Coolest Waterfall Ever; Global Warming Bill Passes In UK Arctic Blast; Warm Winter Ahead? Late Pleas for Votes

This is So Cool...Watch It

This is So Cool...Watch It! Click on Link Below!

This is the Coolest Waterfall you will ever see!

If you have a few minutes, you really need to click on this video of a waterfall(look at the video, don’t just click the pic!) that is from Canal City in Fukouka Japan. The heading claims its from China but its Japan. Its a giant shopping and entertainment mall. You can read about it here…but check out the video, its worth your time.

Brits Doubt Global Warming; October Snow Falls For First Time in 86 Years as Parliament Passes Massive Global Warming Bill

Good Time For a Global Warming Bill?

Good Time For a Global Warming Bill?

Very interesting situation. Its seems that quite often, there is a Global Warming conference and, during that conference, the weather in whatever city it is being held has some sort of unusual winter weather. I think it happened a few years ago in New York and it happened this past Wednesday in London. As snow fell over the Metro area for the first time in October since 1922 at the end of Coldest October Since 74, Parliament passed a very aggressive bill that would target Great Britain’s Carbon Dioxide output be reduced by 80% by 2050. One member asked why a cost/benefit analysis was not conducted and he was told to “shut up.” A member, who is also a member of Greenpeace says the bill is doomed to fail. Meantime, 60% of Brits doubt that Global Warming is man made and a majority think Global Warming won’t be as bad as advertised. What I find interesting that someone who asked a good question was told to shut his yap. Does that sound like a tolerance? Does it sound like Democracy? You decide as you read the article from The Register

for a look at the climate prediction center US winter forecast, CLICK HERE

Who Should You Vote For?

All those ads on TV….what to do? Well, I thought I might help you out. It was really hard to find something that wasn’t stupid or over the top. These are straight forward, plain talk calls without a bunch of gobbledygook…just short speeches.

First is Senator Obama outlining why he is running for President…from the outset and what he plans to do. (Click Here)

Now, here is former Senator Fred Thompson, telling you why the fate of the nation resides in your voting for John McCain. (Click Here)


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  3. Can someone tell me which company in Japan did this wonderfull waterfall show.

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