Physical Outline. (Berkshire, UK: Van Norstrand
Company Ltd., 1986).


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  1. Alpha inventions rocks!

    I often look up at contrails and think, what if these appeared in the 17th century? then there would have been all sorts of wonderful explanations. Witches at angels eleven?

    I wonder what the Brazilian forest dwellers who have never heard of airplanes think?

    Contrails are far more entertaining than say your average comet with comparatively wispy trails.

    When airplanes are outmoded, by teleports and pollution regulations, contrails will be remembered as quite exotic.

    I have a friend up north in California who thinks they are spaceships from somewhere.

  2. I remember reading the novel which started the whole chemtrail idea back in the late 50s or early 60s. The story was based on the major nations entering into a secret joint agreement to reduce their populations by spraying chemicals over each other’s territory. It was quite an entertaining novel and in the end it turned out that the chemicals targeted people with RHnegative blood.

    Does anyone remember the name of the book, or the author?

  3. Your analysis is spot on. Your questions more so.
    Internet, being internet does not follow the 80-20 principle. It follows the 95-5 principle: 95% of what you read is junk.

    Ok! Here is an hypothesis. If the Contrails are lasting longer – and this needs to be proven – could it be that the earth is actually cooling down and global warming is just another Chemtrail? I bet someone will pick this up and make a theory out of it. 🙂


  4. You know what’s funny…I never dismiss out of hand chemtrail claims but just ask for proof. Typically I get some stuff that totally defies the laws of physics or other little problems. One guy even tried to tell me about the “steam” from jet engines, to which I said that Mr. Watt would be glad to know that his invention was used in jet aircraft. I never get straight answers nor explanations that are plausible, but I have been called names. In World War II, there were often so many contrails with a B-17 formation that it formed a cirrus cloud deck in what had been a cloudless sky. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story! Thanx for your response.

  5. See what I mean? So many conspiracies, so little time…

  6. They’re everywhere!!

  7. I’m really struggling to show someone that, at the least, most of this conspiracy crap on youtube et all really IS crap. I don’t think he’s too impressed by my skeptical approach. Articles like this help. Thanks.

  8. I keep asking people to provide a sensible explanation and it usually fails the laws of physics.

  9. Actually they are not called “Chemtrails” the proper name for the spray program is the:

    “Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign” (ISDAC)

    You can see the official website here:
    acrf-campaign.arm. gov/isdac/

    They State they operate out of Alaska probably wanting to be as close to the HAARP system as possible since the chemtrails cause the plasma sky which is superheated by the HAARP for the desired effect

    I hate is the metal smell that is on my clothes when I come in from outside and the depopulation aspect also has me concerned.

    Anyway just wanted to share the website. I’m actually happy it’s not the crystalized engine exhaust or con densention trails just lasting longer these days. I don’t know how I would drive on the highway in the winter with all those long spreading white trails of car exhaust on the road. Do you?

    Breathe Deep & Enjoy!!

  10. Thanx for the response. I’ll breath easier now.

  11. Hi, Joe Goomba. You say – I reply.

    “the proper name for the spray program” – They are collecting, not spraying. You should learn the art of accurate reading. It’s useful.

    “probably wanting to be as close to the HAARP system as possible” – In your dreams.

    “since the chemtrails cause the plasma sky which is superheated by the HAARP for the desired effect” – Hmm. An expert? The IONOSPHERE is a HUNDRED MILES UP. Planes only fly up to EIGHT MILES UP. Are you innumerate as well as illiterate?

    “I hate is the metal smell that is on my clothes when I come in from outside and the depopulation aspect also has me concerned.” – I hate the smell of ignorant and sarcastic slander. The depopulation of such slanderers seems like a good idea to me.

    “I’m actually happy it’s not the crystallized engine exhaust or condensation trails just lasting longer these days.” – I corrected your spelling. Exhaust steam at 1100 deg C WILL crystallize to ICE CRYSTALS at -40 deg C. Condensation trails last longer these days because each day sees ONE MILLION TONS of WATER added to the stratosphere by civil aviation.

    “I don’t know how I would drive on the highway in the winter with all those long spreading white trails of car exhaust on the road. Do you?” – No, I don’t. But to avoid that happening, I take care neither to drive NORTH of the Arctic Circle, nor SOUTH of the Antarctic Circle.

