Women Lose The Right To Vote; Cold Here To Stay For Awhile

00Z NAM 11.16 12Z Wed Surface

00Z NAM 11.16 12Z Wed Surface

Told you that snow would not be an issue. There is a tiny chance of a flake or two Tuesday morning but the real issue here is the temperatures. We get a little sun on Sunday afternoon but the mercury only gets to the low to mid 40’s. Same Monday though its reversed. The sun is early and clouds late. Cold front comes through and temperatures fall to the upper 20’s. Tuesday afternoon the clouds decrease and a clear Tuesday night will bring low to mid 20’s Wednesday morning. We move up toward 50 in the afternoon before another front comes through keeping us cold through the end of the week. We moderate somewhat for the weekend.

New Jersey Women Stormed To Take Back What Was Once Theirs

New Jersey Women Stormed To Take Back What Was Once Theirs

Early Suffrage Poster Featuring George Washington

Early Suffrage Poster Featuring George

On This Date in History: The original constitution of the state of New Jersey said that “all inhabitants” who met residency requirements and had a net worth of at least 50 pounds had the right to vote. I assume that it only meant whites but it certainly made no reference to women. The women of New Jersey apparently gave a collective yawn. They had not pushed for suffrage and there is no record of any woman voting prior to 1790.

Things went awry though in 1797 when a state legislature seat was up for grabs between Newark’s John Condict and William Crane of Elizabeth. Condict looked to be the winner until 75 women from Elizabeth showed up to vote for their favorite son. Condict still managed to hang on but the race was on for the female vote. Women were hauled to the polls in wagons and carriages by candidates in the elections that followed. (sound familiar?) Some of the ladies were even underage. But, in 1807, the freedom train came to a halt.

Once again, the players were Newark and Elizabeth and the issue was the location of a new courthouse. Women were tossed and pulled by both sides as they tried to get them to the polls and convince them of the merits of each side’s position. Hijinx were at a premium as even young boys dressed up as women to try to cast a ballot. The rank and file of the elites were “shocked” by this “saturnalia of corruption and abuse” and on this date in 1807 New Jersey lawmakers quickly adopted new voting laws that took away the vote from the ladies. It would take over 100 years for them to get it back.

Moral to the story: Don’t take your opportunities for granted and squander what you have.


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  1. I would love to know where I can find a copy of the Suffrage poster with George. I am writing an article on early NJ women voting. Finding illustrations is a bit of a problem, lol.

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