I’m taking a hiatus. They tell me the lines to vote will be long so I’m being prepared. Let us hope, for the sake of our nation, that the best man…the right man…wins. And let us hope for a successful presidency. It always bothers me when people wish for bad things to happen for a particular president so that the other party might have a better chance of gaining the White House the next time around. But that means that bad things would happen for the country. While President Clinton was in office, I always hoped that he made the right choices and decisions. While President Bush has been in office, I have always hoped that he has made the right decisions. One cannot really judge a president’s term in office for at least a quarter century. During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln was throught of by many as being stupid and being the worst president ever…he was said to be so divisive that he “caused” the Civil War. I doubt if any historian would judge Mr. Lincoln’s term in office in such terms today. Many students are taught today that President Grant was a splendid General but a not so great President. (I would not necessarily agree with the assessment) Nevertheless, Grant was wildly popular in the nation and was beloved around the world as evidenced by the crowds clamoring for him during a two year round the world tour. Grant was very nearly nominated for a third term and had a good chance of winning had he received the nomination.

So, let us all endeavor to search within ourselves to determine whom we think would really be the best leader for our nation at this time. Then let us all hope that our collective wisdom was correct and then let us all rally behind him.


2 Responses

  1. (Commenting from home). I agree with your sentiments completely, Mr. Symon. We should pray for our nation and our leaders no matter which party wins. We’re all in this together after all and need to keep in mind that it is great leaders from both sides of the aisle that have helped to make this nation great. We’re not as good when one party has much greater power than the other. Like buttresses supporting building we need both sides working together to make our nation stand strong.

    Have a good day off. I’m only voting once today, Mr. Symon. After all this isn’t Cook County, Illinois you know!

  2. Eric,

    So good to hear from you. T’was afraid I scared you off. I like your buttress analogy. I may have to borrow it sometime.

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