    “Breathe Deep & Enjoy!” – I sure will – once you’re out of my sight…

  12. I guess you must be getting the quotes from the links because I never said anything as you have put forth. Also, I have been asking for someone to please present a valid argument in support of the chemtrails conspiracy theory. So far, I have received none.

  13. My reply was to Joe Goomba.
    My criticism of you is merely that you give this bunkum coverage, and an opportunity for Mr. Goomba in your comments, forcing my response.
    HAARP’s ionospheric research has little bearing on the atmosphere. The ionosphere is a HOT vacuum (similar to that obtained in a physical laboratory) with very little material in it – ions – travelling at high speeds. Shining short-wave photons on it causes it to be illuminated in the infra-red, but not visibly. (The use of the ionosphere to reflect short-wave radiation was first used by Marconi et al. in the early twentieth century.) The intensity of HAARP’s microwave energy bears no comparison with the intensity of sunlight during the daytime, but it can be used to strategically deny the airwaves to an enemy, and when focussed to a point may deactivate intercontinental missiles. The rest is BUNKUM.
    There is a considerable BUNKUM industry (a fringe of New Age) selling ORGONE “projectors”, and various snake-oil medicaments. FRAUDS are conducted, involving the deliberate mistranslation of foreign-language articles, the deliberate “photoshopping” of innocent aircraft pictures and the fabrication of obscene claims, which normally arrive as YouTube videos.
    It has been quite possible in all the ten years of “chemtrail bunkum” to have scientifically captured and analyzed the contents of an “obvious chemtrail” and prove the point once and for all.
    This has NOT been done. I suggest that a) these people are anti-science and therefore don’t know how conduct a scientific experiment and/or b) they know if they did they would find trails to be made of ice (which they are).
    Also these people making their absurd claims of the presence in these trails of barium, aluminum, blood products, viruses, bacteria, nannites and “morgellons” seem to be unaware of the thousands of AIR SAMPLERS and filters running day and night in all our cities and technoparks.
    Don’t you think SOMEONE might have noticed SOMETHING?

  14. I think I wrote this in either this post or the one previous. How this all came about was from the phone calls that I got on the subject. One guy I recall was a young guy who was adament. I asked journalist questions such as who, what, where, why and how much. He couldn’t or wouldn’t answer who. He couldn’t say what it was or the goal was. He couldn’t say why and could not say how much. He then went on to how the Federal Reserve was Illegal and that the Income Tax was illegal, never mind the Constitutional Amendment that allowed it or the number of precedent setting legal cases. I thought he was just a misguided youth. Then, an older man called up and he got angry when I pointed out that the jets flying overhead were at about 35000 feet and anything that they were to put out, particularly and aerosol, would end up in the Atlantic or maybe even Europe. So, all I was doing was to try and get someone to have a fuller explanation, especially after I offered some facts regarding atmospheric physics that they had to overcome to make their theory valid and also to answer the who and why question. I have yet to get an answer and….I also wanted to get others to chime in….which you did…so it wasn’t just a forum for the theoristis…it was for you too. So thank you. Feel free to scroll through the blog and find some of the other odd items that I have. How about the guy who claims that Obama did not write his autobiography, but instead it was Bill Ayers?

  15. Well, Symon, so far I’ve coasted through your “about”. It’s nice to meet a meteorologist.
    I started out in the early sixties as an apprentice engineer at the National Gas Turbine Establishment, Pyestock, Hants, UK.
    So here’s a heads-up for you: both car and aircraft engines make principally carbon dioxide and steam, diluted somewhat by atmospheric nitrogen, the latter comprising 4/5 of air (as you know).
    Jet engine outlet temperatures are typically around the 1100 deg C mark, so it is TRUE that jets make steam. Steam is water vapor, and invisible. Steam at 1100 deg C will set fire to paper, of course.
    Observing trails forming about forty feet behind the engines, and knowing they are moving through the air at eight hundred feet per second, one can say it takes a twentieth of a second for that high-temperature steam to cool to, typically, -40 deg C, forming as it does so a microscopic ice crystal around a nucleating molecule such as unburnt carbon from the kerosine fuel. Fast work.
    Thereafter it may sublime or persist depending on air temp and humidity, as I know you know.
    I shall peruse your blog and get back to you. It’s been enjoyable so far. I like your cat names.
    Mine is a serious business, but I think you’ll enjoy it. I’d be grateful for any meteorological information/correction you could provide.

