President Escapes Assassination Attempt; Omar Lurks In Tropics?

Rain Total Forecast Through Sat Night 1018

Rain Total Forecast Through Sat Night 1018

Our forecast stays generally on track with some modifications. We have a weak boundary in the middle of the week that will bring perhaps some light showers late Wednesday into early Thursday. But, with the long wave (jetstream) pattern shifting east, this feature will most likely lift north and then a more significant boundary will move through. The models seem to have come around with a continuity advertising a shortwave moving down on Friday, which will elevate our rain chances higher than perhaps I suggested before. The HPC rain total shown above is the total rain for both features with a total of 1/2″ to 3/4″ area wide so neither event will be huge but collectively we will take what we can get. Much cooler air filters in for the weekend. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some frost on the pumpkin in outlying areas on Saturday night.

Atlantic IR Satellite 1014 0215Z

Atlantic IR Satellite 1014 0215Z

Tropical Depression 15 Forecast Track 1013 11pm

Tropical Depression 15 Forecast Track 1013 11pm

Tropics: The tropics are active in regard to the number of systems but not in the

Invest 99 Spaghetti Model 1013 12Z

Invest 99 Spaghetti Model 1013 12Z

significance. Tropical Storm Nana is in the process of being ripped to bits so we won’t worry about that. Invest 90 is way out there and there are lots of variables. On a more significant note, Tropical Depression 15 is not Omar yet but probably will be sometime during the day. It is the feature in the Easstern Caribbean on the satellite photo above. It is forecast to become a hurricane but be mainly of concern for mariners. The feature on the west side of the Caribbean looks interesting but is very close to land and should move into Central America over the next day or so. But the steering currents are such that it probably is worth monitoring.
On This Date in History: Lost to much of the pages of history are attempted assassinations. (Here is a list of failed presidential assassinations) President Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 was a former President who was running to get his old job back. He had filled the term of the assassinated President McKinley and finished his own term in 1908. In deference to the precedent set by President Washington, Teddy Roosevelt decided against running in 1908, instead promoting his Vice-President William Howard Taft who won handily. Teddy was not happy with the way in which Taft ran things and decided to challenge him for the Republican nomination for the 1912 election but power interests in the party which had fared better with Taft than Roosevelt, backed Taft and Roosevelt did not get the Republican nomination. So, he formed his own party, the Progressive Party, which came to be known as the “Bull Moose Party” after TR’s tough-guy bull-moose image. Roosevelt ended up getting about 12 million votes to Taft’s 8 million but the pair split the Republican vote which led to the election of Woodrow Wilson as President.

On October 14, 1912, Theodore Roosevelt got into a car after dining at a hotel in Milwaukee. He was headed to give a speech. When he turned to wave to the crowd, a shot rang out from the .38 caliber revolver in the hand of John Schrank. Schrank had been pursuing Roosevelt for many days over many miles. He had been reported to be having dreams of William McKinley and also felt that no one should get more than two terms as president. When Roosevelt turned to the crowd from his car, it opened up and opportunity for Schrank to shoot the candidate at close range.

The shot his Roosevelt squarely in the chest. But, in his breast pocket, Teddy had the thick, 50 page, folded up text of his planned 90 minute speech. He also had a metal spectacle case. The bullet was slowed by the eye-glasses case and the thick speech. While the bullet entered his body, it did not penetrate his heart. Initially, Roosevelt did not realize that he had been shot but, after he did, he insisted on giving his speech. He arrived on the podium and proudly showed the crowd the hole in his speech and said that it took more than an assassins bullet to kill a bull moose. While the speech (text of speech) was abbreviated, he still stood before the crowd for quite awhile and rebuffed attempts to get him to conclude the speech so he could go to the hospital for attention. He went to the hospital in Milwaukee and reluctantly allowed for a tetnus injection and then went to a Chicago hospital where he was released on October 23. But, that was just a little more than a week before the election and he was prevented from making important campaign stops, which may have influenced the election and leading to Wilson’s victory.

Here’s the kicker. The bullet was never removed.


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