Global Warming Goof: IPCC Can’t Verify Data? Herbert Hoover a Socialist? Ozone Hole Spin? Smoking Ban Lifted?

00Z 1117 NAM 60 Hr. Wed AM Surface

00Z 1117 NAM 60 Hr. Wed AM Surface

Look for a front to move through on Monday. There may be some sunshine just after the front moves through but the clouds should return late Monday.  After a blustery and brisk Monday, a very isolated chance of a flurry but really the story is the mercury.  Tuesday morning mid to upper 20’s.  Tuesday afternoon probably not out of the 30’s despite sunshine.  Wednesday morning low to mid 20’s.  We don’t see any 50’s until next weekend.

IPCC Can’t Verify it’s Data? Back in July I posted articles that questioned the veracity of the research

What Happened To This Graph From the 1990 IPCC Report?

What Happened To This Graph From the 1990 IPCC Report?

used by the United Nations and its International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  In that post (here) you find that there were many people who questioned the infamous “hockey stick” graph that showed a relatively steady temperature throughout the time frame until you get to the 20th century at which time temperatures go straight up.  I wondered about where the “mini-ice age” was from about 1350 to about 1850 and also the previous time from around 1000 to 1300 in which the Vikings were runnnig around Greenland raising crops and sheep.  As it turns out, more learned people than I asked the same question and the IPCC was forced to capitulate and admit that their hockey stick graph was false.  Now it seems that the data from at least one month was corrupted and after saying that October was the hottest on record, the IPCC has had to back track again and admit that their data was wrong.  In fact, circumstantial data so far indicates that October may be the exact opposite of the initial erroneous report.  Two aspects of this latest fiasco concerns me.  One is that the people in charge admit that they do “not have the resources

IPCC Has Revised Forecast Downward

IPCC Has Revised Forecast Downward

to exercise quality control” over the data that it collects!!!  So, now we find out that the International Panel on Climate Change has no way to monitor the veracity of their data collection.  Yet, these are the people controlling the information that governments around the world are basing thier future policies and economies.  The other thing that troubles me is that THIS REPORT comes to my attention via the London Telegraph.  I can’t find any American media outlets that have brought this to the attention of the people of the United States.  Mr. Gore told us that the debate was over, yet he based his movie and this statement on a bunch of people who admit that the have no quality control over the data.  Doesn’t the American public have the right to know such reports and the explanation?  The IPCC reports were top of the newscast stories on the national networks…but this one gets buried.  Why do you think that is so?

ozone_holeRevised Ozone Report  If you recall, a few days ago I brought to you a report that said that the ozone hole was the 5th largest ever recorded.  I suppose others had a similar reaction to what I had which was that there was legislation that was supposed to cure the ozone hole and everything was fixed and we could feel safe.  Well, it looks like to me that someone high up the chain didn’t like the headline and ordered someone to make a revision because here is the new, revised report, that opens by saying that the US has reduced its ozone depleting substance production by over 97%!!!  Amazing how you can spin one story.  Here is the latest version.  Compare it with the old version which was just a few days old.

Herbert Hoover Bashing  In these economic times, we’ve heard that we face the worst crisis since Herbert Hoover.  In the 1992 election cycle we were told that it was the worst economy since Herbert

Misunderstood? A Socialist?

Misunderstood? A Socialist?

Hoover.  Of course, if a Democrat was in office during the election-time downturn, the cry would be that its the worst economy since Jimmy Carter.  Anyway, this past election we heard charges of socialism.  Did you know that in the 1932 one of the candidates was charged with having socialistic policies because of his desire for government intervention in the economy?  It’s true and the charge was made against Herbert Hoover by Franklin Roosevelt.  We have always been taught in school that Hoover just sat back and wanted to let the market place take care of the problem.  In truth, Hoover was seen as an interventionist because of all of the pumping of governmental dollars into the system.  After he lost the election, Franklin Roosevelt did the same thing but on an even grander scale.  There are historians who, in this time of Hoover bashing, want to give the reputation of Herbie a makeover.  Here is the story from the Wall Street Journal that appeared in the election day edition.  It accurately points out that Hoover was a man of many great accomplishments before and after his term in office…it’s just that things didn’t go so well during that one term and that has been his legacy. And that’s a shame because he was in many regards a great man.

Fire It Up!

Fire It Up!

Smoke’em If You Gottem:  And finally, again from our friends at the London Daily Telegraph…seems that several months ago a smoking ban was put into effect on the casinos at Atlantic City.  Casino owners argued that business would suffer because other casinos in the country didn’t have smoking bans.  Business would suffer, they said. The Atlantic City city council said nonsense.  Now that revenues are down at area casinos, and therefore tax revenues, the city council apparently agrees with the casino owners because the smoking ban has been lifted.(video story)  Light’em up and head to Atlantic City!


4 Responses

  1. The first headline didn’t fit with the world view that has been concocted for us. A few more headlines like that it some people actually might start THINKING that maybe all of these experts don’t know as much as they have lead us to believe that they know.

    Whenever you try to marry science and politics you usually end up with this rule: Never let solid empirical data get in the way of a good theory. This is particularly true if that data contradicts your good theory!

  2. […] in reporting and in research. It’s hard to know who to believe these days.  Here’s a related post featuring an admission by the IPCC their data has no quality […]

  3. […] Here’s an updated post from Nov. 17, 2008 with a report in which the IPCC admits that it has no quality control over its data […]

  4. Eric, what is disturbing is that this makes one question all of the data that has been put out. I had posted some time ago my questioning of data collection sites…such as Louisville where we moved our official site from the NWS office to the airport…that resulted in Aug 2007 having the hottest August ever by a large number. If it had been at the old site, where the 30 year average originated, it would have only been the 6th warmest. There were other instances such as thermometers in the middle of a black top parking lot, one under a roof next to a house and another that in New Zealand or Australia that was specifically noted 30 years ago to not be used because of the micrometeorlogy anomolies that were extreme. I”m not sure if the SDF temps were used (I suspect so) but I do know that the one down under was. I’ve also read the transcripts from several presentations that indicate much of the data cited by the IPCC has not gone through peer review. All of this should be considered but is never brought to the attention of the public. Either the media is complicet (sp?), doesn’t care, doesn’t know or is incompetent…in my view.

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