  16. Given your background and area of expertise, I will not endeavor to be drawn into a battle in which I have no chance of winning. When I think of steam, I do not think of the general definition which I suppose would be the condensed form of a vapor of a given substance. Instead, I think of that vapor which was used by Mr. Watt, which would be water. Water vapor condensed as steam has a pretty high latent heat and therefore the amount of thermodynamic potential energy stored in steam is significant, which makes it ideal to move pistons or rotating shafts. While I was not considering a vapor that is made up of a number of substances that condenses to be steam per se, I’m not sure what I would call it except vapor. As you point out, what is given off from a jet engine is not purely water vapor, but also jet fuel exhaust, which is a form of kerosene. So, while I suppose under the general definition of steam, your point is well taken and I am probably misguided, I hardly think that you are suggesting that a jet engine is in fact a steam engine. A steam engine gives off steam…a jet engine has an exhaust of several elements in vapor form that will condense given the proper temperature in relation to the saturation pressure. There is my defense. I throw myself at the mercy of the court. God save the king!

  17. LOL. 🙂 I don’t want to WIN a debate – I just want you to understand the jet engine! So here’s the formula, where C = carbon, H = hydrogen, O = oxygen, and * means times.
    Kerosine is DECANE, represented as C*10 + H*22. The carbon needs 20 oxygen atoms to burn to 20*CO2, and the hydrogen needs 11 oxygen atoms to burn to 11*H2O, and that’s what happens… jet fuel exhaust is no longer any “form of kerosine”.
    That 11*H2O is the steam at 1100 deg C which I have been talking about. The combustion chamber is under pressure due to the rapid expansion due to combustion – but the exhaust pipe isn’t – and thus the thrust (pressure) on the compressor blades IS the thrust of the engine. Those compressor blades are exactly analogous to James Watt’s steam engine piston crown: his was an EXTERNAL combustion engine, whereas a gas turbine is an INTERNAL combustion engine. They are BOTH steam engines, but one is also a gas engine…
    Now you’d better reckon that I’m singing for my supper – my supper being your overview of my meteorological understanding. Are you up for that?

  18. I should have said “20 oxygen atoms to burn to 10*CO2″, dagnabbit.

  19. Your majesty is certainly forgiven….I have to admit I was a bit confused. What is your meteorological query? I will try to answer any questions and if I don’t know the answer, I certainly have my own library to find the answer. My math was not the strong to begin with and I haven’t done it for quite some time. I once derived Einstein’s famous E=MC squared for a physics final, but don’t ask me to do it now. For me, knowing what the formulas were saying was more important that their derivation. I have a bone to pick too…who says my blog is not serious? What can be more serious than the Nudist Prophet!!!?!

  20. OK. I have a criticism (of “chemtrail” videos) which I posted on YouTube comments defining what happens when “condensation trails” are formed on this page:
    It’s entitled “Bigger Follow-up”. It isn’t long.
    Could you check it out and give me your thoughts about it?

  21. PS. When I said my blog was serious, I didn’t in any way mean to imply yours wasn’t.
    I really meant to say mine was DOUR! Well, sometimes. I’ve tried to make it witty and sarcastic, but, hell, the topic is a rough one. And I’m a slugger. 🙂

  22. they are to change the whether they build up and make clouds in idaho the travel to other state and makes t storms

  23. That would be true of contrails. The issue is the viability of the argument regarding chemtrails. Thanx for commenting though.

  24. sure they spray cocain and assortments of other noxious narcotics and ball shrinking gay bombs above my house round the clock maybe 2 dozen times each day with an assortment of topsoil public aerovehicles with stealth units tacked on like a ***ing hillbilly operation ran by mexican migets with a prison rape gaped anus inferiority complex dot dot dot
    i pity the fools though 12 years of spraying that shit and i’m still alive! mwhahahaha you better watch out hive brain cos your about to go prison shower nakey time!!!

    btw this is not some joke written by a fagstain of a dronebot that does not exist i am real and this post is 100% factual only i forgot to mention the nanobots in the water that turn your testicles into estrogen factories

  25. Brilliant!

  26. If one spends any time observing the sky it is quite obvious the spraying is not regular traffic, and is indeed a concerted effort to cover large areas with cloud cover.Who-Government, unmarked, modified Air Force tankers ,The pilots believe its for global warming.
    Why-Any or all of the following and possibly more.Communications,survailence,weather control,population modification, adding metals to our environment, mind control, or it can be part one of a two part effect.Affect- Yes we are ALL breathing it, even Obama. Thats why I lean towards a two part effect, part two could come through the now national digital tv signals.Where- The spraying is national, so the upwind spraying from you is what you get to breathe. I’m 20 miles upwind of NYC and prior to any natural wet weather front my skies are plastered with grids ad x’s destined for NYC.

