A Presidential Love Polygon; Friday Looks Lousy

Rainfall Total Forecast Through Sunday Morning

Rainfall Total Forecast Through Sunday Morning

The National Weather Service in Wilimgton put out a Freeze Warning for their area for Tuesday night, which includes our extreme Northeast counties of Gallatin and Trimble counties. Our area had a frost advisory for Jackson and Jennings counties, put out by the Indianapolis office and then our extreme eastern counties were put under the same advisory by the Louisville office. I don’t get it. Our dewpoints were in the 20’s and clouds were overspreading the area. As of this writing early Wednesday morning, I have my doubts. Nevertheless, high clouds will dull the sun on Wednesday and Thursday they will thicken up as the day goes on. We think that general rainfall will hold off until Thursday night and then carry through a chilly and wet Friday with Saturday not being much better, though improving. Sunday is the pick of the weekend. There is some indication in some of the data that suggests a sharp chill down early next week. Let’s wait and see how it shakes out. The computers sometimes get confused during a seasonal change. Invest 91in the tropics has really taken a beating but continues to lurk just off the coast of Belize, though nothing is imminent. It’s so uninspiring that there aren’t even any spaghetti models to show.

Most "Active" President?

Most "Active" President?

On This Date in History: On October 22, 1919 a baby girl named Elizabeth Ann was born to Nan Britton. That was no big deal to most people, unless you were aspiring to become President of the United States.

The Lovely Couple

The Lovely Couple

Ohio Senator Warren G. Harding won his first term as Senator in 1914. He said he found the upper chamber of the Congress “a very pleasing place.” He was handsome and popular, having served in the Ohio State Senate and as Ohio Lt. Governor, though he lost a bid for Governor. He gave the nominated speech for President Taft at the 1912 Republican Convention. Let’s see…first term Senator from Midwest…handsome….popular…active in state politics and key speaker at a convention. Sound familiar?

Anyway, there was a snarl in the nominating process at the 1920 Republican convention and in one of those “smoke filled room” stories, party leaders agreed to make Harding the candidate. It is unclear if those party leaders would have even considered Harding had they known of his affection for the ladies.

In 1927, 3 years after Harding’s death, Nan Britton published a book

Infintesimally Scorned Woman?

Florence Harding: Infintesimally Scorned Woman?

called The President’s Daughter. In it, she claimed that she had fallen in love with Harding when he was 45 and she was but 14! In 1917, Nan moved from Ohio to New York and wrote Harding for help in finding a job. She said he came to her and “tucked $30 in my brand new silk stocking.” She claimed that they had a long romance but that she had burned all of the love letters that he had written her as per an agreement between them. She said that he had burned her letters too but, after his death, the real Mrs. Harding, burned all of his correspondence and up in smoke went any corroborating evidence. But, the charge remained that Elizabeth Ann was the only child of Warren G. Harding.

Object of Presidential Affection?

Wife of Harding's Friend

Warren G. Harding love letters to his mistress did eventually show up. Trouble is, they weren’t to Nan Britton but instead belonged to Carrie Phillips, the Ohio wife of one of Harding’s best friends. Not sure if that makes Warren his best man. The letters show that Carrie “was the love of Harding’s life.” Their 10 year affair began in 1909 when the two couples were touring Europe. I’m trying to figure out what Mr. Phillips and Mrs. Harding were doing when Mr. Harding and Mrs. Phillips were horsing around. Anyway, Warren didn’t just write letters to Phillips, he wrote novels. They were often as long as 40 pages and were sexually explicit.

But…there’s more! People today often try to make up excuses for their behavior. Well, Warren’s not around to do that but he has modern clinical analysts to do his bidding. There is a school of thought that President Harding was a victim of satyriasis. That is an unmangeable, excessive need for sex. They point to the fact that he kept a room next to the Oval Office reserved for quick action with any number of women that may wander his way. They also suggest it as a reason for his habit of writing such long, rambling, graphic love letters.

I don’t know about all of that but I do think that, aside from the Teapot Dome Scandal, this type of catting around may be a good reason why many scholars over the years tried to make the case that when he died in 1923 it was murder and not food poisoning followed by a heart attack. If it was murder, it sounds as if there would be a long list of suspects, starting with Mrs. Harding and then carrying on through a long list of women as well as their husbands, boyfriends and fathers. One thing for certain, if a love triangle involves 3 people, then Warren G. Harding would have to be described as being involved in a love polygon.


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  2. It reminds me of Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere. Warren G. Harding is the Sir Lancelot of the Presidency while Carrie Phillips is the Lady Guinevere of the White House.

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