Invest 93 or Tropical Storm Paloma? Lincoln’s Catch of the Day? Quote of the Voting Day?

for a more recent update on Tropical Depression 17 that will probably become Tropical Storm Paloma or possibly Hurricane Paloma, CLICK HERE

Great Quote From a Great American: The old sage, transplanted Kentuckian to Texas Mike Weaver offered me this observation from voting day in Tejas. It’s something I wanted to share with you.

“I walked right in, nobody suicide bombed me, nobody tried to snipe at me, or coerced me, or had a thing to say, nice and peaceful. I could have early voted, or mailed it in, but I wanted to go to the polling station today, stand in line, (only 3 deep at 11:20) and do this on ELECTION day.
My forefathers fought and died for this right, so me taking a few minutes of time and few gallons of gas is a incredibly small price to pay for the privilege. I wish they were here to see it all and for me to say thanks, but they are not. How many hundreds of thousands died for the privilege of our sovereignty!
So today I cast my vote not for me but for those Vets, and for the others who can’t vote… like my two boys. God HAS blessed America.”
NAM SFC 1108 00Z

NAM SFC 1108 00Z

Our Weather and Another Tropical System? After the past few days, some of you may have thought that fall and winter were over with. Nope. Front is still on schedule with rain late Thursday night into Friday morning. Cooler air is lagging behind but expect below average temperatures for the weekend. If you notice the map above, it is the surface map from the NAM at 00Z Saturday 110808. That is Friday evening. Two things to notice. You see green to our east in a line. That is the front that will have passed through. You see green to our northwest. That is rain to our northwest and is indicative of wrap around clouds. As mentioned previously, we’ll probably see some clearing late Friday with clouds moving back in for Saturday. The sun will break out to some degree again on Sunday but it will still be rather cool. Okay…all of that is something that probably doesn’t surprise you.
Invest 93L IR Satellite 1104 2145Z

Invest 93L IR Satellite 1104 2145Z

But take a look at the lower right corner of the map. See that blob of green there?

Invest 93L Spaghetti Model 1104 18Z

Invest 93L Spaghetti Model 1104 18Z

By that time we may be looking at least at Tropical Depression 17 and possibly the long awaited Tropical Storm Paloma. I kept waiting on Paloma a few weeks ago and was stood up. Right now, it’s just called Invest 93 like a woman in a bar through the eyes of a man drinking heavily, its getting better looking with time. Seriously, it is looking a bit better organized. It is drifting NNW. Now, the reason why I posted the 84 hour NAM surface is to illustrate the frontal boundary that will be to our east. The trof associated with that feature will probably be far enough south to perhaps pick up the system as coriolis parameters and

Invest 93L Spaghetti Model Intensity Graph 1104 18Z

Invest 93L Spaghetti Model Intensity Graph 1104 18Z

weak steering currents move it toward the grips of the trof. A number of the computers on the spaghetti model does exactly that. Given the slow movement of the system in relation to the oncoming front, this scenario would probably take the storm east of Florida. But, it’s not totally out of the question that it might move across a portion of the peninsula. However, if the trof does not pick it up, then it probably just stays put in the NW Caribbean. 11 models make it a tropical storm, one makes it a hurricane and 3 keep it below the Tropical Storm threshold. It’s worth watch. Hurricane season does not end until November 30.
Mary Todd-19th Century Hottie?
On This Date In History: On this date in 1842, Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd. She was considered
28 Year Old Mary Todd

28 Year Old Mary Todd

quite a catch in her day. I don’t think they had a “catch and release” program back then.

She actually is a rather interesting figure and there have been several biographies about her and numerous…hundreds…..written about Lincoln which delve into their relationship, how it affected his presidency. Its probably a good idea to read several to get some sort
Mary Todd at 43...Didn't Age a Bit!

Mary Todd at 43...Didn't Age A Bit!

of perspective because each author will come at it from different perspectives and sometimes with a preconceived agenda or notion of what they want to say. Jean Baker has one of the more recent biographies of Mary Todd and it paints a very sympathetic portrait by often using late 20th century sensibilities and transporting them back to the 19th century. If you look closely, you find that Professor Baker received funding from the Elizabeth Connolly Todd Foundation. Like I said, biographers look at subjects from different perspectives and different photos…the one adorning the Baker portrait of Todd is not the same presented above.
Denied Wife Her Glory On this date in 1965, speedster Craig Breedlove’s wife, Lee Ann, tried to steal his thunder when she became the first woman to drive more than 300 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats. I’m not sure if Craig got mad, but he certainly made sure he shared the spotlight. Just few hours later, Craig Breedlove got in his car and shattered his land speed record by reaching over 555 mph in his Spirit of America jet powered car. I don’t have a photo of Lee Ann.

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