  27. No substanative proof that it is not regular traffic. Do you know how many flights go over the US a day? In your area, the number of flights at any given time is rather large. Lets say 30. If the atmospheric conditions are right, then all would produce a long lasting contrail. See the photos from World War II with all of those bombers? No substance to the other claims. Your guess about being 20 miles up stream from NYC doesn’t hold either. Suspended aerosols from 30,000 feet, if they were to get to the ground, probably would not come down until at least in Europe, not NYC. In fact, they may go all the way around the world before they ever came down. Dust particals are much heavier than a common aerosol and they have been known to travel all the way across the Atlantic and they originate on the ground, not 6 or 7 miles up. In Houston, we often had red dust on our cars. The source was West Texas….about 700 miles away. Sorry, your argument is not convincing to me but feel free to give me another crack.

  28. nobody jr: “sure they spray cocain(e) – estrogen factories”
    Symon: “Brilliant!”

    I second that. 🙂

    Patriot Joe: “If one spends any time observing the sky it is quite obvious destined for NYC.”

    Patriot, commit yourself. Leave your last refuge…

  29. Strange how this discussion persists. Strange how many people I’ve met who believe in this nonsense. Not so so strange is how every SINGLE one of them is uneducated in the sciences, alienated from society, impoverished financially and socially, and generally miserable.

  30. I live in a very remote area. There are no flight paths over head. I never see any aircraft of any kind, yet ahead of a weather change I see dozens of these, what you call them,”contrails”. I have taken pictures of these for years.

    Could you please explain what I am actually looking at?

    BTW, I live in oz where there is still wide open spaces.

  31. Two guesses. One is that since you are in a remote area, you don’t see any low flying aircraft. Contrails occur at high altitudes. Since you are in “fly over” country, then most aircraft will be flying at levels so high that you cannot see them and in an environment that more consistently produces conditions the favor crystalization to occur. A typical approach of a storm system will produce first a warm front followed by a cold front. The leading edge of a warm front would be the area that would produce cirrus clouds, which essentially is what a contrail is.

  32. Ahead of a weather change the upper (from our point of view) sky, the stratosphere becomes wetter first. This you can tell because there are often thin gauzy layers of CIRRUS entrained in it.
    Because the cirrus veils are permanently-entrained one can infer the air that surrounds them is 100% saturated with water vapor.
    Along comes a plane into this new set of circumstances (all at a temperature of -40 degrees or lower) releasing its 2000 degrees exhaust of hot air, hot nitrogen, hot carbon dioxide and superheated steam, hot trace gases of SOX and NOX, and millions of uncombusted soot particulates, and bingo! you’re going to get a mighty cascading fountain of fine snow crystals as sure as eggs is eggs. I say “mighty” because the AMPLIFICATION of the aircraft exhaust ice can be 10,000-fold. It all depends on the degree of supersaturation that the stratospheric layer has at that particular time.
    These trails are then called persistent contrails by scientists and “chemtrails” by the uninformed.

  33. Just a quick response to dan strayer Nov 28 2009
    instead of looking down your nose at comments posted by well meaning and alarmed blogers.
    Or perhaps you should upgrade the company you keep.
    I am sure that if you had access to a scanning electron microscope you would (if you will excuse the pun) see the evidence that what is falling from the sky is not a natural phenomenon, some one is putting it into the atmosphere and untill you can add something constructive to the debate, perhaps you should go and play with something !!!

  34. VVW,
    Machines known as air samplers have been in public and private use in the Western world for about a half-century, ever since it had become horrifically apparent that every living thing on Earth had become irradiated by the airborne byproducts of hundreds of nuclear bomb tests carried out between 1945 and 1960.
    If you Google “air sampler” you will get 855,000 hits, so I reckon there are thousands of them working, some of them 24/7.
    Wouldn’t you think that after a dozen claimed years of “chemtrailing”, at least ONE of these machines would have picked up EDB, Barium, Aluminum, Morgellons, EDB, or “blood products”?
    Has every machine owner signed some version of the Official Secrets Act, and is keeping stumm?
    Are you “well-meaning” enough to check your sources?

  35. The puff of smoke at the grassy knoll was filled with EDB, Barium, Aluminum, Morgellons and “blood products.” jazz, don’t you watch cable tv at 3AM?

