UFOs Show Up Again in Texas; NASA Garbage To Fall to Earth…Somewhere

UFO "photo" Montana 1977

UFO "photo" Montana 1977

The weather looks great the next few days. Nights cool but not too cold. Nice afternoons in the low 70’s…plenty of sunshine. A front comes down on Thursday to bring an end to it all with a chance for rain and t’storms. It will probably shake out like systems not too atypical for the wintertime and that is with the front moving through Thursday night…we have cooler conditions with some sunshine the first part of Friday and then a secondary trof, representing the colder air sifts in on Friday bringing back the clouds with a few light showers. The coldest air sets in for Friday night and Saturday. The clouds start to break late Saturday and then we begin to moderate on Sunday. So, enjoy the next few days while you can….the CPC forecasts a warmer than normal winter…but you never know, I never trust the long term prognostications, and neither can you. So get out and enjoy the weather and make sure to vote.


Space Aliens: Several months ago there were numerous reports of UFO’s near Stephenville, Texas. The

Are We Not Alone?

Are We Not Alone?

Air Force came up with some story but the locals didn’t buy it, especially since witnesses claimed to have seen jet fighters in pursuit. Well, it seems that in the past couple of weeks, the strange objects in the sky have returned. Here are a couple of stories that you may have missed in the news, including one about a recent siting near London. I couldn’t find any video from the recent event so I’ve provided a link to video with interviews from the Jan 2008 incident. Also, if you want to see an out of this world waterfall right here on the good old earth, CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT on a previous post.

UPI Story on Stephenville UFOs October 23 2008

WFAA Dallas-UFO story with links to others

London “Three Lights” UFO

Interviews and Video of Stephenville UFO from Jan 2008

No Littering in Space Please:

Objects Orbiting Earth 2000 km and lower

Objects Orbiting Earth 2000 km and lower

While we’re down here trying to find out why the football game isn’t on before realizing that the clocks got set back an hour early this morning, NASA is trying to find its junk. And its tough to do. Just look at all of the stuff floating around the earth. Seems about a year ago, an ammonia tank was on board the space station that was no longer needed. The stories say that it’s the size of a freezer but a fellow employee here who knows someone who is “in the know” that says it’s really more like 3 freezers. Anyway, the remedy for disposing of the no longer needed tank was to take the robot arm and toss it out the window! Guess they didn’t toss it far enough because now it is coming back to earth.

Objects Orbiting Earth below 36,000 KM

Objects Orbiting Earth below 36,000 KM

Sometime this afternoon or evening, pieces of it will come through the atmosphere and NASA feels certain that some of it will hit the earth. I’m still trying to figure out why they say impact speed would be 100 mph. But, I love the headlines though because I read one that said that NASA is tracking the debris to make sure it doesn’t hit anyone. Later on in the story you find out that NASA says they don’t know where it will hit. You’ll find the NY Post writer left the former out…I suspect it was in the other copy I read only because the writer just added that in. Perhaps he wasn’t sharp enough to know how stupid that is because, how does tracking something aid in making sure it doesn’t hit anyone? I doubt if NASA said that. Anyway, I’ve gotten calls the past two weekends about strange lights in the sky and several weeks ago there was a report by many people of a plane down in one of our counties because they all thought that they saw something on fire falling from the sky…which was similar to a report I got last weekend. So, if on Sunday afternoon or evening you see something, it may be NASA’s trash. Here are some stories about it:

Story from NASA dated July 2007 regarding intial tossing of tank

New York Post Article About tank falling to sky Sunday(today)


3 Responses

  1. that is not a ufo with all this high-tec stuff loads of people

    just do that for fun and just create it and put it on a photo

  2. the aliens its not real

  3. No they couldn’t of just added it in Sandy, they didn’t have all this “high’tech stuff” back in 1977 when the photo was taken.

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