DB Cooper: Where Is He? Autumn: Where Is It?

QPF Rain Totals Monday 11.24.08

QPF Rain Totals Monday 11.24.08

this is an outstanding link for thanksgiving travel forecast. you get airport delays and road conditions for all 50 states, among other things

Someone stole Autumn: This past week, we had highs in the 40’s and Friday and Saturday only made it to 36. Keep in mind that our average high toward the end of January and early February, the coldest time of the year, is about 41 degrees. We had a nice reprieve on Sunday as we got to 51 but that is still a couple of degrees below the seasonal average. High pressure to the east is drawing up Gulf Moisture, the subtropical jet stream is bringing up energy and moisture from the Pacific. A cold front is also approaching. Bottom line: It’s going to rain on Monday. Tuesday looks lousy with clouds and highs in the low 40’s. The sun comes back on Wednesday and Thanksgiving looks like the pick of the week with highs in the low 50’s…before clouds and chillier conditions for next weekend.

Mystery Man Dead or Alive

DB Cooper: Mystery Man Dead or Alive

On This Date in History: On this date in 1971, one of the biggest law enforcement mysteries in US

Old 727 With Rear Stairs Extended

Old 727 With Rear Stairs Extended

history began. A man, commonly referred to as DB Cooper, hijacked a Northwest Orient Airlines Boeing 727. The Boeing 727 was a relatively small jet that featured a stairway that lowered from the rear of the plane near the tail and was often used for short hauls. This particular flight was to go from Portland to Seattle but this guy, wearing wrap around sunglasses showed a flight attendant a brief case filled with red sticks, some wires and a battery, said it was a bomb. He claimed it was a bomb and he wanted $200,000 and four parachutes. He got what he wanted and he let the 36 passengers on board off the plane while in the ground in Seattle. They took off again with Cooper and a flight attendant and he ordered the pilot to fly to Mexico City. At 8:13 pm, not long after take off, the pressure in the plane fell, indicating that the rear door had been opened. Cooper was gone. He had jumped over very very rough terrain, in the dark, at ten thousand feet, in a rain storm from a jet flying at nearly 200 mph. Survival of a jump like that would be difficult to say the least. Cooper’s remains nor Cooper have ever been found.

Cooper Ticket Receipt

Cooper Ticket Receipt

Many things have changed since then. First off, crooks are not going to go to all that risk and trouble for a lousy $200,000. I mean, ballplayers make more than that before the first pitch, the opening kickoff or before the ref tosses up the opening tip. Even the President makes twice as much as that. Northwest Orient is now Northwest Airlines. The Boeing 727 is not used much any more but you can’t open the rear door while its in flight any more. That changed not long after Cooper’s escape. Also security measures for air travel began escalating after Cooper’s achievement.

Remains Of Cooper Money

Remains Of Cooper Money

He also inspired some copy cats…though not very good ones. A guy named McCoy tried the same thing four months after Cooper but asked for $500,000 but still wanted the 4 parachutes. He got failed and went to prison. He was shot while trying a prison escape. Then a guy named Tripp boarded the same flight that Cooper did…but he only asked for $100,000 and 4 parachutes. The flight attendant slipped him 3 valiums. He reduced his demands to 3 cheeseburgers and a rental car. After being released on probation, Tripp tried again..same flight…same routine only this time his “bomb” was a shoebox instead of a briefcase. He wanted to be flown to Afghanistan. Instead, he was shot and killed by the FBI in a standoff. By this time, it sounds as if J. Edgar Hoover and the G-Men were getting pretty tired of the hijack stuff.

Was It the Purser?

Was It the Purser?

In 1980, a kid found $5800 in deteriorating bills along the Columbia River in Washington. It was in the form of a bunch of stacks of $20 bills that were in a state of deterioration. The bills were later identified as part of the loot. But, what happened to the rest of it? In March of 2008, the case got new life when a parachute was found when a guy plowing his field came upon it. As it turned out, the chute was later found to not be the one from Cooper. A couple of things have not changed. Reporters still get stuff wrong but don’t correct the record. Apparently, it was initially stated that the man in question was Dan Cooper, as was clearly printed on his ticket. But, a reporter somehow thought they said DB Cooper and so that moniker stuck. The other thing that remains the same is that no one knows what happened to DB Cooper. Below are some stories that have people claiming to be Cooper, but the FBI dismisses all reported leads.

In fact, it is kinda interesting that they have eliminated their original idea that he was an experienced

Mr Green Jeans or DB Cooper?

Alice Cooper: Mr Green Jeans or DB Cooper?

parachute expert. That is because that no expert would attempt such a jump under those circumstances or really any circumstance. Besides that…the man who jumped from the plane was wearing loafers. No self respecting parachutist jumps from 10,000 feet in the dark, in a thunderstorm from a plane doing 200 mph over some of the roughest geography in the country wearing penny loafers.

When I was a kid, there was a rumor going around that Alice Cooper was really Mr. Green Jeans from Captain Kangaroo. I think Alice Cooper just may be DB Cooper.

Here are some stories in which people claim that they know who Cooper was…including one that claims he was really a she who used to be a he…yes indeed…DB Cooper had a sex change to a woman before she hijacked the plane dressed as a man.

Time Line and Facts Regarding DB Cooper

Cooper and interesting sidelights and circumstance

DB Cooper was a woman posing as a man, whom she used to be before the operation

Duane Weber Kinda Looked like him

It Was the Purser!!

FBI Separates Facts From Fiction-Still Needs Help Finding a Real Suspect


5 Responses

  1. great article, with excellent links.

    I’m fairly obsessed with “D.B.”‘s legend.

    I doubt we’ll ever know – but, i thought the same about BTK, and look what happened there.

    Good stuff.

  2. Thanx Rob. BTK…hmmm…you got me there. I’m stumped. Odds are ol’ Dan’l didnt survive the jump. I found it rather surprising though that they have decided the suspect is not a former paratrooper because someone with that kind of training would not have even attempted the jump…he would know better.

    You didn’t like my Alice Cooper charge?

  3. BTK is the moniker of a serial killer from Wichita, Kansas. Dennis Raider is the name of that horrible excuse for a human being:


    I really didn’t know much about DB Cooper but his story is interesting. I agree that he’s probably dead. In that kind of country the body of a single individual would be very difficult to find. Look at how long it took to find Steve Fossett and he was in an airplane!

    Alice Cooper is pretty unlikely. You would think that he would have at least changed his last name. So, you think he used his cash to get his career started, huh?

    Good article as usual, Mr. Symon.

    All The Best,


  4. So, if you don’t think that Alice Cooper is DB Cooper, then you must think that he’s Mr. Green Jeans.

  5. Marvin Vermillion

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