  36. Ah, ha-ha. 🙂
    Indeed. These poisonous products circle the globe.

    We tech-crazed, brainwashed and mind-wiped technocratic mental manipulators just don’t have the vision to see these things.

    Right now I’d certainly like the vision to discover why my IBM machine works at my daughter’s, but not in my house.


    heres a government link, you tell me if they are spraying it?
    and of course gravity has no effect on such small particles does it? so nooooo no welsbach materials will fall on us at all :/

  38. Basics of journalism. Who What Where Why How much. None answered, as usual. Aerosols at altitude would not fall on US territory but instead in the Atlantic Ocean. No explainer thare either.

  39. sorry i am not as educated as you so i guess my assumption that SOMETHING of what gets dropped will make it to us is at ground level is just naive….. and i guess the case of ethyl vs canada
    doesnt mean that we have toxins in our fuel at all either right?of course not .and of course that could NEVER FALL ON US,it will just blow away into the ocean…..wheee lol.


    so now i have learned so much…
    nothing that goes in the atmosphere comes back down on us….is just blows into the ocean…

    contrails can last for hours in locations that normally would not permit this (given the locales weather conditions)

    and lastly i learned that your not out to find the truth your just in denial 🙂

    so to answer your questions,i offer my opinions of what those answers are.(since i dont actually know or claim to)

    who : trans globalist banking families who are the true elites of our world whom believe(and for all intents and purposes they are) that they are above all laws and morals

    how : by misinforming us and using scientists to feed us bullshit while they poison our air food and water,and deterring further research by using mainstream media to make people like you ostracize people like me for not having the resources to prove whats clearly visible.

    what :global genocide from multiple fronts,while disarming the public by making them docile and stupid

    when : for all recorded time

    where : everywhere , almost all facets of information are controlled. this is intentional so that those who could piece things together are unable to get the whole picture.the offenses against happen all over the place i’ve witnessed canada becoming a police state before my own eyes.

    why : to kill the majority of population and thereby consolidate ownership of material possessions and property.

    but i dont have all the links on hand or all the answers so i MUST be some crazed ,uneducated , unethical ghetto child
    born into crime and drugs…

    i’ll bid you adieu now though as i must return to the world that has wind blowing in BOTH directions…. not just towards the atlantic ALL THE TIME….. lol this was a good read though.thanks for that.

  40. There is a reason why crop dusters operate at low levels. Its because if they dropped their load from a higher altitude, then it would not hit the target. An aerosol at 35,000 feet does not fall rapidly. It is caught in wind. In some instances its the jet stream. It can run as high as 150 kts. So, anything released at 35,000 feet say, over St. Louis, would be carried somewhere else. The general flow is west to east in the Northern Hemisphere. The Japanese released balloons holding bombs from way out in the Pacific Ocean. A few made there way to the US. The winds do shift, as you note. But, the mean flow is the same and also those shifts north and south in the Northern Hemisphere do not last long. As one goes up in the atmosphere, the winds also vary. Its called sheer. So, you could drop something from 35,000 feet and, even if it did fall straight to the ground, then it could still encounter winds that differ by as much as 270 degrees. There is also the coriolis force to deal with. If you shot a missile directly from Houston to Chicago wiithout taking coriolis into account. You would miss. Thats because the earth is rotating at 1100 mph. When they shot the big guns from Battleships. they had to take the earth’s rotation into account when targeting because while the projectile was in the air, the target was moving.

    I just want answers to simple questions. At least you gave it a stab. One of several problems with your idea is that corporations need consumers..i.e. people. Its not a good business model to eliminate consumers. Also, how do the perpetrators prevent themselves from being affected? Most of the time, I find people have very little understanding of atmospheric physics and do not give any strong arguments as to why or who. As I said, you get some kudos for making an effort.

  41. Confused as to why people still don’t believe in chemtrails. The consistency of the trails is obviously suspect, and numerous studies have been conducted. Guess people still actually trust the government.

  42. Every proponent I have heard from have not answered my basic questions and generally have shown a complete lack of understanding of atmospheric physics or even basic atmospheric behavior. Its not a matter of trusting the government. There is nothing “obviously suspect” about anything except for the claims of chemtrail enthusiasts. I have challenged folks to answer the simple questions and they have, as of yet, faiiled to do so or their attempts cannot be supported by the laws of physics. Nevertheless, I appreciate your contribution.

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